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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 386 Hypocritical Expression

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Chapter 386 Hypocritical Expression

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Besides, Mrs. Su understood that her daughter never made friends with random people. Since she introduced them as her friends, they had to be good people.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Su!” everyone said.

After that, Su Anya pulled Gu Ning aside and introduced her again with seriousness. “Mom, she is the one that saved my life that I told you about!”

Mrs. Su was surprised at first then thanked Gu Ning with sincerity, “Thank you so much, Miss Gu!”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Su,” Gu Ning said politely.

“Lifesaver?” Hearing that, Su Anhao and Jin Kexin were shocked. “Aunt, what happened?” Jin Kexin asked.

“None of your business!” Before Mrs. Su could say a word, Su Anya interrupted. She really hated Jin Kexin.

“Anya, mind your words!” Mrs. Su criticized. She knew that Su Anya never liked Jin Kexin, but they were cousins, and it was inappropriate for Su Anya to be so rude to Jin Kexin right in front of others.

“Aunt, it’s my fault,” Jin Kexin said and acted as if she had been bullied. In fact, Jin Kexin was jealous of Su Anya and hated her very much as well, but Su Anya’s family was super-rich and the Jin Family had to maintain a good relationship with the Su family. In that case, Jin Kexin didn’t dare to argue with Su Anya face to face. Instead, she would play innocent and use many tricks to trap Su Anya. Su Anya’s parents had criticized Su Anya many times because of that. Seeing Su Anya being criticized by her mother, Jin Kexin felt much better.

On the contrary, watching Jin Kexin’s hypocritical expression, Su Anya was really annoyed, but she didn’t say anything, in case her friends would get involved in this mess.

“Let’s go sit inside!” Su Anya said to Gu Ning and ignored Jin Kexin.

“Oh, right. Come on in and have a seat please!” Mrs. Su said.

The group of them was then seated. Mrs. Su told domestic servants to serve fruits and cups of tea to them and they were chatting while eating desserts. Mrs. Su didn’t show any disdain because they were the younger generation. Instead, she was quite talkative and amiable.

Mrs. Su would ask Gu Ning about her hobbies, study and so forth, but never asked about her family background.

A few minutes later, Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and the others arrived, and Su Anya went to welcome them.

They were all from super-rich families, so Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and An Yi had met Mrs. Su before. Mrs. Su was surprised that they were Su Anya’s friends too. Su Anya kept a low profile all the time, and wasn’t willing to make friends with the younger generation from super-rich families, because she thought that they were always arrogant and not easygoing.

“Hi, Mrs. Su!” Hao Ran, An Yi, and Qin Zixun said politely.

“Hi, welcome and come on in!” Mrs. Su invited them to sit with her.

Before long, Su Anya’s father, Su Zhenhao came inside. There was another middle-aged man with him. However, the moment Su Zhenhao appeared in Gu Ning’s sight, Gu Ning was shocked, because Su Zhenhao looked very pale and his forehead appeared dark black. Obviously, Su Zhenhao was being affected by Yin.

Gu Ning had the intention to rescue him, but not right then. Moreover, she wouldn’t rescue people for no reason. The Su family was quite influential in City F, so she would choose the right time to give him a helping hand. As long as the Su family owed her, the connection between them would be stable.

Gu Ning wasn’t selfish, but she was building a strong network. Apart from that, Gu Ning wasn’t Saint Mary. She would help people out of kindness, but she would also seize the chance to maximize her benefits.

“Dad!” Su Anya ran to her father at once and held his arm. “Dad, come here and let me introduce my friends to you.”

“Oh, your friends?” Su Zhenhao was surprised by the fact that Su Anya had friends and was willing to invite them to visit her home.

Su Zhenhao walked over, and Gu Ning and the others immediately stood up. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Su!”

“Hi, Uncle Su!” Hao Ran and those who were familiar with Su Zhenhao greeted him more casually.

“Uncle, dad,” Jin Kexin called them. The middle-aged man who was with Su Zhenhao was Jin Kexin’s father!

“Hi, Uncle Su and Uncle Jin,” Su Anhao said with respect.

“Oh, you’re all here!” Su Zhenhao beamed when he saw Hao Ran, An Yi, and Qin Zixun.

Su Anya introduced Gu Ning and the others to her father again. “Dad, Gu Ning is the lifesaver that I’ve told you about!”

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Hearing that Gu Ning was Su Anya’s lifesaver, Su Zhenhao immediately thanked Gu Ning with sincerity. “Miss Gu, thank you so much for rescuing my daughter! If you encounter any troubles in City F in the future, please feel free to call me.” The Su family was generous, and Gu Ning had saved was Su Anya’s life.

“It’s my pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

“Lifesaver? What happened to Anya?” Jin Kexin’s father, Jin Jingwei, asked with concern.

“Anya was almost hit by a car. It was Miss Gu who rescued Anya at the key moment,” Su Zhenhao said but didn’t tell them the details.

After the accident had happened, the Su family had gotten revenge on both Gao Yuchen’s and Wu Xinyu’s families. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the younger generation, instead of their parents, had made the mistake, Su Zhenhao would have unseated the two families. Nevertheless, the Wu family had been unseated by Gu Ning a few days ago. Wu Lianqin’s father was precisely Wu Lianqin.

“Oh, thank you so much, Miss Gu,” Jin Jingwei said, but Gu Ning caught the touch of disappointment which flashed through his eyes. It seemed that Jin Jingwei hoped that Su Anya would be in danger. Jin Kexin had the same disappointed look. She also wanted Su Anya to be hit by the car.

Gu Ning sneered quietly. Like father, like daughter. Both Jin Jingwei and JIn Kexin hoped that Su Anya, the Su family to be specific, would be in trouble. It was obvious that the Jin family was scheming against the Su family.

“I won’t bother you any longer, I need to discuss something with Jinwei in the study,” Su Zhenhao said and walked upstairs with Jin Jingwei.

They chatted for a while longer. And when it was almost 5 pm, guests started coming in twos and threes. Su Anya together with the girls, except for Jin Kixen, went to change in her room.

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