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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1176 The Feng Family’s Family Affairs

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Chapter 1176 The Feng Family’s Family Affairs

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Wang Yunping was already pregnant with Feng Pinghui’s son when she left him? How is it possible? If this boy is really Feng Pinghui’s son, he’ll replace my son as the heir of the Feng family! No, no, I can’t allow it to happen.“Impossible! Pingjie is the sole heir of the Feng family, and this boy is simply a bastard…” Lu Qiuting shouted.

In fact, it was quite obvious that Wang Zesheng closely resembled Feng Pinghui, but Lu Qiuting refused to admit it.

“Enough!” Before Lu Qiuting could finish, Feng Pinghui interrupted her, because he was afraid that Wang Yunping would feel embarrassed.

Wang Yunping indeed felt quite embarrassed as it was in public.

After all, it wasn’t easy for her to move on after being through so much during the past years.

She didn’t know whether it was a good thing that Feng Pinghui appeared all of a sudden. If she was alone, she wouldn’t agree to meet him again, but she already had his son.

She agreed to let Wang Zesheng acknowledge his roots and ancestors, so he could receive better education. However, it was unavoidable for her son to have conflict with Lu Qiuting’s son.

Even though Feng Pinghui promised to take good care of Wang Zesheng, it was difficult for him to do that all the time.

Feng Pinghui’s father also wanted Wang Zesheng to join the Feng family, but Feng Pinghui’s father was too old to take care of Wang Zesheng. Therefore, Wang Yunping hesitated over whether she should go to the Feng family along with Wang Zesheng.

“Lu Qiuting, I divorced you because of your own bad behaviour, not because of Yunping. If it hadn’t been for you, Yunping wouldn’t have suffered so much during the past few years. You should disappear now, or I’ll turn to the law for help!” Feng Pinghui threatened.

At the beginning, onlookers had sympathy for Lu Qiuting, but then began to side with Feng Pinghui.

Everyone looked at Lu Qiuting with hatred.

“You…” Lu Qiuting was astonished and closed her mouth at once. She had indeed broken the law by setting Wang Yunping up that year. If Feng Pinghui wasn’t kind, she could have been put in jail.

If she didn’t want to end up in prison she couldn’t annoy Feng Pinghui. However, she was reluctant to accept reality.

“Pinghui, please, I’m begging you. Pingjie grew up in the Feng family and he should be its heir!” Lu Qiuting almost cried. She only wanted her son to take over the Feng family’s wealth.

“You’re an outsider now, and you have no say in the Feng family’s family affairs,” Feng Pinghui said.

In his eyes, Wang Zesheng was the sole heir of the Feng family. He would do his best to train Wang Zesheng too.

“Pinghui!” Lu Qiuting was unwilling to leave.

“Disappear, now!” Feng Pinghui lost his patience.

Wang Yunping didn’t want to see Lu Qiuting again because of what Lu Qiuting had done to her, but she still tolerated it.

Actually, Lu Qiuting wasn’t put in jail partially because Wang Yunping was very kind.

Although she hated Lu Qiuting, so many years had passed, and it would damage the Feng family’s reputation if the dirty secret was exposed.

“Qiuting, let’s go now!” A woman beside Lu Qiuting pulled her. Lu Qiuting already divorced Feng Pinghui, and Feng Pinghui also had ammunition against her, so she shouldn’t offend Feng Pinghui again.

Lu Qiuting was afraid of Feng Pinghui now, so she had to leave with her friend.

Once the drama was over, the onlookers all dispersed.

Because of Lu Qiuting’s sudden appearance, Feng Pinghui lost interest in shopping, but he still needed to comfort Wang Yunping and Wang Zesheng.

On the way back home, Gu Man said, “I heard some of my customers talking about Feng Pinghui these days. They said Feng Pinghui got a divorce all of a sudden, and they saw him hanging out with another woman and a boy. They all believed that he had betrayed his wife, but unexpectedly it was Lu Qiuting’s fault.”

The Feng family was a rich family in this city, and news about it went abroad soon.

Gu Ning didn’t know much about it, because she had only focused on dealing with Feng Xueqin back then.

“If I guess correctly, the woman who stood by Feng Pinghui’s side must be his ex girlfriend. Lu Qiuting schemed against her before marrying Feng Pinghui. However, Feng Pinghui still loves his ex girlfriend.”

“He treats their son so well precisely because he still loves his ex girlfriend. The same thing goes for my father. Mom, my father loves you deeply, so he’s willing to accept me,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Gu Man flushed again.

“We’re talking about them. Why did you suddenly mention this?” Gu Man said.

Gu Ning put on a broad smile. She knew that her mother felt a little shy.

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