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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1174 Kamei Grows More Successful

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Chapter 1174 Kamei Grows More Successful

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Even if Gu Ning took over the Tang Organization, he wouldn’t disagree with it, because Gu Ning had done a lot for their plan, and he already had 20% shares.Given his own ability, it was very hard for him to obtain the whole Tang Organization. He just wanted to find evidence that Tang Bingsen had caused his father’s death so that Tang Bingsen could be punished according to the law.

If he could punish Tang Bingse more severely, it would be better.

That was Tang Qingyang’s aim.

If Gu Ning kept her promise and let him take over the Tang Organization, he would accept it too and manage it well.

“Great, I’ll give you his number and you can call him when you go to the capital tomorrow. I’ll talk to him about it later,” Gu Ning said.

“Thanks,” Tang Qingyang said.

After dining with Tang Qingyang, Gu Ning called Ba Tianyang from her car and told him what he should do next.

Gu Ning planned to send Ba Tianyang to protect Tang Qingyang. Although she wouldn’t charge Tang Qingyang any fees, her company would still pay Ba Tianyang.

After that, Gu Ning called Tang Haifeng, because Tang Haifeng was the most respected figure in the Tang family.

Tang Haifeng was very happy when Gu Ning said that she would be having dinner with them that afternoon in the Tang family’s house.

Gu Ning also asked Tang Haifeng whether Gu Man was home. Tang Haifeng then told her that Gu Man was in the beauty salon.

Gu Ning then told Gao Yi to drive towards Fengshang Shopping Mall. She wanted to have a look at Kamei Beauty Salon and pick Gu Man up on the way.

Gu Ning got out at Fengshang Shopping Mall while Gao Yi and Qiao Ya left together. There was nothing else for them to do, so Gu Ning allowed them to enjoy some private time. They were a couple after all.

Gu Ning walked to Kamei Beauty Salon by herself later.

At the beginning, Kamei Beauty Salon was only relatively popular, but it had become super popular now.

Because of Gu Man’s wedding with Tang Yunfan, more and more super-rich ladies came to make friends with Gu Man in order to have a good relationship with the Tang family.

In addition, it was also undeniable that the skincare products that Kamei Beauty Salon used were quite effective, and they truly liked to spend money in Kamei.

Most of the customers became VIP members of Kamei because of the skincare products it used. However, although Gu Ning rented a large store, it was still too crowded sometimes.

Other branches of Kamei were still under decoration and furnishing, so its VIP members all gathered in the flagship store. So, for now, everyone had to make a reservation several days in advance.

No matter how rich you were, you had to obey this rule, because Kamei Beauty Salon treated its customers fairly.

Because Kamei Beauty Salon was too popular, there were only two receptionists left at the front desk when Gu Ning arrived.

In the lounge, several rich ladies were waiting for their facial treatment.

Normally, they needed to wait for 10 minutes for their turn. If they were absent, other people might take their places.

Gu Ning was the person who bought this store, so all the staff members had a deep impression of her. Once she showed up, the two receptionists greeted her politely. “Nice to see you, Miss Gu.”

They were excited to see Gu Ning because Gu Ning had changed their lives.

Given Kamei’s popularity, their salaries increased rapidly.

They could only get seven thousand yuan a month in the past, but now they could have nearly twenty thousand yuan. And the beauticians in Kamei could have even higher salaries than them.

With such a decent pay, they were able to live a good life in a first-tier city.

“Hi, where is my mom?” Gu Ning asked them with a smile.

“She’s in the office now,” a receptionist replied.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, she walked towards Gu Man’s office.

She heard Gu Man talking with someone about business in the office, so she waited outside the door.

Because Kamei developed so well within a short time, many people sought cooperation. Most of them wanted to open franchises, but Gu Man turned them down.

Although Gu Man wasn’t experienced in business, she knew that she should build and develop her brand properly first. She could make more money in the future, but it was very important to gain a good reputation now.

If she allowed other people to open franchises, she wouldn’t be able to manage them. As a result, the quality of their products and service couldn’t be guaranteed.

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