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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1169 Move Through His Body

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Chapter 1169 Move Through His Body

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It was very easy for an illegal gang to kill an unimportant member without leaving any traces.Although Wan Chao didn’t know Gu Ning’s identity, he knew that she couldn’t be simple since Wu Sen treated her so politely.

He was scared of death and gave in at the end. “Well, three of my closest brothers did it for me, and they’re in the bar right now.”

When he betrayed his brothers, Wan Chao didn’t feel guilty but felt a little relaxed, because he thought that he might survive today. This was human nature.

“Very good.” Gu Ning nodded with satisfaction.

Since they were all in the bar right now, there was no need for her to search for them.

“Which table are they sitting by?” Gu Ning asked.

“V05,” Wan Chao said.

“And their names?” Gu Ning asked again.

Wan Chao told her the three men’s names, then Gu Ning turned around and opened the door.

Wu Sen straightened up at once. “Hi, Miss Gu.”

Gu Ning told Wu Sen to find the three men and said that Wan Chao needed to see them.

Wu Sen agreed and left without delay. Wan Chao’s friends often came here, so he knew them as well.

At this time, Wan Chao’s friends were a little displeased because they failed to get through to him, and they wanted drugs.

Wu Sen went to see them in person and told them that Wan Chao was waiting for them in private room No.6.

They felt flattered that Wu Sen came in person, so they went to the room in a hurry.

Miss Ma focused on the direction of the private rooms the entire time, so she saw Wu Sen the second he appeared. “Hi, Wu Sen…”

“Miss Ma, I’m busy now.” Wu Sen turned around and walked back at once.

“Hey!” Miss Ma wanted to stop him, but it was too late, and it seemed like Wu Sen was indeed very busy so she had to give up.

Gu Ning let Lin Xiaoyu out when Wu Sen left.

Once Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost was out, it lost control of itself and ran to attack Wan Chao. However, it couldn’t touch Wan Chao at all, because it was a ghost, not a human being. Therefore, when it threw itself to Wan Chao, it directly moved through his body.

Wan Chao felt icy when Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost moved through his body, which was very uncomfortable. He didn’t understand what happened, nor did he think further about it. He thought that he was too scared and so felt cold.

If a ghost stayed by an ordinary human being’s sides for a long time, the person’s body would be damaged by Yin.

“Why?” Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost was looking at itself with surprise. It then turned to glance at Wan Chao. It couldn’t believe that it just moved through his body.

After thinking for a while, it realized that it was a ghost now and couldn’t touch an ordinary human.

Knowing that, Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost stopped doing anything, but glared at Wan Chao with hatred.

Lin Xiaoyu had fallen in love with a wrong person so this tragedy happened. Nevertheless, even though Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost hated Wan Chao deeply, it still had no intention to kill him.

Because it kept glaring at Wan Chao, Wan Chao felt uncomfortable and strange.

A while later, Wu Sen came back with the three men.

The moment Lin Xiaoyu’s ghost saw them, it couldn’t wait to tear them to pieces, but it knew that it couldn’t touch them.

The three men were attracted by Gu Ning’s beautiful face and ignored Wan Chao’s unusual expression.

“Oh, what a beauty! No wonder you were absent for so long.”

“Hey, Chao!”

“What’s your name, beauty?”

“Come on and join us.”

The three men got excited when they saw Gu Ning, who was a great beauty, but they didn’t know that this beauty was going to kill them.

Wan Chao could barely protect himself now, so he didn’t dare to say a word.

Afterwards, they sat down on the sofa at ease.

Wu Sen closed the door when they were all in the room.

They wanted to drink with Gu Ning but suddenly found there were no drinks on the table. One of them asked, “Haven’t you ordered any drinks?”

“Let’s talk about business first,” Gu Ning said.

The three of them were struck dumb for a second.

Gu Ning continued, “Did you rape and kill Lin Xiaoyu, and even throw her body into a river?”

Hearing that, the three men were shocked. They couldn’t believe that Gu Ning was aware of it. The next second, they turned to look at Wan Chao with one accord.

Except for them, only Wan Chao knew the secret. However, Wan Chao was the mastermind behind the scheme, so they didn’t believe that he would expose this secret himself.

Wan Chao lowered his head and didn’t dare to meet their eyes. It was obvious that he had betrayed them.

The three men were furious in an instant. They regarded Wan Chao as their closest brother, but Wan Chao easily betrayed them.

They didn’t know what Gu Ning was going to do, but they were almost sure that Gu Ning came here today to get revenge for Lin Xiaoyu.

“Since you aren’t denying it, I’ll take it as an admission,” Gu Ning said.

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