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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1056 Ms. Jiang

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Chapter 1056 Ms. Jiang

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After that, they began to enjoy dinner together.

Although they sat randomly around the table, Master Leng was the only one who could sit on the master’s seat.

Master Leng pulled Gu Ning over and told her to sit by his right side, while Leng Shaoting sat by Gu Ning’s right side.

Because of what had just happened, Jiang Shuyuan lost her appetite, so did Leng Yuanqian, but the others were in a good mood.

Master Leng even kept refilling Gu Ning’s bowl during dinner. Luckily, Gu Ning could eat all of it.

In Master Leng’s eyes, Gu Ning was already a member of his family, and he had a very good impression of her.

Leng Shaojia repeatedly threw her pillow against the bed to vent her anger in her room.

“Damn you, Gu Ning! You’ll be abandoned by Leng Shaoting one day in the future. You’ll be raped to death!” Leng Shaojia viciously cursed Gu Ning.

Jiang Shuyuan was also annoyed by Gu Ning, so she still tried to pick on her. “Miss Gu, may I know where you are from?” Even though she sounded polite, she failed to hide her malicious aim. “City F,” Gu Ning said. She wasn’t afraid of her at all.

“City F? Isn’t it a third-tier city? What does your family do, Miss Gu?” Jiang Shuyuan asked again with disdain.

“Can’t you be quiet for a while?” Master Leng snapped at her in annoyance.

“Grandpa Leng, it’s fine. Since Ms. Jiang wants to know more about me, I’m willing to share some information with her,” Gu Ning said to comfort Master Leng. She didn’t call Jiang Shuyuan Aunt Shuyuan, but Ms. Jiang, which showed that she was unwilling to be close to her.

Master Leng didn’t say anything further, because he knew that Gu Ning was able to handle it well.

“My mother owns a beauty salon.” Gu Ning answered Jiang Shuyuan’s question.

“How about your father?” Jiang Shuyuan asked at once.

“Well, my father is involved in many industries,” Gu Ning said, but didn’t tell her the details.

“Oh, sounds great. What’s the name of your father’s company?” Jiang Shuyuan asked.

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you many details,” Gu Ning said. She didn’t want to use the Tang family’s influence to help herself now, because Jiang Shuyuan was no match for her.

However, Jiang Shuyuan believed that Gu Ning’s family business must be too small to show off.

“Fine, I probably have never heard of it before, because I only know the most famous, large companies,” Jiang Shuyuan said.

“There is no need for you to know details about Gu Ning’s family business, because Gu Ning’s business empire alone is enough to shock you,” Leng Shaoxun said. He couldn’t stand Jiang Shuyuan’s face that was filled with obvious disdain anymore.

“Miss Gu’s business empire?”

Hearing that, Jiang Shuyuan and the others were greatly surprised. They couldn’t believe that Gu Ning was able to run a business empire at such an early age!

“Didn’t you just buy a set of jewelry from Jade Beauty Jewelry? Gu Ning owns it. You’re using skincare products from Kouzi right? Gu Ning owns that too, and there are many other famous companies owned by her,” Leng Shaoxun said with pride.

It sounded as if he was the boss of those companies.

“What? She owns Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi?”

Jiang Shuyuan was shocked.

In fact, both Jiang Shuyuan and Yu Yin were fans of Jade Beauty Jewelry. They loved Kouzi too, but didn’t pay much attention to the founder of those two brands.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning was the owner of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.

“Right, I’m the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi,” Gu Ning said with a calm face. “I’m also surprised to know that Ms. JIang likes my companies’ products. Since you’re Shaoting’s aunt, you can have 20% off the next time.”

Gu Ning said that simply to make fun of Jiang Shuyuan.

Since Jiang Shuyuan hated her so much, Jiang Shuyuan might stop buying from Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.

It was nothing in Gu Ning’s eyes. Even if Jiang Shuyuan accepted the discount, Gu Ning didn’t mind it at all.

“It’s not necessary. I don’t think Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi are good brands at all, and I won’t buy them again,” Jiang Shuyuan said with dislike. She was unwilling to buy the products produced by Gu Ning’s companies.

Nevertheless, it was a painful decision.

Jiang Shuyuan regretted it the moment she said that aloud, because she really liked Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, especially Kouzi.

Kouzi had greatly improved her skin, and she was actually reluctant to stop using it. However, she had already said it aloud, so it was impossible for her to take back her words now.

“Cool,” Gu Ning said and shrugged.

After that, she asked Yu Yin, “Aunt Yin, what brand of skincare products do you use?”

“I use Kouzi too, and I think it’s very effective!” Yu Yin said, and she was a loyal fan of Kouzi.

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