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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 3063 I Don't Know Either

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Chapter 3063 I Don't Know Either

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“Xiaoyao, when you ran to rescue people from the fire, weren't you afraid at all? What if the car exploded again?” Ling Tianqi asked.

“I wasn't afraid. Actually, I didn't have time to think so much back then. It was the most important thing to rescue people at that moment,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Well, I feel ashamed in front of you. If I were you, I would run away fast. I don't want to be injured.” Ling Tianqi sighed. He was amazed by Leng Xiaoyao's courage. He felt that even a girl could be better than him.

“It's human instinct to stay away from danger. If I hadn't had the confidence to succeed in rescuing people, I wouldn't have dared to stand out. One should do things within his capabilities. Otherwise it might not be helpful and could cause more trouble instead,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She didn't think Ling Tianqi's thoughts were wrong.

Hearing that, Ling Tianqi felt much better.

In fact, he didn't think he was wrong either, but Leng Xiaoyao's reaction impressed him.

“Boss is right. If you have no confidence in rescuing people, you shouldn't. I would stay away from danger as well. There are few people who could do the same as my boss!” Xiong Manxin said. She didn't think they were the same as Leng Xiaoyao. Leng Xiaoyao was an almighty god in her eyes, while she was merely a mortal. Mortals could never do the things that gods could.

“Oh, you shouldn't stand out when there is danger. Don't get into trouble. Sometimes, it's necessary to be selfish. Do you understand?” Leng Xiaoyao said. Xiong Manxin was a close friend, so she cared about her safety. She hoped that Xiong Manxin would protect herself well when there was danger.

“Boss, you're so nice! You care about me so much. I will definitely listen to you.” Xiong Manxin was touched by Leng Xiaoyao's words and immediately hugged her arm to act cute.

“Leave me alone.” Leng Xiaoyao pushed her away and said, “Don't be so close.”

“Fine!” Xiong Manxin understood that Leng Xiaoyao disliked it when she acted cute, so she didn't feel aggrieved when Leng Xiaoyao showed her disdain.

After all, her boss was always powerful.

“Oh, Brother Tianqi, who challenged you? How likely are you to win?” Leng Xiaoyao asked.

“It's Qin Wentao, the Qin family's third son. We never get along and often compete with each other in car racing and fighting. In March last year, we had a race. The loser had to kneel down in front of the winner and call the winner grandfather. He lost, but he refused to do it. I wouldn't allow that, so we fought. Haoran's leg was broken and it became serious trouble. Their parents learned about it. Qin Wentao's parents paid a visit and apologized. In the end, it was done, but after that, Qin Wentao was sent abroad. He was gone for a year. Now he's back for a few days and challenged me again. He's reluctant to be the loser, so he wants to win. I had confidence a year ago, but many changes can happen within a year. I don't know about the result now,” Ling Tianqi said.

He had worried about whether he could win, but he couldn't turn it down. He had his pride, so he wouldn't let people think he was a coward.

“If he challenges you this time, he must be confident too. I'm afraid it's not a simple game. There might be a trap. I'll go with you when you have the race later,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

Even though Leng Xiaoyao didn't know whether the accident Ling Tianqi encountered had something to do with this game, she felt it was highly likely, so she had to remind him to be careful.

“Sure, thank you, Xiaoyao.” Ling Tianqi suddenly felt relaxed. He was aware of Leng Xiaoyao's abilities, so he had confidence in her.

When they arrived at the circuit, it was about 9:30 am, and the game was still half an hour away.

At this time, Pei Heran and Feng Rui were already waiting for them.

As Ling Tianqi's car drove over, they also walked towards him.

“Hi, Tianqi, Xiaoyao, Manxi, nice to see you all.” Pei Heran and Feng Rui greeted them.

“Hi, Brother Heran, Brother Rui.” Leng Xiaoyao and Xiong Manxin responded.

“Is Qin Wentao here yet?” Ling Tianqi asked.

“Yes, he just walked inside,” Pei Heran said. Talking about Qin Wentao, he sounded cold. After all, Qin Wentao broke his leg last year.

Now he had recovered, but he was determined to take revenge.

“Did you have any conflicts?” Ling Tianqi asked, slightly worried.

“We didn't meet. We sat in the car the entire time after we arrived. We didn't come out till they were inside,” Feng Rui said.

They did that, not because they were afraid of Qin Wentao, but because Pei Heran might do something bad impulsively.

Whatever they wanted to do, they couldn't do it right now.

Knowing that, Ling Tianqi was relieved.

“Let's go now!” said Ling Tianqi. Then they walked inside.

Last night, Mu Yiyang and Li Mochen stayed at the circuit, so at that moment, Mu Yiyang was about to leave.

As soon as he reached the parking lot, he saw Leng Xiaoyao.

There wasn't a long distance, but there was a distance between them, so Mu Yiyang didn't recognize her until he had stared at her for a long while.

Leng Xiaoyao noticed him when he focused on her, but didn't pay attention to him.

However, Mu Yiyang got excited once he recognized Leng Xiaoyao. Without delay, he got out of his car and rapidly walked towards her.

Leng Xiaoyao had to look at him. Seeing a young handsome man walking towards her, she didn't think she knew him.

Nevertheless, the man looked excited, so he must know her. Therefore, Leng Xiaoyao thought he might be her fan. After all, her deeds went viral these days, especially the video of her rescuing people from the fire.

Leng Xiaoyao wasn't narcissistic, but many people indeed became her fans after watching the video.

“Leng Xiaoyao, I finally found you. Oh, no, I finally met you.” Mu Yiyang approached Leng Xiaoyao.

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