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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 3062 Too Young?

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Chapter 3062 Too Young?

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Reading Chu Jianan's reply, Leng Yuqi was relieved, so was Song Meiyu. “I told you! He was busy, so he didn't have time to talk to you. Since he's busy now, don't interrupt him. Just say: I shouldn't bother you. you can get back to your work. If it's possible, drink less and care about your health. Men need care. And he'll be touched if you say that to him. He'll be impressed,” Song Meiyu said.

“Sure.” Leng Yuqi answered, then replied to Chu Jianan.

A few minutes later, Chu Jianan responded.

Chu Jianan: I know. I'll call you when I'm free.

Reading that, Leng Yuqi completely relaxed and became happy, so did Song Meiyu.

“Yuqi, talk to mom if you encounter any trouble again, alright? Don't keep it to yourself. It can't solve problems,” Song Meiyu said.

“Alright, I know.” Leng Yuqi replied. She felt lucky that she shared it with Song Meiyu, otherwise she would still be in a terrible mood.

“Great, now I should go,” Song Meiyu said, before she stood up and left. In a good mood, Leng Yuqi began to review.

She was good at studying, but she still needed to review continuously, especially after Leng Xiaoyao surpassed her. She was always mad about that.

She really hoped that Leng Xiaoyao would fail in the next monthly test and that she could make progress and surpass Leng Xiaoyao.

However, she knew it wasn't likely.

At that time, Chu Jianan wasn't at a business meal, he was in a clubhouse with his friends.

There was a difference between a business meal and playing around.

Chu Jianan wasn't a good man. In a clubhouse, he ordered several girls to have fun with him. However, compared with his friends, he limited his behavior.

He hugged, kissed, and fondled the girls, but he didn't have sex with them. He had mysophobia, so he was unwilling to have sex with women who had slept with too many men. He didn't want to contract venereal diseases.

However, his friends were totally different. They wouldn't hesitate to do more passionate sexual things in front of him, before going to the washroom for sex.

Everyone could hear the sounds in the private room, but people couldn't hear it from outside because of excellent sound insulation.

This time, Chu Jianan didn't go out with Fang Haoming and the others. They were playboys too, but they wouldn't have sex randomly in a club.

The next day, Leng Xiaoyao didn't go to school with Leng Yuqi. She waited at home till Ling Tianqi came to pick her up.

There were available cars in the Leng family's mansion, but Leng Xiaoyao didn't have a driving license, so she didn't drive. Otherwise, it would cause problems once the traffic police caught her.

When Leng Changyuan saw that Leng Xiaoyao didn't go to school, he thought she might be uncomfortable, so he asked anxiously, “Yaoyao, why didn't you go to school? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“No, I just need to do something later,” Leng Xiaoyao replied.

Hearing that, Song Meiyu wondered whether Leng Xiaoyao was going to go on a date with the man she saw yesterday.

Therefore, she deliberately said, “You're too young to pay attention to other things in addition to studying. The National College Entrance Examination is around the corner and you have a lot of classes…”

“I used to be bad at studying. I was always absent from classes. Aunt Meiyu, why didn't you care about me so much in the past? Now I'm a straight-A student and I'm rarely absent from classes. Why are you so worried about me?” Leng Xiaoyao mocked.

“I…” Song Meiyu was struck dumb for a moment, and didn't know what to do. They all knew that Song Meiyu didn't really care about Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Xiaoyao ignored Song Meiyu and continued. “I'm an adult now. I'm not a 3-year-old child. There are many things that are more important than studying in my life!”

“Are you going to go on a date with the man who sent you home last night?” Song Meiyu asked with jealousy.

“What? A man sent you home yesterday?” Leng Changyuan was surprised and immediately turned to look at Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Xiaoyao had been Chu Jianan's girlfriend for a while, but they were engaged, so he didn't think much about it.

However, he still felt Leng Xiaoyao was too young to be in a romantic relationship. He would also try to stop her from falling in love. Therefore, he was reluctant to find out that Leng Xiaoyao was dating a man.

“Yes, a man drove me home last night. He is the man who rescued people with me from the explosion the night before yesterday. We met by accident. He drove me home afterwards. I don't think it's a big deal,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She didn't want to explain, but she didn't want Leng Changyuan to be worried.

“Is there a problem with a man sending me home? If I see Aunt Meiyu talking with a man alone, is there something abnormal between them as well?” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“You…” Song Meiyu was mad.

“Alright, stop it. Yaoyao can do whatever she wants. I didn't say anything! Why did you judge her?” Leng Changyuan snapped at Song Meiyu. Now he had a deep trust in Leng Xiaoyao.

Since Leng Changyuan said that, Song Meiyu didn't dare to say anything else.

When Ling Tianqi came to pick up Leng Xiaoyao, Leng Xiaoyao told him to stop outside the block she lived in.

Therefore, once Ling Tianqi was about to arrive, Leng Xiaoyao left. When she reached the entrance, Ling Tianqi arrived.

Once Leng Xiaoyao opened the car door, Xiong Manxin abruptly jumped up from a seat. “Surprise! Hey, boss, I'm also here.”

“Why didn't you go to school?” asked Leng Xiaoyao. She didn't expect to see Xiong Manxin in Ling Tianqi's car.

“You're a girl. It's not appropriate for you to be alone with a man, so I came to go with you,” Xiong Manxin said. She didn't want any rumors to be made which could damage Leng Xiaoyao's reputation.

In fact, Leng Xiaoyao already had a bad reputation, so she didn't care about that at all. Anyway, she didn't do anything wrong, so she wasn't afraid of people's discussions, but if it was possible, she wanted to avoid any rumors.

If other people bad-mouthed her, she wouldn't care if she didn't hear it. However, if she heard them, she wouldn't tolerate it.

Anyway, she felt touched that Xiong Manxin cared about her.

“How is it? Am I considerate?” Xiong Manxin seemed very proud.

“Yes, it's very considerate of you.” Leng Xiaoyao smiled. Then she got in the car, and they set off.

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