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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 2734: Yeah, Money Can Solve Problems

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Chapter 2734: Yeah, Money Can Solve Problems

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I’m the boss of the Shenghua Real Estate, so it’s my business,” said Gu Ning. Since she came to see them as the boss, she couldn’t hide it.


Knowing that, everyone was surprised. They couldn’t believe it because Gu Ning was so young. She should just be a student or a recent graduate. How was it possible that she owned Shenghua Real Estate?

Wasn’t An Guangyao the boss?

Some people knew that the boss of Shenghua Real Estate was someone else, but some didn’t know yet.

“You? You’re too young to be the boss. How could you be the boss of Shenghua Real Estate? Don’t be ridiculous!” said the aged woman disdainfully. She refused to believe Gu Ning’s words.

However, Gu Ning said that in front of An Guangyao, and An Guangyao didn’t deny it, which proved she wasn’t lying.

Many people had doubts at the beginning, but Gu Ning said that in front of An Guangyao and he didn’t deny it, so they started believing Gu Ning. However, it was too surprising to be true.

After all, Gu Ning was so young. If she was the daughter of the owner of the Shengning Organization, it would make sense.

“Executive An is right here. You can ask him about it,” said Gu Ning. She didn’t bother to explain it.

Hearing that, the old woman was struck dumb for a second. The other people who didn’t realize that yet were also astonished and they turned to look at An Guangyao at once.

“Is she really the owner of Shenghua Real Estate?” asked the old woman. Although Gu Ning’s words already implied the answer, she still wanted to make sure.

“Yes, she’s the owner of Shenghua Real Estate, Miss Gu,” said An Guangyao.

An Guangyao hadn’t denied it so they were mostly convinced, but they were shocked after he admitted it.

Unexpectedly, this young girl was really the owner of Shenghua Real Estate. She looked so young!

However, the next moment, those troublesome people had courage again because they believed it was easy to take advantage of a young girl.

The old woman turned her eyes, then said, “Since you’re the boss of Shenghua Real Estate, you should pay me a total of a million yuan.”

“Right, a total of a million yuan!” A young couple next to the old woman joined the conversation.

“Miss, a fortune-teller saw my husband’s face and hand. He told us that my husband will have good luck this year. We could make a fortune, but now my husband has been seriously injured at your construction site. A million yuan is barely enough,” said the old woman. It seemed as if she was doing Gu Ning a favor.

Many people put on a resigned look. It was insane! How could the old woman use a fortune-teller’s words as the excuse?

“Alright, stop now!” At this moment, a man interrupted them from the patient’s bed. Gu Ning observed him and he seemed reluctant to have an argument.

The man was indeed embarrassed. There was a law system in the country, and they should obey it.

If they had more influential connections than Shenghua Real Estate, they could get more money as compensation, but the problem was that he was an ordinary man. If he had influence, he wouldn’t work at the construction site of Shenghua Real Estate.

“Shut your mouth! It has nothing to do with you!” The middle-aged woman snapped at him.

“Right, be quiet. Don’t interrupt!” The old woman also criticized him.

“It’s my business. How come it has nothing to do with me? I accepted Executive An’s compensation,” said the man angrily. It seemed that he had curbed his anger for a long time.

“We didn’t accept that!” said the middle-aged woman in a domineering tone.

“I’m the injured one. All they need is my acceptance!” The man raised his voice in annoyance.

“Zhang Peng, mind you attitude! Don’t forget you married into our family. You can’t make the decision on your own.” The old woman criticized the man arrogantly.

Upon hearing that, the man named Zhang Peng felt humiliated. His chest heaved up and down as he breathed heavily.

He was an orphan and loved his wife deeply, but it wasn’t easy after he married into his wife’s family.

He was tolerant, but they never understood him. Instead, they took him lightly and his gentle, considerate wife became rude and picky. It happened all because of his tolerance.

“If so, we should have a divorce. I have had enough of you. I think I’ve been a good husband over the years, but you’re never satisfied with me! You’re always complaining and judging me,” said the man. He finally had the chance to say it aloud.

“What? You want to have a divorce? Do you plan to take the compensation for yourself?” The middle-aged woman immediately got mad.

She didn’t care about the fact that her husband was leaving her, she only wanted the money.

The man was full of fury and regrets. The other people there were surprised too.

Even though the middle-aged woman was obviously greedy when she asked for so much compensation, no one expected her to be so shameless.

Even Gu Ning couldn’t stand it, and said, “If you care so much about compensation, why don’t you work at my construction site? I can make you have an accident and break your limbs, then you can have a million yuan. How about that?”

If the middle-aged woman really dared to do that, Gu Ning would keep her word.


In fact, the middle-aged woman didn’t dare to do that, she was simply greedy. As a result, the middle-aged woman became angry when Gu Ning said that to her.

“Do you think you can do anything with money?” The middle-aged woman swore.

“Yes, money can solve many problems!” said Gu Ning confidently. Then she asked, “If you don’t think money is a big thing, why did you ask me for so much of it?”

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