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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1489: A Male Chauvinist

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Chapter 1489: A Male Chauvinist

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shen Baixiang was a typical male chauvinist, and he believed that his woman should listen to him no matter how powerful her family was. However, Xu Qinyin wasn’t his woman now, so he wouldn’t show his dissatisfaction on his face.

“Baixiang, why are you so polite to her? She’s obviously rude!” Luo Xueshan complained.

“Shut your mouth!” Shen Baixiang glared at Luo Xueshan. In fact, he was eager to vent his anger on her, because he blamed Luo Xueshan for his bad relationship with Xu Qinyin now. However, because Shen Baixiang took Luo Xueshan as his back-up, he curbed his anger.

Although Luo Xueshan’s family was very ordinary, her parents had positions in a public institution, and she could help him sometimes. However, if it was possible, Shen Baixiang wouldn’t hesitate to marry a girl from a more powerful family.

Luo Xueshan felt aggrieved when Shen Baixiang snapped at her.

“Xu Qinyin’s family isn’t common at all. If we can have a good relationship with her, we can get a lot of benefits. To be honest with you, it’s very easy for her to make your parents lose their jobs,” Shen Baixiang said.

“W-What?” Luo Xueshan was shocked and didn’t dare to argue with Shen Baixiang. Although Shen Baixiang didn’t tell her details about Xu Qinyin’s family, she knew that he was serious.

However, she had always believed that Xu Qinyin’s family was even less influential than hers. Actually, Xu Qinyin kept a low profile because she never wanted to attract a lot of attention.

“What’s her family?” Luo Xueshan asked.

“I can’t tell you right now, but you better not have conflict with her again in the future. I don’t want to offend her at all. Now, let’s go inside.” Shen Baixiang was unwilling to talk about it anymore.

They entered Song Nan’s bar as well.

Luo Xueshan felt very uncomfortable because even Shen Baixiang was afraid of Xu Qinyin’s real family background. What was worse, Shen Baixiang would choose Xu Qinyin instead of her since he found out about Xu Qinyin’s real family background.

Xu Qinyin was also prettier than her and very easy-going. She was basically Shen Baixiang’s dream girl.

For that reason, Luo Xueshan began to be worried.

From the beginning to the end, Shen Baixiang’s other friends stayed quiet.

It wasn’t a secret that Luo Xueshan always admired Shen Baixiang, but Shen Baixiang had a very high standard for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, it was obvious that Xu Qinyin disliked Shen Baixiang. It wasn’t likely that they could be together one day.

As Shen Baixiang’s friends, they knew him better than other people, and they were aware of his arrogance and vanity.

Xu Qinyin probably disliked Shen Baixiang because she already found out his real aim, but either way, it was Shen Baixiang’s personal affair.

Because it was still early, there weren’t many people in the bar, so Tang Qingyang booked a table in the hall.

Therefore, when Shen Baixiang walked inside with his friends, he saw Xu Qinyin sitting with two other men at a booth. He was mad again and had a strong feeling of a threat.

From his current knowledge, Xu Qinyin was single, but she could get a boyfriend at any time given her outstanding appearance and family background. Therefore, he had to take action as soon as possible in case Xu Qinyin became another man’s girl.

One of Shen Baixiang’s female friends suddenly exclaimed in shock, “Look, isn’t that man Lord Tang? Since she is Lord Tang’s friend, her family can’t be ordinary.”

Although Tang Qingyang had some friends who came from ordinary families, most of his friends were in the same social class as him.

Shen Baixiang’s other friends were surprised too.

“Lord Tang? Who is he?” Luo Xueshan asked at once.

“A major shareholder of the Tang Organization. He has over a billion yuan in wealth!” the woman said. She also admired Tang Qingyang, who was a very successful young businessman, but she had a clear self-knowledge.

Although it sometimes happened where a rich heir married a poor girl, it was too rare, and the poor girl was always special in some aspects.

The woman had the chance to meet Tang Qingyang at a high society party with the help of her rich friend. However, it didn’t mean that she could join their circle.

“What?” Other than Shen Baixiang, the others were all astonished.

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