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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 1437: Gu Man’s Old Schoolmate

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Chapter 1437: Gu Man’s Old Schoolmate

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

This place was the Tang family’s house! The girl must be a member of the Tang family or at least had a relationship with it.

If he really had hurt her, he would be severely punished.

The taxi driver was terrified and drove his car away at once.

Gu Man stayed home all day long recently, and felt very bored. Since Gu Ning came today, she asked her to go for a ride together for fun. Therefore, Gu Ning went for a ride with Gu Man after lunch.

In Gu Ning’s company, Gu Man felt safe and Tang Haifeng didn’t have to worry about her.

They went to buy maternity clothes in a shopping mall. Although the Tang family had prepared many for Gu Man, Gu Man still enjoyed going shopping herself.

Although Gu Man’s belly wasn’t obvious yet and it was a little early to buy maternity clothes now, they shopped for fun.

When Gu Man was shopping in a maternity clothes store in company with Gu Ning, a middle-aged woman kept glancing at Gu Man curiously. There was a young girl who was about 13 by the middle-aged woman’s side.

Gu Ning noticed their behavior, but said nothing.

After a short while, the middle-aged woman suddenly called Gu Man, “Gu Man?”

Gu Man was surprised when someone called her and turned to look at the person. “Hu Jiarong?” Gu Man’s sight fell on the middle-aged woman who had covered herself in designer brands.

“Oh, you’re really Gu Man!” Hu Jiarong couldn’t believe her eyes. “You look so young! It’s unbelievable.”

They were the same age, but Gu Man looked much younger than her, making her jealous of Gu Man.

Gu Ning caught the jealousy in her eyes, and frowned.

Hearing that, Gu Man smiled, but didn’t know what to say, because it was the truth.

“Oh, do you live in City B now?” Gu Man changed the topic.

“Yeah,” Hu Jiarong said, then her sight fell on Gu Ning. Gu Ning’s outstanding appearance amazed Hu Jiarong and Hu Jiarong got jealous once more. “Is this girl your daughter?”

Hu Jiarong was Gu Man’s schoolmate, and they were in a good relationship back then. She knew that Gu Man had a very handsome and smart boyfriend in university and she was always jealous of Gu Man. She even tried to steal Gu Man’s boyfriend, but failed.

Afterwards, Gu Man’s boyfriend had a terrible accident and Gu Man quit school. As Gu Man’s “good” friend, Hu Jiarong knew that Gu Man was pregnant.

It was a scandal in the old days, so Hu Jiarong deliberately spread the news abroad in their school and ruined Gu Man’s reputation.

Gu Man didn’t know that Hu Jiarong had started it, because many people were doing that back then.

Besides, Gu Man also thought it was shameful, so she didn’t blame those who made it public. No matter what, she had already made the decision to quit school when she chose to give birth to her kid.

Hu Jiarong purposely asked that question right now in order to humiliate Gu Man again.

“Yeah, this is my daughter, Gu Ning,” Gu Man said. She didn’t see through Hu Jiarong, because she never realized that Hu Jiarong didn’t treat her with sincerity.

Gu Man then introduced Hu Jiarong to Gu Ning. “Ningning, this is my schoolmate from university, Hu Jiarong.”

“Nice to see you, Ms Hu.” Gu Ning politely greeted her.

“Nice to see you too. How old are you this year?” Hu Jiarong asked and seemed kind.

“19,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Hu Jiarong sighed, “It’s been 19 years since we saw each other last time. I almost couldn’t recognize you earlier. Unfortunately, you got pregnant during the first year in the university, or we could have made more good memories. You were an excellent student in our college, but unfortunately quit school too early!”

Hu Jiarong observed Gu Man’s expression when she said that, and hoped to see embarrassment from Gu Man’s face. However, she was disappointed, because Gu Man already got over it.

“Well, what a twist of fate,” Gu Man said. If she had an abortion that year and found a good job after her graduation, she wouldn’t have lived a hard life in the past. It wasn’t easy to get a college certificate in the old days, and Gu Man was very smart. However, if she really had an abortion, she couldn’t have such an outstanding daughter and wouldn’t have met Tang Yunfan again.

She had no interest in Tang Yunfan’s family background, but she never forgot to love him.

Hu Jiarong thought that Gu Man must be living a bad life now because of what Gu Man said.

“Yes, what a twist of fate! Oh, how’s your life now?” she asked on purpose.

“Not bad, how about you?” Gu Man said.

Hu Jiarong didn’t think that Gu Man could really have a good life, so she believed that Gu Man had to be pretending. In addition, although Hu Jiarong was rich and covered herself in designer brands, she couldn’t recognize the brands that Gu Man was wearing.

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