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«Reincarnated With The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1045: Enjoy Your Victory While It Lasts

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Chapter 1045: Enjoy Your Victory While It Lasts

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"It's truly a shame that El Sibon appeared, isn't that right, William my boy?" Zeph asked with a smile on his face.

"As expected, you already knew about it," William replied. "You've got good connections, old man."

Before Wiliam left the Fortaare Desert, Zeph had given him a round mirror the size of a baseball ball. This was the means they used so they could communicate with each other over long distances. He had received a call from Kira's Grandfather half an hour after he had left the city of Lexicon.

Zeph chuckled as he waved his hand in order to appear humble in front of the black-haired boy, who was feeling a bit down because his attack didn't go according to his plan.

"Don't be so down, Will," Zeph said. "Although you didn't manage to raze the Gremory Clan to the ground, what you did still had an effect on the geopolitics of the Demon Realm. In fact, the effect might be better than you imagine. However, in order to take advantage of the situation, you need to capitalize on your momentum."

"Capitalize on my momentum? What scheme are you cooking up, old man? I'm all ears."

"It's nothing much, I just need you to…"

After listening to Zeph's proposal, William realized that he still had lots to learn when compared to the old schemer who was looking back at him with a look of anticipation.

"Fine, let's do it your way," William replied with a smile. "You're good, old man."

"Hahaha! Of course I am," Zeph replied with a smug expression on his face. "I have been lying in the shadows and scheming behind everyone's backs before you were even born. How can you possibly match my brilliance?"

William smirked because the old man did indeed have the qualifications to brag about himself. The plan Zeph offered was quite great, and it would definitely impact the Gremory Clan's plan to expand its Domain. Since this was a move that would make his enemy suffer, William was more than happy to kick Alvah and his Clan while they were down.

Two hours after the event that had transpired in Lexicon City, the Patriarchs of the different Major Clans in the Demon Realm received a call from their acquaintances, showing how the person that went by the name Raymond Parker had destroyed the barrier of the Gremory Clan's capital city, as well as kill one of Alvah's Myriad Beasts.

It also showed the appearance of El Sibon, and how it had started a killing spree after William had escaped its clutches. Many of the Patriarchs that hated the Gremory Clan gloated when they saw the recording. The Gremory Clan's supporters, on the other hand, felt threatened at first because at the end of the video, the black-haired teenager had made a declaration.

"Any Clans who continue to offer their support to the Gremory Clan in their ambition for war will answer to me," William declared. "Alvah and his family only survived because El Sibon interfered. However, do not think that you will be as lucky as them. I have a list of the Clans that support the Gremory Clan, and I will visit you one by one."

William showed everyone a devilish smile that made the hearts of Alvah's cronies shudder.

"If you don't want to be annihilated, it will be best to break all ties with the Gremory Clan," William stated. "Do not think that I will be fooled with fake pretenses. I am giving all of you exactly two hours to cut every single connection you have with them."

The black-haired teenager then took out a scroll from his storage ring and recited the names of the Clans that were currently supporting the Demon Lord and his goal to wage war in the Silvermoon and the Central Continents.

"Astaseul Clan of the Sleeping Valley…"

"Brichazac Clan of the Stoned Steps…"

"Castemont Clan of the Infested Plains…"

William mentioned the Clans who had been confirmed to have formed a partnership with the Gremory Clan, as well as the Demon Lord.

Zeph had done a lot of digging throughout the past week, in order to know which Clans were currently working with the Demon Lord. he needed this list so that the people who were on his side would be aware of which clans they needed to target before Luciel's and Alvah's plan was executed.

After saying the names of over twenty clans, William stopped and sneered.

"I know where all of you are located. Do not think for a moment that a Demigod will always appear to save you," William said in a teasing tone. "I have an artifact that allows me to travel long distances in minutes. None of you are safe from me. I will be visiting all of you soon."

After saying those words, the connection was cut, leaving the Clans that had been called out by him feeling very anxious. The Gremory Clan was the strongest of the Major Clans in the demon realm. If even they were not able to resist William's sneak attacks, then how could they possibly cope with the black-haired teenager whose feats were now known to many?

Joash smiled as he watched the projection disappear in front of him. This was the perfect opportunity that he was waiting for. Although Luciel was a cautious and scheming individual, he was someone who didn't like to be ridiculed.

Now that his plan was being challenged by William, he would no doubt leave the capital city and hunt the black-haired teenager down.

This was precisely the moment that Joash was waiting for. As long as Luciel left the powerful runic formation of the capital city, he was confident that he would be able to defeat him in no time at all.

"Now, what are you going to do, Luciel?" Joash muttered. "Are you still going to remain cooped up inside that castle of yours, or are you going to show everyone why you hold the title of Demon Lord?"

Joash didn't know the answer to these questions. All that he wanted was for Luciel to leave his Stronghold, so that he could enact the plans that he had painstakingly prepared for over a decade.

The Black Dragon gazed towards the North, where his enemies were currently at.

"The time is almost at hand," Jash muttered. "To think that I will be collaborating with your son… Fate sure is full of surprises."


Inside the Capital City of the Demon Realm, Astryae…

Luciel had a frown on his face as he read the reports of his subordinates. His agents were doing their best to dig up any information regarding Raymond Parker, but they had no leads as to where to start.

All that they knew was that the black-haired teenager passed through the Southern Stronghold, and was being accompanied by Joash's daughter, Vesta.

This made all of them conclude that the person that attacked the Gremory Clan had a connection with the Black Dragon that guarded their Southern Borders. The revelation had unnerved most of the officials in the capital city.

Joash was one of the four Demigods of their Realm. If he really planned to stage a rebellion, that would mean that they would be fighting against a Demigod.

No one in their right minds would fight against a Demigod because this was akin to suicide. This had lowered the morale of the officers in the Demon Lord's army because the Southern Stronghold housed a great number of soldiers that were under Joash's command.

"Just what are you planning to do, you overgrown Lizard?" Luciel said in a cold and deadly voice that reeked of killing intent. "Did you lose your courage on the day that you lost your tail?"

The Demon Lord scoffed as he thought of a way to overcome the current dilemma that he was facing. He had greatly underestimated William's capabilities, and only thought of him as one of the many Upstarts that appeared in the Demon Realm from time to time.

Now that the black-haired teeanger dared to attack the family that backed his throne, Luciel felt that if he didn't do something soon, none of the Clans would support his idea to conquer the lands outside their Domain in order to expand their territories after the Heir of Darkness was born.

Felix had assured him that it would be less than three weeks before the Ancient Ruins found its successor. Because of this, Luciel decided to remain in the capital city and not venture anywhere until the Prince of Prophecy was born.

"Fine. Enjoy your victory while it lasts," Luciel muttered as he pressed his palms over the armrest of his throne. He knew that this was not the time to hesitate. As long as he followed his original plan, he would still be the one who would win in the end.

'Let's see who will have the last laugh.'

Luciel had long wanted to wash away the shame and humiliation that he had felt the day he lost his arm while he fought against William's father, Maxwell. For that to happen, he needed a stronger power. Fortunately, the timing of the Prophecy had synchronized with his plan.

Although he didn't believe in such things in the past, he was willing to believe it now. It was the only way for him to retain his seat of power, and bring all the Demon Clans under his will.

"Just a little more…," Luciel closed his eyes as he leaned on his throne. "Maxwell, I don't care if you have turned into a tree or not. I will have my revenge! I will personally cut you down with my own two hands, but not before I kill your wife and son in front of you!"

Luciel clenched his fist, as he imagined that glorious scene that had been denied him. The power that he needed was well within his reach. However, it was not yet mature, and needed more time to grow.

After a full five minutes, the Demon Lord finally made his decision. He no longer cared if the Demon Clans ceased to support him.

"As long as the power of Darkness becomes mine, this entire world will be under my mercy," Luciel said with confidence. "Isn't that right, My Lady?"

A woman wearing a black veil that covered her face nodded her head. Although she didn't say anything, her gesture was more than enough to assure Luciel that his decision was right.

Underneath her black veil, a devilish smile that could captivate thousands of demons was hidden from plain sight. She had already played her role, and was merely waiting for everything to come to fruition.

'Deus has waited many years for this moment,' the veiled woman mused. 'Just wait a little longer, My Prince. Your faithful servant is waiting to offer her everything to you.'

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