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«Reincarnated With The Strongest System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1044: The Mortal Enemy of Womanizers

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Chapter 1044: The Mortal Enemy of Womanizers

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"N-No way!" Cassey gasped in shock as she looked at the creature that was whistling in the distance. "Why is he here?!"

The patriarch of the Rajah Clan had only seen the whistling man once in her lifetime, but that was more than enough to cement his notoriety inside her heart.

"William! Let's retreat!" Cassey shouted. "We can't win against him! That being is El Sibon!"

William frowned because even before Cassey had told him the creature's name, Optimus had already given him the information that he needed.


[ El Sibon ]

- The Whistling Demon

- Bone Collector

- Threat Level: Calamity (High)

- Demigod

- Cannot be added to the Herd.

- The Whistling Demon, El Sibon, had no permanent place to call his home. He would wander around the Demon Realm in search of prey that was worthy to be added to his collection.

- It is said that when the whistling sounds close, there's no danger, and the whistler is far away, but when the whistling sounds distant, it means it is nearby. It is also said that hearing the whistling foretells one's own death, and one may hear it anywhere at any time.

- El Sibon hates womanizers with a vengeance. He likes to torture them to death before adding them to his collection. If you are a womanizer then you must beware, El Sibon will give you a scare. The strength of womanizers will be halved when fighting against him. He is every ladies' man's worst enemy.


"Womanizing Half-Elf…," El Sibon said in a hoarse voice as he gazed at William with his glowing red eyes. "I'll kill you."

The corner of William's lips twitched when he heard the Demigod's threatening words. He wanted to argue that he wasn't a womanizer, but the Demigod's red whip came lashing in his direction at the speed of sound, giving him no time to voice his thoughts out loud.

William raised his hand and forcefully returned Gluteus, Maximus, and Cassey inside his Thousand Beast Domain. Fighting against a Demigod was not part of their plan, and he had no intention of using his Heroic Avatar at this moment.

He planned to use it after finding Alvah's location, but even though Optimus had done a full sweep of the city, the patriarch of the Gremory Clan was not found. Also, even though he didn't want to admit it. There was a powerful suppression that made him unable to fight the Demigod with his full power.

William had a feeling that even if he used his Heroic Avatar, it would still end in failure, so fighting against El Sibon was something that he wouldn't do unless he could be certain of his victory.

"Die… Womanizer!" El Sibon once again lashed at William, but the latter had already changed his Job Class to Thunder Emperor, allowing him to escape with his Lightning Strider Skill.

The Demigod could only watch him go, as the bones inside his sack rattled. It was as if they were feeling sorry that one of their compatriots had managed to escape instead of joining them inside the sack for eternity.

Alvah, who saw this scene, sighed in relief. He didn't expect that the wandering demigod, El Sibon, would end up in the Northern Regions of the Demon Realm. Because of his appearance, William was forced to retreat, allowing him and his army to survive this calamity.

However, just before Alvah could fully celebrate his unexpected victory against his opponent, El Sibon started to whistle once again. He then turned his head to the side, and looked at one of the demons in Alvah's army.

"Die!" El Sibon declared as his whip pierced through the demon's chest.

However, that was not the end. Under the horrified gazes of everyone, the demon's body began to convulse before his skeleton was pulled out of his body, leaving the flesh behind. It was a grotesque scene and everyone could only look helplessly as the Demigod gave its red whip a tug.

The demon's skeleton flew in El Sibon's direction, landing in the sack on his back. Soon the rattling of bones spread throughout the surroundings.

The Demigod started to whistle again as he set his eyes on another demon whose legs had already collapsed under his feet.

"N-No! I am not a womanizer! I am not aarghhh!" The demon cried out in pain and fear as El Sibon's red whip pierced his body, and latched itself on his bones.

"Die," El Sibon laughed evilly as he once again pulled the demon's skeleton, adding it to his collection.

On that day, thousands of demons died in the City of Lexicon as the Whistling Demon reaped the lives of those whom it deemed guilty of being unfaithful.

Although the number of Demons the Demigod killed had exceeded his expectations, Alvah didn't bat an eye and just kept his silence. Even he, as the Patriarch of the strongest Clan in the Demon Realm had no choice but to turn a blind eye to El Sibon's rampage.

Demigods were existences that could come and go unhindered in any place in the world of Hestia. No sane mortal would dare to challenge them unless they also had the backing of a Demigod.

Even though he felt regretful for the loss of his soldiers, Alvah had no choice but to grit his teeth, and wait for the calamity to move to another location.

"Raymond Parker… I'll make you pay for this offense that you have committed against me this day," Alvah swore as he clenched his fist tightly. He had lost one of his Myriad Beasts, which had greatly weakened the strength of his capital's defenses.

Right now, he was sure that the spies of the other Major Clans in his territory would send news of what had just transpired to their Masters.

Alvah knew that his prestige and influence would weaken after this setback, but there was nothing he could do about it. Making excuses would just make him look weak in front of everyone, so he decided to just accept it, and make preparations to counter William's next attempt to attack his capital city.


Somewhere in the Fortaare Desert…

'Such a shame…,' Zeph thought as one of his agents in the city of Lexicon finished his report. 'If only El Sibon hadn't appeared, Alvah might have already suffered from an aneurysm by now.'

After pondering for a few minutes, he told his spy to report to him as soon as anything out of the ordinary happened in the territory of the Gremory Clan.

The spy bowed his head respectfully before cutting the connection with his Master.

Zeph walked towards the window, as he gazed at the clear blue sky of the desert. Its appearance was the stark contrast of the chaotic atmosphere that was currently happening in the North.

Now that William's location was known to Alvah, the Patriarch of the Gremory Clan would definitely have countermeasures prepared for the black-haired teenager's next attempt to attack his Domain.

Zeph was not the only one who thought that it was a shame that William didn't succeed in his plan to exterminate the Gremory Clan. Several of the other Patriarchs, who had a bad relationship with the family that backed the Demon Lord, shook their heads helplessly at the stroke of luck that had come to the capital city to help the Clan they hated deep in their bones.

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