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«Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World (Web Novel) - Chapter 965 - The Mad Rogue’s Challenge

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Chapter 965 - The Mad Rogue’s Challenge

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Ordinary players couldn’t hope to control their pets as skillfully as Nie Yan. His control had reached perfection. In all of Conviction, perhaps there were only a few players that could match his level.

The Dark Demon Guard’s health was slowly being shaved away. Since it was too high, Nie Yan couldn’t see exactly how much it had.

The Dark Demon Guard was incredibly tanky. Nie Yan had no idea how long it would take to kill it.

However, Nie Yan wasn’t worried. There was plenty of time. He would continue chipping away at it until it was dead!

The Dark Demon Guard was finally thoroughly enraged. It swung out with its greataxe and sent Lil’ Gold flying. Just as it was about to take a step forward, the Violet Eye Dragon blocked its path.

BANG! The Violet Eye Dragon was also sent flying.

The Dark Demon Guard wanted to charge forward, only to have Lil’ Gold stagger back and block its path once more. It was completely helpless against its pestering.

Only a few bosses had Spirit Awe. Thankfully, the Dark Demon Guard wasn’t one of them, or this tactic wouldn’t work.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon wasn’t the only one dealing damage. Nie Yan went up and let loose with a flurry of attacks. Since the Dark Demon Guard’s aggro was completely focused on the Divine Eclipse Dragon, the damage he dealt wasn’t enough to cause its aggro to shift.

The competition in Judgement Valley was intensifying. Smoke Stub, Mistaken Smile, and Black Hell had lost one after another. Even though Plenty’s wins weren’t easy and he was forced to use almost all his strength every time, a loss was still a loss.

With Plenty winning three matches in a row, the players from Fallen Angel regained some of their morale and even broke out in cheers.

Plenty bitterly smiled. Even though he won three matches in a row, he wasn’t happy. After reaching this point, he had a good idea of Asskickers United’s strength. He wanted to use this competition to probe the enemy and gauge whether or not he should attack the Righteous Faction. He didn’t expect his meticulous plan to almost become a spectacle for Asskickers United to show off their might. Given the strength of their peak experts, if Fallen Angel were to attack the Righteous Faction, they would likely be inviting egg on their face. He started to hesitate on whether he should attack the Righteous Faction.

Either way, Plenty still had to see this competition through to the end, though the goal was different now. He had to defend Fallen Angel’s honour!

Asskickers United still had six people, Bladelight, Sun, King of the World, Lei Su, Lustboy, and Sparrow Hawk. It would be a tough task. Plenty didn’t have any more tricks up his sleeves, and many of his high rank skills were on long cooldowns.

Plenty got down from the stage and said to a Warrior below the stage, “Give me the equipment. I’m swapping sets!”

The Warrior respectfully gave Plenty a large pile of equipment. It was all Chaos gear, many of which had different supplementary skills. All of the best Dark Zealot equipment in Fallen Angel was here. Plenty picked out a few pieces and put them on.

After swapping into a new set of equipment, Plenty brought out his Scepter of the Dark Council. Wearing his new equipment, he stepped back into the ring.

Lustboy was already waiting there. Seeing Plenty take out the scepter, his eyes faintly trembled.

Nie Yan looked worriedly at the livestream. He didn’t expect Mistaken Smile and Black Hell to lose as well.

“Dammit!” Nie Yan felt himself getting restless. He guessed Plenty’s ambitions had grown after becoming the Chairman of the Dark Council, and his reappearance had only served to further drive Plenty’s ambitions. Fallen Angel’s reason for challenging Asskickers United was simple. It was to probe Asskickers United’s strength. He had no idea if Plenty would declare war after it concluded. Of course, Asskickers United was never afraid of a fight.

Nie Yan hoped the war between the two great factions could be pushed back as much as possible. He needed every second he could get to catch back up. When he recovered his position atop the leaderboards, whatever happened would at least be within his control.

Fallen Angel’s ambitions could not be allowed to grow any further. The only way for that was to crush Plenty head-on!

If Plenty lost in the next few battles, then that would be perfect. Nie Yan wondered if Bladelight, Sun, and the rest could complete this task.

Nie Yan estimated he only needed three more months to reach level 190. At that time, even if he were to face the Level 200+ Plenty, he could face him with confidence. Anything within a 20-level difference was under his control!

If Bladelight and the others could defeat Plenty, Nie Yan estimated Fallen Angel would throw away any and all plans of attacking the Righteous Faction in the near future.

Nie Yan understood worrying was useless. He could only put his all into defeating the Dark Demon Guard. What he didn’t know was that Plenty’s mind was already starting to change. Right now, his only goal was to defend Fallen Angel’s honour.

As time slowly passed, under the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s ruthless bombardment, the Dark Demon Guard’s health finally fell to 90%.

Nie Yan checked the time. It took about 20 minutes to shave away 10% of the Dark Demon Guard’s health, mostly thanks to the Divine Eclipse Dragon. Its damage was quite decent

If other players were to find out Nie Yan was only using the word decent to describe the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s damage, they would try to drown him in spit. This was a typical case of the well-off being oblivious to the plights of the poor. Even the number one player on the leaderboards, Tang Yao, couldn’t compete with the two-headed Divine Eclipse Dragon! If even Mr. Walking Gatling Gun couldn’t compare, there was no need to speak about other players.

After his hiatus, Nie Yan didn’t really understand where he placed in terms of strength. He only knew that the Divine Eclipse Dragon was really powerful. However, never could he imagine that its damage already surpassed that of Tang Yao!

With a powerful pet like the Divine Eclipse Dragon, it would be strange if Nie Yan didn’t level up quickly!

So long as no mishaps occurred, he could slowly chip away at the Dark Demon Guard until it was dead.

A Level 190 Demonified Lord. Even someone like Tang Yao would have to put in quite a bit of effort to defeat it. However, Nie Yan wasn’t breaking a sweat.

Nie Yan engrossed himself in dealing with the Dark Demon Guard, occasionally glancing at the livestream. Over the next half-an-hour Bladelight, Sun, and the others all lost to Plenty. Tang Yao was the last to challenge him, but even he didn’t stand a chance. This caused the forums to erupt in discussion.

Asskickers United had still lost in the end.

Even Tang Yao lost? Nie Yan knitted his brows. He opened the replay of the match. Plenty went all out. He looked like a god as he floated high up in the air, a scepter in his hand. The two both used large scale AoE magic against each other, resulting in the spectators retreating more than a thousand meters back to not be affected.

Tang Yao went all out. However, in terms of skill arsenal, he was inferior to Plenty by a notch.

Tang Yao’s highest ranked title was Advanced Adjudicator of Light, and his strongest support creature was the Rank 9 Arcane Fairy. It gave him several supplementary Forbidden Spells. Forbidden Magic was useful both in team fights and on the battlefield. However, in a one versus one duel, they were mostly useless.

Meanwhile, the Scepter of the Dark Council that Plenty wielded was a Chaos weapon on par with a Sacred item. He also had a grimoire the Lich King provided him. When he made use of all his strength, Tang Yao had no way of competing.

The match was simply world-shaking. Unfortunately, none of the spectators got a good look due to the intense magic forcing them back in fear. If they wanted a clip of the match close up, likely only the two participants would have it.

After skimming through the videos of the matches, Nie Yan let out a deep sigh. What he worried about the most happened.

The arena stage was completely obliterated. The area was flattened smooth.

Hovering in the air, Plenty checked his health. He only had 6,000 left. If he hadn’t given himself a few shields and healed himself, he would’ve died to Tang Yao. He felt a cold sweat on his back. That was too close for comfort!

Plenty actually fought and beat nine of Asskickers United’s peak experts in a row! Thinking about it, he felt a lingering fear in his heart. Him winning in the end was largely due to luck.

The players from Fallen Angel broke out into uproarious cheers.

The forums were filled with posts praising Plenty for defeating so many of Asskickers United’s peak experts in a row. He cemented his place as the number one player in both great factions. This title was achieved by relying on his strength alone to defeat all opponents.

Plenty stepped down from the stage. His brothers in Fallen Angel were bursting with excitement, unable to calm down. Just how amazing was it to defeat nine of Asskickers United’s peak experts in a row! Perhaps only Nie Yan in his prime could compare!

Tang Yao revived. He let out a deep sigh. A loss was a loss. There was nothing he could do to change that.

In contrast to the noise on the side of Fallen Angel, Asskickers United’s players were dead silent. Even though they were stronger than Fallen Angel as a whole, Plenty had still single handedly turned the tide and defeated them.

Above all, the title of number one expert in all of Conviction fell to Plenty. Many players couldn’t accept this, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Even though Plenty commanded his subordinates not to throw insults or taunts at Asskickers United, the forums were still filled with flaming from both sides. It was to the extent someone proposed settling things once and for all on a certain date in Judgement Valley. Likely, there would be another huge battle breaking out in the near future.

Within the mess the forums were in, a single post especially attracted everyone’s attention.

「In five month’s time, I’ll set out for the Evil Faction. Let’s meet then, Plenty. -Nirvana Flame」

It was the Mad Rogue’s account, no doubt! The same one that hadn’t logged on in three years!

This post was immediately shot to the top of the forums with tens of millions of upvotes. The entire server was in an uproar. Even though it was just a simple sentence, the waves it made was no less than when Plenty defeated nine of Asskickers United’s peak experts in a row.

Nirvana Flame was making a comeback, and he issued a challenge to Plenty, the guild leader of Fallen Angel! Just how shocking was this piece of news!

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