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«Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1732: Little Heavenly Demon (3)

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Chapter 1732: Little Heavenly Demon (3)

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The little Heavenly Demon gobbled it all up.

Perhaps it was feeling more cordial after eating, the little Heavenly Demon started approaching Ye Qingtang.

With the dim fire light, Ye Qingtang finally saw the true form of the little Heavenly Demon.

It was a dragon-shaped Heavenly Demon, only about as high as Ye Qingtang’s calf. It’s black scales glimmered under the fire light with its short, thick back legs firmly planted on the ground. Meanwhile, it also had a little round belly and tiny front paws, making it look rather adorable.

If not for the fact that it was a Heavenly Demon, Ye Qingtang might have just pulled it into her arms for a cuddle.

Meanwhile, the little Heavenly Demon had no idea what Ye Qingtang was thinking. It tilted its head and gazed at Ye Qingtang. A short, thick dragon’s tail protruded from its butt, which wagged from side to side now and then.

After seeing that Ye Qingtang was no longer taking out anything more to eat, the little Heavenly Demon waddled over to Ye Qingtang and gazed up at her. Then it used its little tail to brush her calf.

“Ahhh oohhh…”

It opened its tiny mouth and whined piteously.

Ye Qingtang, “…”

Little White Tiger was also dumbfounded. It had never seen such a greedy Heavenly Demon.

Ye Qingtang had no choice but to take out more food. She knelt down on the ground and tossed it one by one into the little Heavenly Demon’s mouth.

In response, the little Heavenly Demon gave a contented expression. Those demon eyes narrowed in satisfaction as it chewed.

As it ate, the little Heavenly Demon suddenly sneezed. It sniffed about Ye Qingtang’s body and that familiar smell relaxed it. It had found her earlier because of her familiar scent.

“Gurgle…” The little Heavenly Demon gurgled happily before suddenly throwing itself into Ye Qingtang’s arms. It wriggled about to find a comfortable position and soon fell asleep. Once it did, it even started to snore…

“…” Ye Qingtang stared at the little Heavenly Demon sleeping in her arms and then at Little White Tiger.

“Mmm… why do I feel…” Little White Tiger narrowed its eyes. “It seems to treat you like its family member?”


What the hell!

Ye Qingtang was dumbfounded.

“Don’t you possess the mutated Heavenly Demon Bloodline? If I am not wrong, it must have detected the scent of that bloodline. It looks like a newborn and there aren’t any other Heavenly Demons around. So you may be the first familiar smell it has encountered. If that’s the case, it is only natural that it treats you as family…”

Luckily they were not just backup food for the little demon…

The corners of Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched. But gazing down at the sleeping little Heavenly Demon, she felt all sorts of conflicted emotions.

This little Heavenly Demon was a dragon-shaped demon. It looked very much like a real dragon and she couldn’t help being reminded of her little lightning dragon. But… after Little You Yun was taken away, all life in the First Domain had vanished. Even Little Lightning Dragon had disappeared.

“You were gravely injured and lost a lot of blood while we were heading to that cave. I guess that was when it detected the Heavenly Demon scent in your blood and made its way toward you. I was wondering why it kept following us… as if we are its family. This is just a newborn Heavenly Demon and it has no idea how to recognize the true members of its own kind.” As he said this, Little White Tiger glanced at little Heavenly Demon again, no longer as concerned as before.

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