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«Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1572 Oh My 5

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Chapter 1572 Oh My 5

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“My answer is still the same even if you ask me a thousand more times.” Jiang Yu replied emotionlessly.The Jiang Family members broke out in a cold sweat when they saw Jiang Yu’s resolute attitude and Xie Wushang’s darkening expression.

“Domain Monarch Founder, there is nothing bad about Madam Founder either. Why don’t you yield to her?” An elder said while enduring the powerful pressure.

Just Xie Wushang’s skills themselves made her completely qualified to become the Madam Founder of the Jiang Family.

The Domain Monarch Founder’s wife had passed a long time ago, and it was time he lay it down.

Moreover, this Xie Wushang was so infatuated with the Domain Monarch Founder, and such devotion was truly hard to find.

Jiang Yu glanced expressionlessly at the people who made these sarcastic remarks.

If he wanted to yield to her, he would have done so a long time ago. Why would he wait until now?

“Alright… You forced me to do this.” Xie Wushang laughed from the extreme anger, and her gorgeous face was filled with smiles. “Jiang Yu, I, Xie Wushang, have never treated anyone with such devotion, but you trampled over it in the mud… Since I can’t gain your heart or your person, I will not let anyone else have what I want!”

Then, the aura around Xie Wushang surged, and a murderous look appeared in her eyes.

Seeing the enraged Xie Wushang, Jiang Yu secretly squeezed the space ring on his finger and immediately took out a Dharma treasure, which he used to fly to the sky and escape.

He originally did not intend to use the Dharma treasure at this time; otherwise, he would not have told Ye Qingtang to bring him out. However, he could only do so now.

The people of the Jiang Family did not expect Jiang Yu to want to avoid Xie Wushang to this extent and were stunned.

“Jiang Yu, you think you can run?” With a scoff, Xie Wushang suddenly soared up and chased after him.

Everyone remained stunned as they looked at Jiang Yu and Xie Wushang soaring to the sky one after another.

“Madam Founder only said that in the moment of anger. Domain Monarch Founder, why must you be this way?”

“Domain Monarch Founder, don’t leave. Madam Founder is devoted to you and will not really kill you. She may have said that in the moment of…”

That person was not done with his sentence.

But Xie Wushang formed a sword with her red spirit energy and slashed at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu barely dodged the sword aura, but the mountain beneath him was struck into two instantly!

“…” The person who was trying to persuade Jiang Yu just now was flabbergasted.

She freaking wanted to kill him for real!

Ye Qingtang was dumbfounded as well as she did not expect Xie Wushang to be for real. Based on her stance, Xie Wushang really wanted to kill Jiang Yu…

In the sky, Jiang Yu and Xie Wushang flew across the sky rapidly one after another, and the sight left everyone in the Jiang Family dumbstruck.

“This is a crime of passion.” The little white tiger in Ye Qingtang’s arms mumbled meaningfully as it looked at the two figures that gradually went out of sight.

“…” Ye Qingtang was silent.

What darn crime of passion?

She had just learned four sets of techniques from the Domain Monarch Founder, and he left just like that…

Based on Xie Wushang’s attitude, their fight would probably continue on endlessly. Ye Qingtang reckoned that she need not hope to meet Jiang Yu anytime soon.

Ye Qingtang was upset and disappointed, and such emotions were felt even more strongly by the Jiang Family elders. The Domain Monarch Founder finally returned to the Jiang Family yet had to leave so soon?


They really did not expect the Domain Monarch Founder to have such a love affair outside. Furthermore, Xie Wushang actually was serious about her words…

Those two people flew so rapidly that even Elder Qian and the rest did not have the chance to persuade Jiang Yu any further.

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