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«Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1503 - Treasures 3

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Chapter 1503 - Treasures 3

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The little white tiger walked through the main hall that was full of treasure and stopped at a dull corner of the hall.

There were many jewels and pearls with dazzling brightness, but the little white tiger used its paws to dig a hole in the pile of jewelry.

An old and sealed box under all the jewelry appeared in front of Ye Qingtang.

“There is good stuff inside. I can smell them.” The little white tiger touched the box and said confidently.

Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched as she stared at the little white tiger, who was so proud of itself. But she believed in the little white tiger’s decision. She looked around and saw that all the other people were busy digging for treasures, and no one noticed her. She then walked forward and opened the box slowly.

As the box was opened, a pungent smell came out of it.

The little white tiger immediately jumped backward from the stink.

“F*ck. How can it stink so much!” The little white tiger covered its nose and its mouth, and its eyes were wide open. The little white tiger was not able to detect that smell before it was opened.

Ye Qingtang held her breath and opened the box fully. There were three dusty items lying in the box. Besides those, there were many black worms that were as thick as fingers crawling inside.

The black worms crawled among each other. It was surprising that they were still alive. They seemed to be invigorated by the air and crawled out of the box one by one.

Ye Qingtang could feel the goosebumps on her body.

After all the black worms crawled out of the box, the three items that were previously covered by the black worms revealed themselves in front of Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang opened her eyes wide instantly.

There were three black Dharma treasures in the box.

She had never seen any of these Dharma treasures before, but she could feel the intense aura from them. Ye Qingtang was shocked by the black Dharma treasure in the middle. She could see a mark that was shining vaguely.

The light seemed to be alive as it floated above the Dharma treasure, and from it, Ye Qingtang could feel a holy aura.

“This is a… mystic artifact?” Ye Qingtang was astonished. From her previous life, she knew that any artifact left behind by God would contain God’s breath, and these artifacts were known as mystic artifacts.

However, mystic artifacts were so rare in this world.

Ye Qingtang never imagined that she could find a mystic artifact here.

However, before Ye Qingtang could figure out where the mystic artifact was from, she suddenly realized that everyone who was looking for treasures seemed to notice something, and all looked towards the direction she was at.

This is bad.

Ye Qingtang was nervous. The stink must have attracted everyone’s attention, and the aura on the three Dharma treasures also revealed their presence.

“What interesting treasure did you find?” A young voice came from Ye Qingtang’s back.

Ye Qingtang lifted up the box that contained the three Dharma treasures almost instinctively. She placed the mystic artifact with God’s mark into her space ring secretly.

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