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«Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1297: Wordless Heavenly Book

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Chapter 1297: Wordless Heavenly Book

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Actually, Hong Dali only remembered the names of these secret manuals from reading Jin Yong’s novels, the contents were definitely different now—but that wasn’t important, what was important was that he had adventured in the universe for so long, after all, so he remembered quite a lot of the various secret manuals that he saw.

Other things aside, just the Last Words by Tianji alone was enough for him to split into several secret manuals. For example Alleviate, Crush, Tough, Stride in Air, Assault, and Charge, these six moves. Charge could be transformed into the “Sunflower Treasure Book”, Stride in Air could be called “Lingbo Micro Steps”, Assault could be called “18 Dragon Taming Palms”…

Therefore, this was a standard example of selling mutton as dog meat. But luckily, the contents of the secret manuals were all real, definitely not some scam.

In this Martial Arts-type dimension, some people would definitely be able to tell its true value.

“Hehe, we need money.” Hong Dali grinned and said, “So we need a means of making money, right? Gambling isn’t reliable. Also, think about it. If we borrow money to gamble, how will Brother Hu think of us if he knows of this?”

What he said was reasonable. Even though with his luck, he would only win and not lose, he would still give people the impression that he was a gambling addict, which no one would like. In this unfamiliar place, it was better to avoid such a thing from happening.

“True, you’re indeed quite thoughtful.” The Goddess of Wisdom nodded and looked at the five secret manuals, then curiously asked, “The first four are still okay, but what do you intend to name the fifth one?”

“This one?” Hong Dali picked up the secret manual that didn’t have any words in it, smiled, and said, “This is the most important one—I’m not going to write anything in this one!”

“Huh? Not write anything?” The Goddess of Wisdom was dazed for a while, not sure what he was thinking, and asked, “So you’re not selling this one?”

“Definitely not selling this one.” Hong Dali laughed loudly and said, “This is called the ‘Wordless Heavenly Book’, it’s our most important treasure. Hehe, you will know what I mean soon. We shall go and sell the secret manuals tomorrow morning. I reckon that it won’t be a problem to sell these secret manuals for five or six hundred taels.”

“Five… Five or six hundred taels?” The Goddess of Wisdom’s eyes opened wide. “These plain books were only bought for one tael, but you are going to sell them for a few hundred taels after just casually writing something in it?” She wasn’t stupid, she already roughly knew the value of five or six hundred taels of silver in this world—the most crucial thing was, the cost was really too low…

“Hehe, that’s for sure.” Hong Dali nodded proudly and said, “Just wait and see.”

Therefore, at night, the Goddess of Wisdom slept on the bed, Hong Dali slept on the floor, and the night passed.

Early the next day, Hong Dali had already told Hu Ziming that he would be bringing his wife out to buy some necessities and needed about two hours or so. Hu Ziming agreed very straightforwardly. After all, the destination was already very close, and there were many pugilists in this place now. Most of them were planning to form groups and go together, so there wasn’t too much of a rush.

After leaving the inn, Hong Dali brought the Goddess of Wisdom to the most crowded street in town. This street was about 20 meters or so wide and filled with people, and quite a lot of them carried weapons—they were obviously from the Pugilistic World.

Hong Dali directly placed the secret manuals, excluding the Wordless Heavenly Book, onto the floor, then shouted, “Come and take a look, I’m selling secret manuals wholesale now. Don’t miss it!”

Selling secret manuals wholesale!

Upon hearing this, those pugilists instantly crowded around Hong Dali.

In this world, the more advanced martial arts were all unique, meaning that it wouldn’t be easily taught to others. If they wanted to learn martial arts from another sect, they would need to spend a lot of gold in exchange. Also, they would still require the other party to be willing to do the exchange too. None of them would be like Hong Dali, directly selling the secret manuals like this.

Therefore, once Hong Dali shouted this, many people gathered around to spectate, gathering about 200 people or so in less than two minutes.

Whether they would buy the secret manual was one thing, but since there was an interesting show to watch, the crowd would definitely not miss it.

“Hey, kid, are your secret manuals real or fake? You’re actually directly selling them like this?” A bold person squeezed out from the crowd, looked at Hong Dali, and asked, “This is really the first time I see someone sell secret manuals like this. Are you going to show us a move or two to prove that your secret manuals are real?”

The crowd all nodded.

“Hehe, greetings to you, old brother.” Hong Dali looked at that person, smiled, and said in a voice that loud enough that everyone could hear, “My wife and I came out of the mountains to venture around and accidentally lost our money. We really have no other choice, so we can only sell secret manuals to make some money. As for these secret manuals, I don’t mean to say that they are Peerless Martial Arts, each secret manual also only have one move, and it was drawn by me personally yesterday. As for whether it will work or not, that will require you guys to see for yourselves.”

It didn’t matter that it only had one move or not, but the most crucial thing was that the secret manuals were actually drawn by the seller himself? That was interesting. Everyone was amused and another person said, “Then, how can we know whether your secret manuals work or not?”

“You can come and spar with me and see for yourself. That solves the problem, right?” Hong Dali grinned and replied.

Oh wow, he really intends to spar! The crowd all stepped a few steps back in unison, leaving a large space in the middle. The previous bold person walked up first and cupped his fists towards Hong Dali, then said, “I shall test first. Little brother, here I come!”

At this moment, the crowd was mainly just watching the show. Some of the people in the crowd softly discussed, “This person is Jiang Lixue, ranked 58 on the Pugilistic World’s Dragon Potential List. His Dragon Palm is quite well-practiced, this little brother is probably going to get hurt.”

“Yup, Jiang Lixue’s martial art isn’t lousy. He trained it through fighting with other pugilists. This little brother probably really lacks money, but I reckon he isn’t very strong.”

Hong Dali wasn’t scared at all. He had already tested some stuff on the mountain, including the System’s skill, Second Gear. It didn’t have the original effect of enhancing his power by 50 times now, only five times. But the benefit was that there wasn’t any expense now, he could use it as much as he wished to.

With Second Gear as a backup, he naturally didn’t need to be afraid and directly walked into the empty space. Then, he smiled and said, “Since you wish to test it, I shall comply with you.”

He took out the empty book and took a lot into it, at the same time saying, “I can take your life by just learning one move in this book.”

He looked for a while more, then nodded and said, “This is enough.” Then, he threw the Wordless Heavenly Book to the Goddess of Wisdom who was watching the show quietly and said, “Wife, keep it carefully!”

Then, he instantly became a rush of wind and appeared behind Jiang Lixue in the blink of an eye. With a push of his palm, he sent Jiang Lixue flying into the air. Jiang Lixue’s body flew for five to six meters before someone caught him, preventing him from landing face-first.

Everyone was shocked!

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