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«Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 1152: Dali Creates Miracles!

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Chapter 1152: Dali Creates Miracles!

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“Cough, cough. Dali.” Dean Fergos couldn’t watch on anymore and said, “This is the Astral Genius Battle, not holidaying at the beach. Don’t you think that there are too many women in your group…”

“Too many?” Hong Dali looked around at his group and said, “I still find it too little…”

The other students instantly objected. “Hong Dali, we know that you are powerful, but aren’t you taking this matter too lightly?”

“That’s right, most of them are women, are you people going inside for sightseeing?”

“Don’t drag us down with you. If we can’t obtain a good position because of you, it will be all your fault!”

Seeing this, Gu Feifei clenched her fist and said, “You people just do your job as pawns and that will be enough. Don’t take so much crap. If not, don’t blame me for not showing respect to you people!”

Hearing her said this, the others all didn’t dare to speak anymore…

Li Yang raised his eyebrow towards Levis and softly said, “Brother Levis, looks like they don’t have much confidence in us.”

“I hope that we can meet people who can put up a fight.” Levis shrugged nonchalantly and said, “Since it’s in the virtual world, I can use my full power. If not, I will still have some concerns if it was in the real world.”

Fergos pressed down his hand in the air and said, “Alright, everyone, quiet down. Since Dali thinks there isn’t any problem, it shall be decided then. All of you go make your preparations, I shall see you all in the virtual world five minutes later.”

Therefore, everyone all went back to their rooms to prepare.

“Big Bro Dali.” While Hong Dali was preparing in his room, a knocking came from the door and Hua Xiangyu’s voice sounded. “I heard that you are going to participate in the Astral Genius Battle, how are your preparations going? Can I come in?”

“I’m almost done.” Hong Dali finished dressing and opened the door. “Come on in.”

“Big Bro Dali… Huh?” Hua Xiangyu walked in, but when she saw Hong Dali, she was instantly astonished. “Big Bro Dali, you, you are going to wear this in the competition!?”

It was no wonder that she was so surprised, this fellow Hong Dali didn’t wear any equipment, just normal clothes—he directly copied what Stephen Chow wore in the God of Gamblers, dressed in a black suit and black pants, a white scarf on his neck, plus a black trench coat on the outside.

His hair was combed backward till it was shiny, the type where even a mosquito would break its leg if it tried to stand on his hair, and a cigar was hanging from his mouth. He was wearing black leather shoes too. His overall appearance could only be described with one word—cool!

“Not bad, right?” Hong Dali was quite satisfied with himself. “I considered for a long while and I still think this is the most fitting of my identity.” Saying so, he turned around and a few large white words could be seen on the trench coat: “Dali Creates Miracles!”

Hua Xiangyu’s mouth opened into an “O” shape, her eyes wide open, and in the end, could only numbly said, “Still… still okay…”

“Good.” Hong Dali snapped his finger and said, “I shall wear this then!”

“Then, then Big Bro Dali, I wish you good luck.” Hua Xiangyu smiled and walked out as if she was sleepwalking. “I shall go back now…”

Therefore, he entered the virtual world like this.

Dean Fergos was already waiting inside the exclusive virtual world that belonged to Shenglong Star.

Exclusive virtual worlds were a special type of existence in the virtual world. Simply put, it was akin to the dungeons in a game, only people from Shenglong Star could enter this place. Outsiders wouldn’t be able to enter no matter what.

After all, not everyone was qualified to watch the Astral Genius Battle.

Very quickly, the 10,000 people were gathered here. When Hong Dali, Gu Feifei, and the lackeys appeared, all of the participants opened their mouths wide…

This Hong Dali is really too much of a rascal, isn’t he!? This is the Astral Genius Battle! He’s going to wear that in the competition!?

Yet, this Hong Dali even continuously waved his hand to the others when he stood in the crowd, causing everyone to drop their jaws from shock…

“Cough, cough.” Fergos almost had blood rushing to his head from anger and coughed violently. After he finally pressed down his desire to beat Hong Dali into a pighead, he loudly announced the rules. “Okay, everyone. Since all of you are here, I shall announce the details now.

“Currently, there are a total of 10,062 participants for this time’s competition. This number is one of the highest in the past few hundred years, and all of us are very excited. After all, the more participants there are, the stronger the team that obtains the final victory.

“And for this time’s competition, we promise that everything will be held under fair conditions.

“The age of the participants is from 18 to 24, definitely no one that’s older than that will be able to smuggle in. All of you can be assured of this.”

Genius war, what could be called a genius? Only those that were young and talented were worthy of being called a genius. If someone that was already 40 plus or something smuggled in, this would definitely be unfair to the other students. Therefore, they were very strict in checking their ages.

Fergos continued, “To make sure the fairness of the competition is ensured, all of your information here will be the same as that in the virtual world. Therefore, all of you can do your best for your team.

“This time’s genius war is split into two stages.

“For the first stage, only 10 out of 100 teams will remain.

“For the second stage, the top three will be decided from the remaining 10, then they will compete for first, second, and third placing.

“The team in the first place will obtain a reward of five billion Astral Dollars. The second two billion, the third one billion. As for the fourth to tenth placing, the reward is 100 million. 11th to 100th will have a reward of 10 million each.”

This was the reward for the Astral Genius Battle. Five billion for first place was definitely not a small amount. It was enough to cause people to go crazy. “Five billion! That’s so much money. Even if split amongst one team, everyone will be able to obtain tens of millions!”

“That’s right. Five billion, and this is only the money reward. As for the experiences that we can gain through the battles, that’s even more valuable!”

Yup, all of them were very excited. Of course, Hong Dali was an exception…

As expected, seeing how happy they were, Hong Dali decisively poured cold water onto them. “Only so little money…”

Everyone broke down mentally.

Yup, they couldn’t compare with Hong Dali in terms of economic power. If not, they would definitely break down.

Fergos pressed down the air with his hand. After everyone became quiet, he continued, “All of you only have one life. It’s over if you die. Everyone time you kill one normal participant, you will gain one part. Chosen Ones are worth 100 points. The more you kill, the more points you will gain. If you get killed by others, half of the points you have will be transferred to the person who kills you, the other half will be erased.

“The first stage will end when only 10 teams are left. We will calculate your ranking according to the number of points each member of the team has.”

Each time the Astral Genius Battle was held, the participants would all go crazy!

So many people fighting it out on a map, killing people and also being careful of being killed. In such a competition, all of them would need to focus their attention at all times.

And because of this point system, no teams would be willing to let even the weakest member of their team die.

Because that would mean giving points to others.

“This genius war is quite violent.” Hong Dali touched his nose and muttered, “This is going to be another massacre.”

“Only 10 teams will be left out of 100.” Gu Feifei excited licked her lips and said, “This time, I can kill to my heart’s desire. Let’s see who will be blind enough to come to seek my trouble, hehe.”

Only 10 teams could remain, this would cause everyone to kill others madly. It would become a world of blood and corpses.

It would definitely be very crazy.

“All of you watch carefully.” The various family chiefs had brought the young geniuses in their family here to watch the competition. “This is a very rare chance, each of their fights will enable you guys to gain valuable experience! Every minute the ranking board will update the points. The higher they are ranked, the more powerful they are!

“Especially those young geniuses from our Shenglong Star. If any of them perform well, all of you must remember them so that you won’t offend them unnecessarily! Because such a person is very likely to become a powerful figure in the future!”

The various teachers from the different Astral realms were also lecturing their students. “Everyone, perform to your utmost potential! Because all of you are the future elites of our Astral realms, you are all true geniuses, the future pillars that will help our Astral realms to become even stronger in the future!”

“I hope that all of you can do your best and return with good results!”

All of the students were very excited.

The teachers waved their hands and said, “Go. I hope that all of you will be able to gain from this competition!”

“For the glory of our Astral realm!”

All of the students shouted this loudly and then disappeared.

The first stage of the Astral Genius Battle had started!

The virtual world, inside a scene that was just created.

This was a city, not very large, only about 10 plus square kilometers. There were mountains, rivers, trees, flowers and such. Everything looked about the same as a city from Earth.

When he was being teleported, Hong Dali felt his eyes going blur, and after a flash of white light, he could finally see clearly his surroundings.

The spot he was at now was inside a spacious house.

A normal living room, there was a sofa, television, bedrooms, and toilets. Looking out from the window, he could see that this was a small villa district. There were about eight or nine other villas nearby, their designs similar looking as well.

“Quite an interesting environment. We are going to battle here?” Hong Dali looked around, then turned his gaze towards the television. “Is this television usable?”

Just as he was thinking of this, Tang Muxin’s voice came from downstairs. “Dali, where are you? Quick, come and gather!”

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