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Chapter 763: Worms (5)

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Qin Yi and Yun Huan were unable to resist Madam Chen’s passionate welcome and could only sit at the dining table and obediently wait.

At the same time, Zheng Rumeng uneasily sat beside them.

Zheng Rumeng was feeling extremely anxious. Her family was right in front of her, but she could not return. This feeling made her heart extremely itchy.

The corner of Qin Yi’s mouth curved upwards, but she maintained an indifferent expression and drank her fruit juice gracefully.

It was a new type of fruit called the butterfly fruit. It had the exterior appearance of a honey peach, but it opened up on both sides like a butterfly. Thus, it was named the butterfly fruit.

Fruits and vegetables were the most precious goods in the apocalypse, and the butterfly fruit was obtained by Chen Che through a great deal of effort…

However, Madam Chen took one out and prepared fruit juice for Qin Yi without any hesitation. This showed how much she liked Qin Yi.

Zheng Rumeng salivated by the side, but she knew of Qin Yi’s coldness and did not dare to ask for some.

She knew Qin Yi would not give her any because she was a selfish woman.

Madam Chen moved quickly and prepared three servings of fragrant minced pork noodles.

Zheng Rumeng’s eyes lit up when she saw the food. Madam Chen was ultimately a kind person and saw Zheng Rumeng as an equal.

Although she did not like the young lady, she sympathized with the girl, knowing about the Zheng family’s situation.

Qin Yi did not stop her and the three ate their meal in peace.

Zheng Rumeng was famished and gorged herself, unlike her delicate and polite past.

She had not had such delicious food in the longest time. In fact, the biscuits that Qin Yi gave her were precious as well, but she was not satisfied since there was better food available.

Qin Yi did not care about her thoughts. The world outside was chaotic and Zheng Rumeng did not dare venture out herself, so she could only return to the guest room Madam Chen unwillingly prepared for her.

“Aunty, you don’t have to care much about her. She schemes a lot, and even if you treat her well, she might see it in the wrong way and think that you are treating her unfairly.”

Qin Yi took out a plate of fruits from her Origin Space and handed it over to Madam Chen.

Fresh cherries, beautiful, red dragon fruit, and many other precious fruits were on the plate. Madam Chen was shocked at the sight.

These were goods that could only be discovered, not sought, but looked to be extremely simple in the young lady’s hands. This made Madam Chen even happier.

Ah Huan had found such a terrific partner. She was at ease now.

Madam Chen did not stand on ceremony, as women love to eat fruits.

“I got it. I pity her slightly, as the Zheng family is too heartless.”

But she was also not ready to get involved. She could see it as well, the girl did not even say a word of thanks and walked away after patting her stomach. She even grumbled that she had too little minced meat.

Qin Yi poured two cups of fruit juice for Yun Huan and Madam Chen as she spoke, “The Zheng family’s matters are not related to us. Aunty, you have to be wary of some people.”

None of the Zheng family members were good people. Although Qin Yi herself was nowhere a saint, they smiled and hid daggers and their intentions were evil. Most importantly was that no one knew when they would backstab you.

Needless to say, her information came from her memories of her past life.

Madam Chen laughed and blinked charmingly at Qin Yi, “I got it, the Zheng family and Chen family are also only on friendly terms due to reputation.”

Qin Yi laughed as well. Her rosy lips looked to be drawn with lipstick and were extremely beautiful.

Madam Chen’s heart went soft. She always wanted a beautiful and responsible daughter. Unfortunately, her last child was a disobedient brat and Yun Huan was a boy.

At this moment, Madam Chen treated Qin Yi as her own daughter.


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