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«Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor! (Web Novel) - Chapter 706: Shi Tian (11)

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Chapter 706: Shi Tian (11)

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Qin Yi took a closer look and found that it was the only soft area on the Shi Tian beast’s body, covered by its white fur.

That seemed like a demon’s pocket.

Jun Moli followed Qin Yi’s gaze, seeming to know what was on her mind. He explained with any hurry, “Every Shi Tian beast has its own place of happiness. It could also be called ‘space.’ That is the Shi Tian beast’s space. I think that this chap wants to bribe you.”

For some reason, Qin Yi felt that this guy was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

The corners of Qin Yi’s mouth rose slightly, and she casually asked, “Is that so? But if I give this chap all the good stuff, Qingge will have nothing to eat. But it can’t be helped ah. I think Qingge would understand.”

Yun Huan’s black hair flew in the wind slightly, and he stood by his wife’s side without hesitation.

“Oh, I’m afraid this chap has quite a big appetite, but don’t worry. I still have some food at my base.”

Jun Moli, who originally didn’t react after listening to Qin Yi’s words, suddenly froze. He thought about his wife’s lioness roar and shuddered.

At first, he had a well thought out plan in place; if Qin Yi was unwilling, he could still get Yun Huan to help since Yun Huan was a good cook too.

But he forgot that this guy was a henpecked husband.

With that thought, Jun Moli looked at Yun Huan with some contempt—such a tall and powerful man was actually a henpecked husband.

A certain someone completely forgot that he was more of a henpecked husband than Yun Huan was.

Yun Huan obviously saw the way Jun Moli was looking at him, but he didn’t care at all. So what if he was a henpecked husband? Whenever he thought about the person he was pampering, Qiqi, his entire heart melted.

Jun Moli cleared his throat a few times, then said, “Just take it, since it gave it to you. Shi Tian loves meat and hates vegetables the most. Of course, its favorite is chicken. If it eats a delicious chicken, you can request something from the Shi Tian beast.”

Qin Yi knew that this person wasn’t telling her everything. He was petty, so he might just be taking revenge because Feng Qingge was nicer to her than him.


“Any request?” Qin Yi asked.

Jun Moli nodded and stopped talking.

Over at this side, the Shi Tian beast was finally done fishing things out from its pocket. Qin Yi looked, almost blinded by the flash. The entire ground was covered in gold jewels, crystals, and medicine.

“Ao, ao.”

The Shi Tian beast pushed everything around it to Qin Yi, its big eyes full of fawning adoration.

Shi Tian beasts were not afraid of heaven and earth, only respecting one kind of person: someone who was a good cook.

However, they didn’t like all good cooks. They only liked the mood in the food.

Qin Yi was the perfect example. Her cooking was great, but there were better cooks than her. The Shi Tian beast had lived a very long time, so it encountered cooks who were better than her, but the food that Qin Yi cooked gave it a warm feeling.

It felt like home.

So this person deserved its respect.

With that thought, the Shi Tian beast looked at Qin Yi affectionately.

Shi Tian beasts didn’t find it weird, but outsiders thought that its expression was really strange. Could you imagine? A ferocious Shi Tian beast looking at a beautiful woman with admiration.

Seriously, it was an indescribable feeling.

Qin Yi was simply glad that she knew how to control the Shi Tian beast.

Wang Wenwen and the others calmed down, but Dr. Lin was anxious.

“Shi Tian, don’t forget that we’re one body right now.”

Dr. Lin’s voice was somewhat stern and sharp.

His genes had been fused with those of the Shi Tian beast at a very young age.


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