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«Realms In The Firmament (Web Novel) - Chapter 1599: In Front of the Hall of Life and Death

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Chapter 1599: In Front of the Hall of Life and Death

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Master Xiao immediately freaked out when he heard the news!

He couldn’t believe that he had been fooled and teased like that! He had almost been broken down by Ye Xiao’s insult!

It turned out Ye Xiao was not the descendant of the Great Ye Clan at all!

It turned out he had nothing to do with the Heaven’s Leaf!

‘Was it just my imagination? Did I think too much and got myself lost in that f*cking lie?

‘Did I scare myself to death?

‘I scared myself like hell! I stayed low, and talked to him humbly! I humiliated myself because of the fear that I imagined in my head! I apologized to him! I accepted the price he made! I awkwardly fled away because of the fear!

‘What the… What did I do? What was that? There is no good way to describe the humiliation! I am so f*cking angry right now!’

That was the worst thing in Master Xiao’s life—to bear the memory of the humiliation for the rest of his life.

Master Xiao thought of himself as a fool, who had been deceived and insulted like that.

“Ye Xiao, I swear I am going to kill you or I will kill myself!” After making sure the news was true, Master Xiao made the vow.

However, the comparison did hurt. Master Xiao thought it was the worst in his life to suffer that humiliation, but what was going to happen would give him a different lesson. He was going to face an even more terrible insult, which made him hate Ye Xiao a lot more than ever.

Master Xiao didn’t hesitate. He seized every second to return to the City of Chaos!

He had gone too far from the City of Chaos, so it took him over one month to make it back to the city. Finally, he made it back.

As soon as he arrived, he went to the Monarch’s Hall. He didn’t even take a rest before he broke in the Monarch’s Hall and shouted Ye Xiao’s name.

Ye Xiao frowned when he heard the angry shout.

Master Xiao had left but now was back with a few men with him… Ye Xiao wondered what he wanted to do.

Shui Zhongliu and Shui Zhongtian followed Master Xiao back this time, and there were two other cultivators. They all looked pretty angry, but as they looked at the magical fortress of trees, they were stunned.

‘Is this real?’

Master Xiao and the Shui brothers were especially shocked because they had been here about one month earlier. The fortress of trees had not been as magnificent as it was.

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed blazingly. He immediately gave the order. “Open the door. Let’s meet Master Xiao again.”

He sounded cold, as if there was frost coming out from his voice. There was a depressing emotion in his heart that was going to vent out at any second.

There was a green light shining.

A gate appeared in front of the Hall of Life and Death. The doors were opening, and the rolling spiritual qi was bursting out.

The gate was about thirty feet away from where Master Xiao stood.

It was right in front of him.

Master Xiao was shocked. He thought that was an empty place, but suddenly, a magical gate appeared. It was weird and surprising.

As the doors opened, several men walked out.

The man in the middle looked like a noble-born young lord, whose face looked cold. It was Ye Xiao.

Two men stood beside him. Bu Xiangfeng was on the left, while Meng Youjiang was on the right. Two other men stood behind him, the Dark Evil Spirit and Bai Long.

Master Xiao had four men with him, and Ye Xiao had four men as well.

Ye Xiao coldly stared at Master Xiao and said, “What is it that you want, Master Xiao? Why are you shouting in my place? That is rude. You should learn how to be an honorable guest! Do you come to be an unwelcomed man again?”

“Ye Xiao! How dare you? How could you even say these words?” Master Xiao spoke loudly with sadness and anger, “You filthy liar! You lied to me!”


Ye Xiao blandly said. His eyes suddenly blazed up in anger.

Master Xiao had irritated Ye Xiao by calling him a liar!

Ye Xiao hated it when people called him a liar.

‘I am a liar? What did I lie?’

Ye Xiao half closed his eyes, and there was cold lights flashed in his eyes. He blandly said, “Master Xiao. I don’t understand. What did I say to lie to you? Did I trick you for money? Or your body? What loss have you suffered from me? Physically or mentally?”

Master Xiao was shaking. His handsome face turned green. “You actually deny it! How could you? You hurt me, both physically and mentally!”

Ye Xiao spoke in a deep voice, “Master Xiao, you should be careful. I have three ladies, and I don’t like men. No matter what you say, I won’t accept you. It is never going to happen…”

Master Xiao was surprised. Apparently, he didn’t expect Ye Xiao would say so. However, it looked exactly like a man refusing another man’s desperate pursuit…

The others all knew what was really happening, but it was just embarrassing like some love story between two men…

Master Xiao was shocked, and then he noticed the weird look on the other’s faces. He said, “Ye Xiao, you are a bastard! What the hell are you talking about? You…”

Ye Xiao laughed and said, “Master Xiao, calm down. I am not such a man who escapes the responsibility. However, I will never admit something that I haven’t done. You are good at blowing your thing, but I don’t really like it… I never enjoyed your technique. You know it is the truth. I am not lying!”

Ye Xiao was apparently much more adept at cunning schemes. Master Xiao had irritated him, so he must take revenge. He always took revenge!

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