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«Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years (Web Novel) - Chapter 704: The Real Purpose of Emperor Wu (2)

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Chapter 704: The Real Purpose of Emperor Wu (2)

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Of course, at that time, this universe would enter a low point. The overall strength would not be as strong as when it was at its peak, but it would also be far stronger than before. And now that this universe was in the stage of continuous strengthening, the Great Dao laws were at the peak of their strength. The newly created law was naturally at its strongest state.

In this way, it was naturally effective.

“I order this universe to form a new law. As long as any Heaven Pass Realm experts from the Primordial World enter this universe, their realm will directly fall to the Peak Dao Heaven Realm.”

This was the law set by Cui Heng. At this moment, it had already become the iron law of this universe.

Feng Sheng was incomparably horrified to discover that under the influence of this law, his realm was falling at an unbelievable speed.

In just a breath, he fell from the realm of an Invincible Immortal King to the Peak Immortal King realm. In less than a breath, he became a Top Immortal King.

Immediately after, he became an Ordinary Immortal King.

In the next moment, his Immortal King Fruit shattered and disappeared.

At the same time, all his comprehension of the Heaven Pass Realm disappeared from his mind, as if he had never reached that realm.

At this moment, Feng Sheng had already followed the law created by Cui Heng. His cultivation realm had fallen to the Peak Dao Heaven Realm, equivalent to an Immortal Monarch of the Primordial World or an Ancient King of the Immeasurable Universe.

Moreover, this was a drop in realm, not a suppression of realm.

Even if Feng Sheng left this universe, it was impossible to change it, nor could he return to his previous cultivation level.

Such a sudden change brought about an extremely huge mental impact. No one could accept it.

Even though Cui Heng had already released the shackles, Feng Sheng still stood on the spot in a daze. His face was pale, as if he had lost his soul, and his eyes had become empty.

Even Venerable Master Jiu, who was standing beside Cui Heng, felt his limbs turn cold and his entire body shivered. He looked at Feng Sheng not far away in extreme shock, and his heart was already in turmoil.

“He really dropped to the Dao Heaven Realm, he really dropped!” Venerable Master Jiu shouted crazily in his heart. “I just felt that the Great Dao laws of this universe were strengthened countless times in an instant!

“How did he strengthen the entire universe to such a level in such a short period of time? He actually has such methods. Is this something a Quasi Immortal Emperor can do?!”

As a Cabinet Member of the Chaos Heaven Assembly, an existence comparable to an Invincible Immortal King, his knowledge could not be said to be lacking. He knew many secrets. He knew a lot about the cultivation methods of the Chaos Heaven and the Primordial World.

However, he had never seen or heard of such an unbelievable technique like Cui Heng’s. He had never even thought about it.

It was simply unbelievable!

In fact, Juntian, who had not come here, was even more shocked than Venerable Master Jiu. As the original Heaven’s Will of this universe, he knew very well how much stronger this universe had become.

This was a strength he had never imagined!

“What realm is Immortal Cui Heng at!” Juntian was shocked and glad. “Fortunately, I quickly recognized the situation back then. Otherwise, my body and soul would probably have been destroyed by now.”

However, after the initial extreme shock, he also began to fulfill his duty as Cui Heng’s servant and the will of the universe—

He wanted to repair the damaged parts of this universe.

The destructive power that filled every corner of the universe was quickly erased by Juntian. The blood-colored river that crossed the starry sky dissipated, and countless spatial cracks were quickly repaired.

Countless living beings saw this sign of self-repair. To them, this meant that the calamity that had almost descended had been eliminated. They all heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, Cui Heng woke Feng Sheng up and brought him back to the Immortal Land in the Silver Disc Star Sea.

Although he still did not apply any shackles on Feng Sheng this time, Feng Sheng did not dare to have any thoughts related to escaping.

Facing such an unbelievably powerful existence, it was definitely impossible to escape.

However, Feng Sheng was not completely in despair. After waking up from his extreme shock, he thought of the only way he could escape.

“Now, I only have one way out, and that is to attract him to spy on my past as much as possible. This way, it might alarm Master and even Ancestral Grandmaster.”

In Feng Sheng’s opinion, the power Cui Heng displayed was so powerful that he had definitely left the scope of an Invincible Immortal King and reached the peak of the Heaven Pass Realm. He was a Quasi Immortal Emperor.

A Quasi Immortal Emperor could clearly kill him directly, but he went through so much trouble to create a new law and caused him to fall in realm. He definitely had other motives.

He most likely wanted to learn the secrets of the Primordial World from him.

To a Quasi Immortal Emperor, there was no need to search a person’s soul to obtain all kinds of information. He only needed to pry into their past through the River of Time.

However, in the process of prying into the past, it was possible to accidentally spy on Emperor Wu who had left traces in his past experiences and even the teachers of Emperor Wu.

Quasi Immortal Emperors had already touched the mysteries of time and could spy on the past. Immortal Emperors could even directly attack through space and time.

If someone spied on them in the River of Time, they would definitely be discovered.

As long as they sensed the abnormality in the past, they would immediately know that something had happened to him and would save him.

“This is the only way for me to escape, but how can I lure him to spy on my past?” Feng Sheng fell into deep thought, but his expression was still dull. At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly asked him, “Do you think if I directly spy on your past experiences, it will alarm some Quasi Immortal Emperors or even Immortal Emperors?”

“…” Feng Sheng immediately fell silent and was speechless. For a moment, he did not know what to say.

“I plan to try.” Cui Heng smiled.

“…” Feng Sheng was even more stunned when he heard this, but he was pleasantly surprised.

Then, he saw Cui Heng’s eyes glow with a bright silver light, as if he could see through time and see all the secrets in the past.

This was spying on the past!

At a level that Feng Sheng could not detect, Cui Heng used the Eon Light Evasion technique and fused his existence into the River of Time, completely hiding himself.

With his current cultivation progress in the Eon Light Evasion technique, he would be discovered if he directly spied on the past of a Quasi Immortal Emperor. However, he would only sbe spying on the past of an Invincible Immortal King and would not be discovered by the past Quasi Immortal Emperors or Immortal Emperors.

Moreover, when prying into the past, he had touched on events related to the Quasi Immortal Emperor Realm and even Immortal Emperor Realm. It could deepen his comprehension of the Dao of Time and his understanding of the Eon Light Evasion technique.

In fact, Cui Heng still hoped to see a few more Quasi Immortal Emperors or Immortal Emperors during this investigation.

In that case, his cultivation speed might increase greatly. He could directly spy on the past of Quasi Immortal Emperors and not have to worry about being discovered.

Unfortunately, what Feng Sheng had expected would never happen.

Taiwu Mountain, Wu Imperial Palace.

Another disciple of Emperor Wu rushed over after hearing about Feng Sheng’s actions.

His name was Yan Qing, and he was also an Invincible Immortal King.

“Master, there’s something I don’t understand.” After Yan Qing saw Emperor Wu, he went straight to the point and asked, “Why did you only send Junior Brother Feng to destroy the Heaven’s Will that has grasped the power of Heaven Heart Mist?

Chaos Heaven has already sent someone to that universe. Perhaps they’ve already informed the Heaven’s Wills that has grasped the power of Heaven Heart Light. Perhaps there’s already a Quasi Immortal Emperor in that universe.”

He was one of the earliest disciples to follow Emperor Wu. He had followed Emperor Wu before he even stepped into the Heaven Pass Realm. They had an extremely good relationship, so he dared to ask this.

Emperor Wu smiled and said meaningfully, “What I want is for a Heaven’s Will or a Quasi Immortal Emperor to appear.”

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