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«Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years (Web Novel) - Chapter 701: Grand Seal Immortal Sky Net, A Brand New Law

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Chapter 701: Grand Seal Immortal Sky Net, A Brand New Law

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The phenomenon caused by Feng Sheng forcefully entering this universe was different from the phenomenon caused by Cui Heng’s descent.

As the entire universe trembled, various stars exploded and Star Seas shattered.

At this moment, the vast starry sky was filled with destruction. It did not look the same as when it was receiving Cui Heng when he descended.

Even the phenomena that appeared in the void was incomparably terrifying.

Blood-colored rivers crossed the starry skies, as if the entire universe had been slashed with incomparably huge wounds.

At the same time, in countless worlds, on countless living stars, there were also special places like the Heaven Realm and Immortal Land. One could see a blood-colored river flowing in the sky.

The sky that flowed through the blood-colored river also began to crack inch by inch. Black spatial cracks spread out from the “river”, causing the entire sky to split into pieces.

If one walked among the starry skies of the universe and had a higher perspective, they could even see incomparably huge blood-colored rivers crossing tens of billions of light years and swallowing countless Star Seas.

At this moment, the entire universe seemed to have entered the final moment of destruction.

Countless cultivators felt extreme despair in their hearts. They could feel the world wailing, the Great Dao wailing, as if the final apocalypse had arrived and everything would be destroyed.

At a level that most living beings could not sense, Feng Sheng released an extremely powerful dark yellow light that actually enveloped the outermost layer of the entire universe.

If one looked down at this universe from the Chaos Sea, they would be able to see a gigantic dark yellow net completely enveloping this “light ball”, sealing all possibilities of leaving.

This also meant that from this moment on, this universe was in a state where nothing could enter or leave. It was impossible for anything to come out of the interior of this universe, nor could anyone enter from the outside.

Unless they had power that was powerful enough to destroy this Black Yellow Net.

However, in reality, it was almost impossible to destroy this Black Yellow Net.

This huge net was a supreme treasure bestowed by Emperor Wu to Feng Sheng, the “Grand Seal Immortal Sky Net”. It could seal any universe. It was impossible for anyone below the Immortal Emperor realm to break through its seal.

And existences at the Quasi Immortal Emperor realm usually would not face Feng Sheng’s attacks.

In the past long years, Feng Sheng had used this net to seal off many universes and finally completed his missions perfectly.

This time, he had the same plan.

In order to completely kill the Heaven’s Will that had grasped the power of Heaven Heart Mist, the first thing he had to do was seal off this universe to prevent the Heaven’s Will from escaping.

However, because the principle of this huge net was to attach to the universe’s Black Yellow membrane and seal it, and there was also a layer of Primordial Inner World outside the black and yellow membrane, the huge net would only be able to be opened and used after entering the universe.

This was also the reason why he chose to attack after entering this universe and not from afar.

To ensure that the operation was safe and foolproof!

At the same time that Feng Sheng descended, Cui Heng had already brought Venerable Master Jiu into the starry sky.

Cui Heng was rather happy with the sudden arrival of an Invincible Immortal King.

Previously, through investigating the past of Juntian, he had learned that Invincible Immortal Kings could completely destroy a universe with their own strength. They were incomparably powerful.

This made him guess that perhaps Invincible Immortal Kings already had strength that was not inferior to the Early-stage Return to Void Realm.

However, guesses were only guesses in the end. He had never seen an Invincible Immortal King attack before, so it was difficult for him to figure out how powerful this realm was.

Although Venerable Master Jiu in front of him had a cultivation realm equivalent to an Invincible Immortal King, Cui Heng had yet to ask for relevant information and did not understand anything about Invincible Immortal Kings.

Moreover, his understanding of Venerable Master Jiu was limited, and he had never seen him attack before. He could not accurately investigate his past.

Of course, Venerable Master Jiu was considered a friend. Before he could confirm if an Invincible Immortal King had touched the mysteries of time, Cui Heng would not investigate his past.

After all, prying into the past was him taking the initiative to investigate the scenes of the past reflected by the River of Time. With his current cultivation of the Eon Light Evasion spell, he could not hide himself in such a situation.

If an Invincible Immortal King had already come into contact with the wonders of time, this act of investigating his past would be discovered. Even if Venerable Master Jiu did not say it on the surface, he would definitely be unhappy in his heart.

Cui Heng naturally would not lose a friend for no reason and possibly gain another enemy.

However, this also made it impossible for him to accurately determine the strength of an Invincible Immortal King, so it was naturally even more impossible for him to determine the strength of a Quasi Immortal Emperor or even an Immortal Emperor.

This was a very dangerous situation.

Therefore, in Cui Heng’s opinion, it was best if he could come into contact with an Invincible Immortal King first. Through understanding the past of this Invincible Immortal King, he could pry into the strength of the Quasi Immortal Emperors and Immortal Emperors.

This was a relatively safe method.

After all, from Juntian’s past experience, Invincible Immortal Kings were powerful, but they were most likely at the Early-stage Return to Void Realm. With his current strength, he could still deal with them.

If they could not control something as miraculous as time, they might only be equivalent to the Peak Soul Formation realm. Then, they would be even less of a threat.

Of course, when he really had to face an Invincible Immortal King, he still had to maintain the necessary caution. He could not let his guard down because of this.

In order to avoid any accidents, Cui Heng specially called Venerable Master Jiu along.

With such an expert comparable to an Invincible Immortal King around, it should be much safer no matter what.

However, in Venerable Master Jiu’s opinion, Cui Heng’s actions had another meaning.

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