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«Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years (Web Novel) - Chapter 700: Taiwu Mountain, The Arrival of an Invincible Immortal King! (2)

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Chapter 700: Taiwu Mountain, The Arrival of an Invincible Immortal King! (2)

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“Emperor Wu, the Myriad Heavens Palace is under my supervision. Now that such a thing has happened, I can’t absolve myself of the blame.” At this moment, Cheng Shang stood up and took the initiative to kowtow and beg for forgiveness. “There’s no hurry to admit your punishment.” Emperor Wu shook his head gently and waved his hand. “It’s not an overly troublesome matter. Since there’s a problem with the Heaven’s Will in that universe, we can just send someone over and destroy that universe.”

He spoke casually, as if he was talking about something very ordinary.

It was as if what was about to be destroyed was only an ant nest, not a vast universe with endless living beings and countless planets.

“You mean…” Immortal King Wujue could not help but ask.

“Feng Sheng!” The Martial Emperor suddenly called out a person’s name and interrupted Immortal King Wujue.

In the next moment, a breeze blew over from the Taiwu Mountain and condensed into a figure in front of Emperor Wu.

This was a young man in red clothes with a long saber at his waist. His name was Feng Sheng, and he was an Invincible Immortal King and one of the disciples of Emperor Wu.

However, his temperament was completely different from that of Emperor Wu. He looked fierce, like an incomparably sharp sword that could kill all enemies.

Feng Sheng cupped his hands and bowed. He said in a low voice, “Disciple is here. Master, what instructions do you have?”

“Follow Wujue to the Myriad Heavens Palace,” Emperor Wu said to Feng Sheng. “You know the situation just now. Go and destroy that universe.”

“Yes, Master!” Feng Sheng nodded and bowed very solemnly. “Since it’s a Heaven’s Will that has grasped the power of Heaven Heart Mist, it’s the most important thing. I’ll directly descend into that universe and completely destroy it!”

“Alright.” Emperor Wu nodded slightly and smiled. “You’re an Invincible Immortal King. Your body is already comparable to a universe. It’s not difficult to destroy a universe, but don’t let your guard down. From Cheng Shang’s description just now, the will of that universe shouldn’t be weak.”

“Disciple understands,” Feng Sheng said in a low voice.

“Go,” Emperor Wu said.

Just as the Taiwu Mountain was planning to destroy the universe Cui Heng was in, Immortal Monarch Chonghe had already returned with Venerable Master Jiu and arrived at the Immortal Land in the middle of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

Venerable Master Jiu restrained his aura and hid his aura that was comparable to an Invincible Immortal King, not causing any reaction from this universe.

However, the arrival of such an expert naturally could not be hidden from the Heaven’s Will, Juntian, let alone Cui Heng, an Early-stage Return to Void cultivator.

Therefore, after Venerable Master Jiu stepped into the Immortal Land, Juntian revealed his figure and flew over to welcome him.

He cupped his hands and said with a smile, “This must be Venerable Master Jiu of Chaos Heaven. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m the Heaven’s Will of this universe. My name is Juntian.”

“Chonghe has mentioned Fellow Daoist’s name before.” Venerable Master Jiu nodded slightly and smiled. “Fellow Daoist Juntian, I wonder if Immortal Cui Heng is around now. Can I visit him?”

“Yes, Master specifically asked me to come and receive you.” Juntian nodded and said, “Follow me.”

With that, he flew towards the palace where Cui Heng was with Venerable Master Jiu and Chonghe.

While flying in the sky, Venerable Master Jiu was also observing this world.

His cultivation realm was comparable to an Invincible Immortal King and he was extremely powerful. However, when he flew in this world, he actually felt a little instinctively nervous.

“Is this the aura and pressure of Immortal Cui Heng?”

Venerable Master Jiu was secretly shocked in his heart and thought to himself, “To have such powerful might, he’s probably much stronger than an Invincible Immortal King. Where did he come from?”

Ever since he entered this universe, Venerable Master Jiu had been observing the Great Dao laws of this universe. After coming to this Immortal Land, he had even seen the Great Dao of the Origin of Life in this universe through the laws of the Immortal Land.

According to his past experience, after combining these Great Dao and origins, he came to the conclusion that this universe could at most nurture experts at the Grand Primordium realm. They were equivalent to the Peak Dao Heaven Realm in the Primordial World and could be called Immortal Monarchs.

How could such a powerful existence be born?

With such doubts in their hearts, Venerable Master Jiu and Chonghe arrived in front of Cui Heng’s palace under Juntian’s lead.

Before Juntian could enter to report, the door of the palace slowly opened. A gentle voice came from inside. “Please come in.”

Venerable Master Jiu stopped in his tracks.

In his perception, this voice seemed to have descended from an endless height outside the universe. It was very mysterious.

“I’m afraid only experts who have transcended the universe and look down on the Primordial Chaos Sea have this kind of aura.” Venerable Master Jiu was extremely surprised. “Could it be that this person has already broken through to the Quasi Immortal Emperor realm?”

He could not help but feel even more puzzled.

A moment later, Venerable Master Jiu and Chonghe arrived at the palace and saw this mysterious expert called Cui Heng.

This time, Cui Heng did not deliberately hide his aura, but he was not particularly ostentatious. He only revealed his appearance as an Early-stage Return to Void cultivator.

However, when Venerable Master Jiu saw him, he was still deeply shocked.

His eyes were special, and his perception had always surpassed those of the same realm. On Cui Heng, he saw the unique aura of time that belonged to a Quasi Immortal Emperor and a status that transcended the universe.

Quasi Immortal Emperor!

This was actually a Quasi Immortal Emperor?!

But didn’t Chonghe say that he broke through in this universe?

How did such a simple border universe give birth to an expert of this level?!

Venerable Master Jiu was completely unable to understand and was very shocked in his heart. However, his expression was still the same, and his attitude was much more respectful.

He bowed respectfully to Cui Heng and said, “Wei Jiu, Cabinet Member of the Chaos Heaven Assembly, greets Senior.”

Wei Jiu was his real name, but he had been called Venerable Master Jiu for too long and his name had long been drowned in the long years. He usually only used this name when introducing himself to his seniors.

Immortal Monarch Chonghe, who was standing at the side, was shocked in his heart. He did not expect Venerable Master Jiu’s attitude towards Cui Heng to be so respectful. He thought to himself, “What’s going on? Venerable Master Jiu’s attitude has changed. Could it be… Could Immortal Cui Heng be a Quasi Immortal Emperor?!”

After all, Venerable Master Jiu was already an existence comparable to an Invincible Immortal King. Only a Quasi Immortal Emperor could make him behave so respectfully.

He couldn’t be an Immortal Emperor, right?

This was too exaggerated.

“There’s no need to be so polite.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and smiled. “Since you’re here, you must already know my goal. Shall we get straight to the point?”

“Senior wants to know more about the Primordial World, right?” Venerable Master Jiu planned to confirm again.

“It’s not just the Primordial World. It’s best if I can understand the situation of the Chaos Heaven as well.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “You can decide if you want to explain the information about Chaos Heaven.

Of course, it would be extremely good if you could tell me about your past experiences.”

“Yes, I understand.” Venerable Master Jiu nodded, but he felt even more curious in his heart. He still could not figure out what Immortal Cui Heng wanted to do.

However, at this moment, he suddenly sensed something and turned to look outside. He could not help but exclaim, “Senior, something seems to have happened!”

“Oh.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and was unhurried. The corners of his mouth even curled up slightly as he smiled and said, “An Invincible Immortal King forcefully entered this universe, causing the entire universe to tremble.

Follow me to take a look.”

Feng Sheng had always been swift and decisive.

After arriving at the Myriad Heavens Palace, he immediately found the spatial coordinates of the universe Cui Heng was in and descended.

An Invincible Immortal King’s body was comparable to a large universe. When he suddenly entered such a desolate universe, it immediately triggered a violent resistance from the laws of the universe.

For a moment, the entire universe shook!

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