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«Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 973 The Prediction Was Never Wrong

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Chapter 973 The Prediction Was Never Wrong

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In the far north of Russia, in the midst of a frozen wilderness, a golden pyramidal structure stood tall.

This was a hive hill that had recently popped up in the world, just like several others. However, the difference was that this hive hill had a translucent blue dome covering it completely.

Not only that, but this blue dome also had a missile lying randomly on the frozen ground. No one knew whether this missile was a dead bird or simply one that was resting.

But for the moment, the hive hill and the missile were both dormant, both sleeping soundly.

In the midst of this situation, another new entity appeared. A lone undead made of rotting flesh and bones staggered inside.

And in its hand was a light blue colored marble covered in various markings.

Though the marble gave off a unique aura, the undead causally swung its arms carrying the thing and jogged closer to the hive hill without any care in the world.

And when it finally arrived at the hive hill, its hollow gaze lingered on the golden structure for a moment before the undead lifted its hand and casually tossed the marble at the hive hill.

Its action was as if it was throwing a random stone onto a random beehive, but as for the repercussions…


The moment the marble touched the hive hill, a runic barrier lit up, which was followed by a big explosion. Of course, this alone wasn't enough to do any harm to the runic barrier or to the hive hill.

But things did not stop there. After the first explosion, a series of even bigger explosions followed suit. It was as if the small marble falling into the runic barrier triggered a bunch of ripples that translated into powerful earth-shaking explosions!


Each explosion was bigger than the previous one, and eventually, they began to tear apart everything in sight, including the carefree undead and the majestic hive hill.

Cracking sounds echoed from the hive hill, along with several shrill noises that could only belong to the bizarre creatures inside, but before anything could pop out, the whole space exploded. The blue-colored dome quickly became bright golden in color!

The entire situation snowballed out of hand in a second. All that was left was death and destruction.

"Hmmm… So this works…"

Standing outside the dome, Kouske gazed at the wondrous sight in deep contemplation, his gaze reflecting the bright lights of the explosion.

As far as he could see, everything was blasted apart, so the hive hill and creatures inside should have also died.

It was impossible for anything to survive this explosion, but they still needed to wait and get the confirmation.

This took a while, and eventually, the fireworks came to a halt.

"Fuck yes!" Kouske grinned. The 20 Generals standing beside him also had similar expressions, everyone reveling in the victory of their actions.

"Big brother is big brother. He said that these runic bombs would take care of the problem perfectly, and just like he predicted, everything worked out to the T."

Kouske walked toward the safety zone that was previously a frozen landmass but was now a small lake. He could see some body parts of isons floating, along with some mana cores and some metal chunks.

He immediately closed his eyes and summoned his minions. The next second, a formidable army of hundred undead appeared in front of him.

Each of them was at least level 20, and moreover, they were strong and sturdy.

All the 20 Generals gulped at this sight. They then looked at Kouske as if they were seeing a monster.

Kouske, however, did not really care. He was already used to this sort of treatment. In fact, every time he summoned his impressive army of minions, he got the same reaction.

He arrogantly scoffed and sent his minions to work as they scrambled around and collected everything that was valuable.

This took about an hour or so. The group then returned back to the magic shop victoriously. Kouske immediately rushed over to the Oracle to fill him in on all details. The man as well patiently listened to him.

But unlike everyone else, he was neither happy nor sad. His face was as calm and indifferent as ever.

"Runic bombs to cancel a runic barrier. Interesting. I wonder how we can obtain more knowledge about these runes. It would be to our advantage if we learn this art."

"Yes, Sir." Kouske quickly nodded.

Once again, he was impressed by his big brother. Here he was celebrating the small victory they had over some mere insects while his big brother was already thinking of other, more important things.

This was why he religiously followed him. In this entire world, there wasn't a single soul who could even come close to his big brother.

Kouske exchanged looks with Barrett, and the two of them silently walked over to talk to the other 20 Generals.

A few minutes later, the whole group once again dispersed by using the guild-restricted teleportation portals. The magic shop at the remote corner of the world then returned to its previous empty and deserted state.

Meanwhile, the same was not the case for the rest of the world.

All of a sudden, the entire world was in a huge uproar!

The nightmarish insects and the damned hive hills that were tormenting the entire human population were suddenly disappearing from the backyards.

The entire golden pyramid was simply gone without even a single insect left behind. Completely destroyed and shattered. Bulldozed from the ground up.

Sure, the area around it was decimated, but it was a small price to pay for these abominations to be erased from the surface of the earth!

The world, which was going to be doomed, was once again saved and brought back from the brink of the abyss!

The planet that was just about to be taken over by these hideous insects now once again belonged to humanity!

And the guild responsible for all of this was none other than the United Nations!

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