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«Re: Evolution Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 971 The Prediction Was Wrong?

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Chapter 971 The Prediction Was Wrong?

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"What are you saying?"

"Our nuclear weapons are not working anymore?"

"How could it be possible?"

"But if this is not working, then what are we going to do?"

In a second, the dreadful dangers were completely forgotten, and the entire group became chaotic and erupted into loud discussions.

Even though they were worried about the side effects of using a nuclear weapon, they were only worried that the weapon would become too dangerous in this new world.

No one had expected the weapon to just completely not work at all!

They were completely unprepared for a situation like this. Now, what were they supposed to do? How were they going to deal with these insects that were evolving at an incredible pace?

These monsters were soon going to gobble up the entire world, and no one would be able to do anything about it!

"Oh god! We are doomed!" One official fainted on the spot, collapsing on the floor.

Another one rushed to a fairy nearby and started shaking the fairy's shoulder. "Do something about it. Can't you do something about this!"

A couple more started praying loudly, closing their eyes. Only those who were somewhat calm rushed towards the man who was still sitting calmly in the corner.

However, before they could reach him, two figures flashed and appeared in between them, preventing them from taking another step.

Shhh. Kouske threateningly silenced the bunch of politicians.

But this time, panic gripped these people, and it slightly overpowered the fear they had for Kouske and Barrett or, more importantly, the man who was sitting silently.

"What is happening? Didn't he say that everything would work out? Didn't he say that there was no danger?"

"Yes! What does he have to say about this? Why didn't it work?"

"Come on! Say something! We have a right to know, damn it!"

The group of politicians started demanding the answers that they deserved. They had done a lot for the three people standing in front of them, and they had also reaped a lot of benefits from the three.

However, right now, all of that did not matter. Their life was in danger. Nothing else mattered.

Kouske's face turned cold. If it were up to him, he wouldn't spare a single glance at the low-lives in front of him, but he also couldn't ignore his big brother's words.

These politicians were the faces that everyone recognized and was used to, particularly the military. So it was easier to control the military and the local armed forces using these politicians.

This was pretty much the only reason why these people even had a semblance of power or dignity at the moment. This was also why they were allowed to live a life of ease with various benefits and luxuries that others did not get.

Each of them had big bungalows in posh districts that still remained pristine as if they were untouched by the apocalypse.

They had highly nutritious meat delivered to their doorstep. They had numerous beautiful women serving them in various ways. They had respect and power wherever they went and even a set of high-leveled bodyguards protecting them and their families, even the mistresses.

Kouske absolutely detested these parasites. He was only able to bear with them because he knew that soon things were going to change, and these parasites would no longer be able to enjoy the same privileges.

This was where the 20 Generals came into the picture. They were the top players of the only other S-Ranked guild back in the tutorial game, Battle Gods.

Every single one of these Generals was personally vetted by Kouske, Barrett, and, more importantly, their big brother.

And without the knowledge of these politicians, these Generals were slowly and steadily taking control of the whole guild little by little.

Soon there would be no need for these parasites, and Kouske couldn't wait for this day to come. He detested these kinds of people the most, vermin living out of others' hard work and pretending as if they were better than everyone else.

Well, there was also another person he hated more than these parasites… Kouske subconsciously clenched his fists as the image of that person flashed in his mind.

Soon he would be able to deal with him as well as his guild Crimson Abyss. Only then would he truly be at peace in this new world!

Apocalypse or not, he did not care too much about these things. As far as he was concerned, he liked the world right now more than he ever did the previous one. At least now, he felt alive.

"Mr. Kouske! You cannot stand simply like a statue! We need answers!" Another politician's loud voice sounded, snapping Kouske out of his thoughts.

The lean and mean Japanese cleared his throat and coldly glanced at the person raising his voice.

"If I were you, I would wait a bit more patiently. The oracle promised that there wouldn't be any danger from this test run. He did not say anything about the nuclear bomb actually working." Kouske nonchalantly replied.

Hearing this, the politician almost completely lost it. There wouldn't be any danger was not the same as the whole damn thing not even working in the first place!

His face twitched and contorted in anger, and his blood pressure quickly shot up. Here he was, worried about his fucking life, and this guy was talking about some weird childish semantics!

"You!" The middle-aged man raised his voice when suddenly he froze. In fact, everyone in the room completely froze, and all eyes were locked on one and only one single person.

The man who was sitting in the corner had finally made a move!

He stood up and walked over to one of the fairies in the magic shop, completely ignoring everyone else.

What was shocking was that even this fairy seemed to be apprehensive of him. Not even a second had passed when the store manager from inside the shop rushed out to greet him.

"Mr. Caden! I am sorry to keep you waiting! Ahhh… Please forgive me!"

Everyone was shocked. Were these the same fairies that treated all human beings like filth? They couldn't believe it.

Even the store manager was bowing to the Oracle with a look of worship in his eyes!

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