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«Ranker’s Return (Web Novel) - Chapter 461

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Chapter 461

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Translator: rainbowturtle

“Black market money?” The emperor asked Hyeonu with seeming disbelief. It was the first time the emperor had heard the words ‘black market money’ right in front of him.

“Yes, black market money,” Hyeonu repeated it once again.

“Do you think it is necessary for me, the emperor of the empire?” The emperor had no choice but to laugh.

“It is true that the imperial warehouses are very rich, but as far as I know, Your Majesty will encounter great resistance when using that money.” Hyeonu knew that his words were far-fetched. Who would say such things to the emperor unless they had two lives?

“Earl, I’m sure you know that is just a formality?”

“I’m sure Your Majesty knows that I’m not just asking for no reason?” Hyeonu received the emperor’s words with ease. In contrast, his insides were burning. It was impossible for him to tell where the safe places and the dead ends were. Still, he was confident that a good result would emerge. This would definitely be to the emperor’s liking. Why?

‘It’s interesting.’ Hyeonu’s actions had already intrigued the emperor.

“I will hear you out. It is always good to have more money.” A positive answer came from the emperor.

Hyeonu sighed with relief and calmly explained his plan: “With the help of a dragon, a magic circle that can travel to the demon world was created in Phinis.”

“Wait, a magic circle to go where?” The emperor cut off Hyeonu’s words instantly. If he hadn’t heard incorrectly, the words ‘a magic circle that can travel to the demon world’ definitely emerged from Hyeonu’s mouth.

“This isn’t the time to be talking about money. The real point is this.”

“No, Your Majesty. The demon world is still a dangerous place. It is too unstable an area for Your Majesty to go there. You can go later after the adventurers have laid a good foundation.” Hyeonu dissuaded the emperor by using words that the NPC nobles would say.

Even now, the emperor seemed ready to leave for Phinis immediately.

“It’s a joke, a joke. I’m not going to the demon world right now.” The emperor laughed like it was a joke.

To Hyeonu, it didn’t sound like a joke at all. ‘It feels like he is really going to leave…’

The emperor obviously had the momentum like he was going to rush out at once.

“Then what’s next?” The emperor urged Hyeonu with his usual expression, but the strange heat in both of his eyes hadn’t subsided.

Hyeonu explained, “If you can send a trustworthy person to guard the magic circle, I would like to charge the adventurers a fee for using the magic circle.”

“How much do you want to charge?”

“The average level of the adventurers using the magic circle is high, so I will charge around 50 gold per person.”

“What about the distribution? I don’t think you’re going to give me everything.”

“I wish I could, but… I have to take care of my territory… so I need some of it.”

Hyeonu’s plan was a 7:3 distribution. Hyeonu would get 70%, and the emperor would get 30%. However, this was unacceptable to the emperor.




“I’ll give you half.”



The emperor asked ‘three’ exactly three times. As a result, the proportions reversed, and it left Hyeonu with 30%. It was a remarkable reversal.

‘It seems like I’m getting too little…’

Still, this was good as well. He would be able to get money legally from players like this. Some people might feel suspicious if Hyeonu used Phinis’ NPCs to collect money, but the story was different if the NPC was sent by the emperor, not Hyeonu.

The emperor nodded. “Okay, then I’ll send someone right now. The person… The role of the advance team to the demon world is very important and not just anyone can go. Only adventurers who pay 50 gold can go.”

Hyeonu nodded. It was fantastic to add this reason. He began to ask, “Then about the money…”

“Send it through the Goldberg Commerce Group.”

“I understand, Your Majesty. Then who will be in charge…”

“I’ll send you someone trustworthy.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Hyeonu bowed to the emperor and turned to walk out of the great hall. Then he stopped and turned back to the emperor. “Your Majesty, have you heard that Duke Lebron is away from his mansion?”

“I didn’t hear anything like that? Since when was he away? Why?” The emperor looked like he was hearing it for the first time.

“He was worried about his only disciple going to the demon world, so he followed.”

The emperor burst out laughing at Hyeonu’s words. “Good, good! If that is the reason, it is worth emptying the capital! I got it.”

Hyeonu left the emperor behind and headed toward Lebron’s mansion.


Hyeonu arrived at the training hall where Lebron was located and shouted, “Master, your disciple has come!”

“I know, so be quiet and come in.” Lebron’s steady voice rang in Hyeonu’s ear as he stood outside the training hall.

“Master, long time no see.” Hyeonu bowed 90 degrees toward Lebron.

Lebron’s expression didn’t look good as he received this greeting. The fact that Hyeonu came visiting like this meant he had some ulterior motive.

‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ Lebron wondered inwardly.

“What did you come to do today? If it isn’t a big deal, go quickly.”

For some reason, Lebron’s instincts provoked his anxiety, and he gave an order to leave. However, Hyeonu didn’t obey because he had yet to achieve his purpose of coming here.

“I met Duke Blake,” Hyeonu said.

“Master?” Duke Lebron’s firmly stiff expression was broken. It was surprising that Hyeonu had met John Blake.

“Duke Blake is in the demon world. I happened to go to the demon world and met him there.”

“The demon world? No wonder why I didn’t hear from him… He ended up in trouble again.” Lebron clicked his tongue and shook his head. John Blake hadn’t been able to be found by any means. This was a natural thing if he was in the demon world.

“He is in a pretty high position right now. It isn’t much different from when he is on this continent.”

John Blake was under one man and above ten thousand men. The demon kings were only under the demon god, so it wasn’t wrong. In the Yusma Empire, Duke Blake was only under the emperor.

“He is in a high position wherever he goes… I wasn’t worried.” There was a sense of relief in Lebron’s expression despite him saying that he wasn’t worried.

“By the way, Master…”

Duguen. Lebron’s heart was beating unusually loudly.

“What is it?”

“I need you to come with me.”

“Where do you mean…?” Lebron knew where Hyeonu was referring to, but he was trying to deny it.

“The demon world. Duke Blake misses you very much.” The moment Hyeonu’s words were over, a huge wave of energy rose from Lebron’s body like a storm. Hyeonu felt it and quickly expressed the next words, “The duke said he had something to teach you, Master.”

The energy flowing out from Lebron’s body vanished in an instant. It felt like it was an illusion that the energy had stretched out.

“That person seems to have created something…”

Moreover, that something had been developed to a level where it could be taught. At Lebron’s level, someone else’s teachings weren’t very helpful. Nor was it known when new breakthroughs would occur, just like when he mastered the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art.

“Shall I show you? I have already learned it,” Hyeonu said.

Lebron nodded silently. He was curious. What had his teacher, John Blake, created?

Hyeonu raised his magic power and thought strongly about the appearance of his magic spirit. Then a dark red bear appeared behind Hyeonu’s back. The perfectly shaped bear waved its paws at Lebron.

“Is this what you’ve learned?” Lebron saw right through the magic spirit. He could tell the effect of the magic spirit, but he didn’t know how to create it.

“You just have to imagine the magic spirit and move your magic power,” Hyeonu stated.

“It isn’t made in such an absurd way. You say it so easily, but it’s all thanks to that old man for laying the foundation,” Lebron criticized Hyeonu. It was because Hyeonu gave an absurd answer that Lebron just had to try imagining the shape of the magic spirit and moving his magic power.

“I have no choice but to stop by the demon world.” Lebron sighed and lowered his head.

“Would you like to go now, Master?” Hyeonu acted in a hateful manner in front of Lebron.

“Go. Let’s go,” Lebron responded while holding back the strength of his fist.


“Oppa, Hyeonu oppa still hasn’t come out? What time is it now that he is still in the cube?” Yuri was filled with frustration and pressed Yeongchan for an answer.

-I don’t know what that guy is doing right now.If I knew this, I would be his stalker, Yeongchan replied.

Hyeonu couldn’t be reached. Usually, they would’ve met in the practice room around now to talk about the match before having a late lunch. However, Hyeonu wasn’t here. No, to be exact, he was still playing Arena.

‘What is going on…?’ The worry wouldn’t leave Yuri’s face. Then she heard Yeongchan’s voice from her smartphone.

-Hey, he’s out.Wait…I’ll put my phone on speaker mode, so listen on your own.

“I understand, Oppa.”

Yuri didn’t want to miss the conversation between the two people, so she turned up the volume of the call to the fullest.

-Hey, why are you only coming out now?Were you sleeping?Did you eat?Are you going to wash up and go? Yeongchan asked in a voice that felt affectionate, unlike when he spoke to Yuri.

-What time is it now?It is already 2 o’clock?I’m going to wash up. Tiredness could be heard in Hyeonu’s voice.

It was a slow and weak voice. To anyone who heard it, this sounded like the voice of a person who had stayed up all night.

-What the hell did you do all night? Yeongchan asked.

He was curious as well. What on earth had Hyeonu been doing that he was so focused on Arena and forgot there was a match the next day? Hyeonu’s words continued, -Well, I just had something I needed to do in a hurry.I had to finish it before the match.It was a bit tight.

Yuri just heard these words, but she could imagine Hyeonu’s current appearance.

‘He will be scratching his head with an awkward look on his face.’

This was Hyeonu’s habit. Just then, Lee Hoon knocked on the door of Yuri’s room. “Now, Hyung…”

Yuri raised a finger to her lips, telling him to be quiet. Lee Hoon quietly approached Yuri’s side and focused on the conversation flowing from the smartphone.

-Aren’t you going to tell me what you did?Is it related to the light shining in Phinis?It’s being guarded by soldiers and knights right now.

“Right, isn’t something happening with Hyeonu hyung’s territory?” Lee Hoon whispered in a small voice when he heard Yeongchan’s words. He was whispering because even a small sound could be transmitted to the other person in speaker mode.

“They won’t tell me that. Even my oppa,” Yuri also whispered in a very quiet voice.

Just then, Hyeonu answered Yeongchan’s question: -It isn’t fun to know first, right?I’ll tell you everything in the stream after today’s match.It’s what I have spent all night preparing.

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