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«Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks (Web Novel) - Chapter 1805: Good Women Are Easy to Find…

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Chapter 1805: Good Women Are Easy to Find…

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Chen Li: Sh*t…

He tossed the portrait to the ground. “I won’t let him off! ‘A devil with bloodstained hands’!? I’ll show him who the devil is!”

“What about this one?” Chen Li took out another portrait. “He’s Prime Minister Li’s eldest son. I heard he’s interested in you. He even came up to me and asked about you.”

“He’s not a bad match. He aims to take over his father’s job in the future and is currently training in the Ministry of Rites. I’ve heard he has talent and that his future is unlimited,” Chen Li said.

“You’ve heard? Hearing something doesn’t make it true.” Chen Ermei’s expression was cold. “Have you also heard that he already has a close female friend but that his father ordered him to marry me anyway? Now that the conquest continues, military officials are gaining power. Prime Minister Li wants a marriage to strengthen his position. The Young Master Li you’re speaking so well of wants to bring me home to display like a clay Bodhisattva, and then continue being lovey-dovey with his female friend.”

“Big Brother, it wasn’t easy for me to obtain this life. I waded through mountains of blood and corpses for it… and now Big Brother would entrust me to such a person.” Chen Ermei’s expression turned helpless.

Chen Li: Fuuuck…

He threw the portrait onto the ground and stomped his feet. “This damned motherfucker…”

“But Little Sister, everyone gets married! Father and Mother…” Chen Li’s expression was also helpless. “Since these embroidered pillow gentry won’t do, why don’t you choose someone from the military?”

“But those men are not the kind of people that I could trust for a lifetime. Do I have to get married just to appease others? I’m unwilling to do that, Brother. I’m not afraid of dying: what I’m afraid of is being trapped in an inner courtyard where I’m only allowed to care about my husband,” Chen Ermei said. “I paid a huge price to avoid that fate, yet you guys are desperately trying to send me there now.”

Chen Li looked at his sister’s reddened eyes and sighed. He said, “Don’t cry, I won’t force you.”

“But it’s nice to be loved by someone, just like your sister-in-law. She’s very warm and loves me a lot.”

Chen Ermei fiddled with the herbs. “Good women are easy to find, good men are extinct.”

Chen Li: …

Chen Ermei’s tone was insincere when she said, “Maybe one day I’ll meet a man that I would like to marry.”

His expression went blank. “No one is perfect. You always scrutinize every single one of a person’s flaws, so how could you find a good match by chance?”

“So tell me, which one of the men you mentioned earlier is worth tolerating? What grievances should I accept?” Chen Ermei asked.

Chen Li: …

“My troops need me so I’ll get going.” He then turned and left.

Chen Ermei rolled her eyes and continued to sort the herbs.

Bai Yiqiao and Fang Yong’s matter still hadn’t been resolved. She kept considering herself his wife and continued to make a fuss about it all the time. It even happened during court, causing the Emperor of Yan to question Fang Yong on the matter.

Fang Yong said they were once married but that the marriage had been annulled and they had nothing to do with each other.

His mother was annoyed at Bai Yiqiao and began planning to find a new wife for Fang Yong.

Meanwhile, Bai Yiqiao had to consider her own situation. Fang Yong had power and soldiers who’d follow his orders. Getting rid of a commoner like her was very easy for someone like him.

She exaggerated and stirred up drama so that Fang Yong wouldn’t dare kill her to cover up the truth. It was why she announced that she was his wife: it killed two birds with one stone.

But no matter what methods Bai Yiqiao had at her disposal, there was no way to melt Fang Yong’s frigid heart and get his mother to agree.

Childbirth was difficult for Bai Yiqiao, especially after she’d suffered a miscarriage due to excessive blood loss. Furthermore, Fang Yong’s current status was no longer the same. If he had no children and grandchildren, what was the point of desperately trying to build a career?

He was risking his own life to build a career and gather assets to provide for future generations. If there were no future generations then what was all that work for?

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