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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1974: How Is That Girl?

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Chapter 1974: How Is That Girl?

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“Master, I’m going to be shy if you say that.”

Old lady Qu lightly massaged Old master Qu’s back and said shyly, “Old master, you have to have a chance to be a newbie. Moreover, you know what kind of person Ji Ziming is. He can easily find a woman to help him.”

“That’s true, but the woman Ji Ziming has his eyes on is not a simple person.” Old master Qu sighed. He knew Ji Ziming’s methods and personality very well. He would never fancy a normal woman, but if it was this extraordinary woman, what was so special about her?

“Old master, don’t ask. Anyway, he’s still engaged to Jingwan. Jingwan is very well liked by Old Master Ji and Madam Ji.”

Old lady Qu wanted to stop Old master Qu from looking at Pei Ge because she knew that once Old master Qu saw her photo, he would not let her off so easily.

Pei Ge looked too much like a person.

That woman was always a thorn in Old lady Qu’s heart. As long as Pei Ge appeared in front of Old master Qu, Old lady Qu would feel that everything had come to an end.

Hence, she could not let Old master Qu discover Pei Ge. It was just that Pei Ge was in the limelight recently and she could not think of a suitable way to deal with her.

“You mentioned Jingwan, I remember now. This child isn’t working at Ji Group anymore, so where is she now?”

Old master Qu asked in a low voice. Ever since Qu Jingwan returned from the Ji family, she had been staying at home for a day without eating or drinking. The next morning, the servants ran to Old master Qu and told him that Qu Jingwan drove out in the middle of the night.

Even at home, she would leave early and return late, just like Qu Xiujie.

“Jingwan must be in a bad mood. It’s understandable that she went out for a walk.”

Old lady Qu cursed in her heart. Qu Jingwan actually made a mess for her to deal with.

“This youngster, this isn’t good. If the Ji family finds out about this, I don’t know what they will say about how our Qu family taught Jingwan. If this gets out, how will she get married in the future? Oh right, I remember now. Get Qingyu to stay away from Jingwan. I heard from Xiujie that Qingyu is rebellious, right?”

Old master Qu probed but did not hear the person behind him.

When he turned around, he saw Old lady Qu standing rooted to the ground with a dazed look. The force in her hand shifted from Old master Qu’s shoulder to his arm and was awakened by Old master Qu’s shout.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so distracted?”

Old master Qu looked at Old lady Qu. He did not know what he had said to make her so dazed that she only regained her senses when he called her.

“I’m thinking about what to do with Qingyu.”

Old lady Qu’s face was filled with worry and fear for herself. She had almost forgotten that Qu Jingwan came back from the Ji family and had interacted with Pei Ge the most. How could she have forgotten that Qu Jingwan existed in the Qu family other than her?

“Why don’t we get him a job?”

Old master Qu asked. Seeing that Old lady Qu did not have any doubts or nod of agreement, he could not help but feel fearful.

“I’ve looked for him in the past but he was unwilling to do work. Or perhaps he almost offended everyone in that job. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made him quit in the end.”

Old lady Qu sighed and thought about how she had to be more careful when dealing with Qu Jingwan and Qu Qingyu in the future.

“Why don’t we send the two of them overseas? It’s good to learn some knowledge. Otherwise, it’s not a good idea to stay idle at home.”

Old master Qu raised his suggestion and looked at Old lady Qu gently.

“Master, do you really think so?”

Old lady Qu’s face was filled with surprise but she could not contain her joy. Her eyes were filled with joy and his lips even betrayed her thoughts.

“I have no problem with that. I still have the money to send them overseas.”

Old master Qu was not worried. He only cared if Old lady Qu needed to continue worrying about Qu Jingwan and Qu Qingyu.

Old lady Qu could finally get rid of Qu Jingwan and Qu Qingyu. She already knew that Qu Jingwan already had Qu Qingyu in her heart. The reason why she did not say it was because she wanted to use this relationship to force Qu Jingwan to do things for her in the future. However, she did not expect Qu Jingwan to do things that were not as good as what she had sent someone else to do. Old lady Qu also gradually lost confidence in Qu Jingwan.

She was all in agreement with Old master Qu’s suggestion. As long as it did not affect her status and as long as Qu Jingwan did not expose what Pei Ge had done to her in the Ji family, she could redesign her own plan to target Pei Ge.

When Old master Qu returned to his room to rest, Old lady Qu returned to the greenhouse where someone was waiting for her.

The close aide stood behind the circular pillar. If not for the fact that he had been discovered intentionally, he might not have been discovered so quickly.


When Old lady Qu entered and he saw that there was nobody behind her, he quickly ran up to her and bowed.

“How’s that girl?”

Old lady Qu lay on the recliner by the floor-to-ceiling window. The sunlight shone on her from a right angle. As long as she wanted to, she could open her eyes and see a few white clouds floating leisurely in the blue sky.

This peaceful environment was not suitable for Old lady Qu’s scheming.

“Pei Ge caught me.”

The close aide had a disappointed expression on his face. There was even a hint of guilt towards his profession.

“Caught? Looks like Pei Ge is really quick.”

Old lady Qu suddenly opened her eyes and she could not even feel the slightly glaring sunlight.

“When I rushed to the train station, Ji Miao was already taken away by Pei Ge and Ji Ziming. She is now detained in the police station. The new director was sent by Ji Ziming using his connections. Although he looks afraid of death on the surface, it is actually not so.”

The close aide narrated Ji Miao’s life in prison in full detail. He even disguised himself as a police officer and specially went in once. Although Ji Miao had yet to tell the truth, Ji Miao’s words to Pei Ge at the train station made the close aide hesitate whether to reveal the person he knew.

What the close aide found strange was that after Ji Miao was arrested, Pei Ge, Ji Ziming, and even the police chief did not come here, much less visit the prison.


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