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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1435: Their relationship returns to a starting point.

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Chapter 1435: Their relationship returns to a starting point.

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The sudden confession made her slightly stunned, and a loving look soon surfaced on her face.

“Ziming, I…”

“What’s wrong?”

The man’s lips curled up into a smile. Seeing her smiling is great.

The lights in the room were resplendent. Ji Ziming’s eyes, which were as dark as black ink, seemed to contain the twinkling stars in the sky above. Under the glow, his handsome features were more distinct and captivating.

Pei Ge tiptoed and gently planted a kiss on his pink lips, just like a dragonfly touching water.

“Thank you for always staying by my side.”

The man was surprised to see her taking the initiative to kiss him before turning to hug her waist tightly. “I still want to be by your side in the next life and in the following one. Is that okay?”

Just as he lowered his head to kiss her again, An An and Ran Ran’s laughter came from the stairs. Vexed, he frowned. “What do I do? Your two kids always spoil my good plans.”

“Hurry and let go. Seeing us like this isn’t a good influence on the children.” She hurriedly pried his large hands, which could entirely encompass hers, away from her waist.

“I won’t!” His lips curled up. He did not hide the burning desire in his eyes.

“Are you going to let go?” Even though he could see that their kids were about to reach them, he still did not back away. His handsome features neared her face as his deep eyes narrowed at her. “I won’t let go, so what can you do?”

“You!” Stifled, she bit onto his other hand, which was against the wall without thinking.

“Ah!” His pain-filled yelp quickly attracted the two children’s attention, making the two climb the stairs faster.

“Daddy, mommy, what are you doing?” Ran Ran tilted her head to one side, not understanding why even when her daddy was hugging her mommy, but she still was biting his arm.

“Sis, let’s go. Let’s not bother daddy and mommy.” An An, for his part, realized what was happening and quickly pulled his sibling to the room next door.

When the two children left, his woman finally stopped biting him. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

“This place hurts.” He balled up his fists and pounded on his chest. “This place hurts more.”

“I… I didn’t—” Before she could finish speaking, Ji Ziming bent down to kiss her.

With their lips touching, he indulged in her goodness. Pei Ge tried pushing him away but soon relented under his fiery kisses.

After a long while, the man let go of her, albeit unwillingly.

“Come to my room to sleep tonight.” He seemed to be holding himself back, and clearly, a certain spot on his body was no longer listening to him.

“No way.” She incidentally touched the spot and understood at once what he meant. Hence, she pushed herself out of his embrace and walked to the door. “Are you going back? If you’re not, I’ll go sleep with the kids.”

Seeing that she was truly about to leave, he walked up and pulled her back in his arms. “I’ll go. Again?”

“Thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me again?” He frowned, displeased.

“Don’t say it anymore from now on.”

She leaned on his chest. She could feel his hard muscles through the fabric. Her blushing cheeks were another form of seduction to the man.

“Go back, then. I want to bring the children to sleep. It’s already this late at night.”


Ji Ziming’s eyes lingered on the woman and then gently yet warmly kissed her on her cherry-pink lips.

The next morning, Pei Ge wore a light-pink Gucci dress and stood in the kitchen, helping the nanny pour milk. When Ji Chi ran into the kitchen and saw her standing next to the cup holders, he immediately turned back.

She caught sight of him trying to run out of the kitchen at this point.

“Ping An.” She softly called out to him.

After a night of tossing and turning in bed, she felt that it was fine for the boy to sleep with Qu Jingwan. After all, she only wanted his health to get better and believed that he would remember her as his mother eventually.

“Did you come here to get something?”

The boy stood in the same spot with his fists balled up but did not turn to look at her. As she neared him, he got even more nervous.

“Ping An? What’s wrong? Mommy is talking to you.” She reached out a hand and rested it on his shoulder. However, the boy flung her hand away as though he had been electrocuted before turning to regard her coldly.

Pei Ge was surprised by his gaze. Why did his attitude toward me change in just one night?

“You…” Her heart was aching.

Without waiting for her to finish the question, the boy turned around and dashed away. Coincidentally, Qu Jingwan came down the stairs at this point. As she slowly descended, her bright-red skirt fluttered like waves.

She narrowed her eye coldly at the lady. She saw her son running toward the other’s side and tightly grabbing her arm as though he were spooked.

“Baby, don’t be scared; I’m here. The bad people can’t do anything to you.” The lady smiled sweetly, looking like a beautiful yet absolutely vicious silver needle as it pricked Pei Ge’s heart.

“Qu Jingwan, what did you do to my son?”

“The way you talk to me is scary, and you really shouldn’t be doing that in front of the boy.”

The lady’s lips curled up. The smugness in her eyes was apparent.


“What’s wrong? It’s still so early in the morning, and we haven’t even had breakfast yet, but you guys are already quarreling like a pair of guns.” Madam Ji supported her back with one hand and held the railings with the other; her footsteps were slow yet steady.

“Auntie, we weren’t quarreling.” Her smug look disappeared and was replaced with gentleness, and this was what the older woman saw. “I know you. You are so kind, clever, and generous, so you won’t quarrel over everything with Pei Ge.”

It was only then that the older woman noticed her grandson who was leaning on Qu Jingwan. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you standing there? Hurry and go down for breakfast.”

Ji Chi eyed Qu Jingwan, nodded, but did not move. Instead, he lowered his head to look at Pei Ge, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, and exerted more strength in his hand which was gripping the missy’s.

Sensing his abnormality, the older woman asked, “What’s wrong? Tell grandma.”

“Auntie, it’s fine. Pei Ge probably frightened him with her earlier words.” The missy graciously explained to her from the side.

“What? Frightened?” The older woman could not help but frown at this. She squatted and hugged her grandchild, coaxing him. “My good boy, don’t be scared; don’t be scared. Grandma is here. No one will dare to bully you.”

Pei Ge’s beautiful eyes misted over as she watched the three people standing on the stairs. She stood less than ten meters away from them. Seeing the iciness and cautiousness in her son’s eyes, she felt the relationship they had painstakingly built crumbling.

Satisfied with her expression, Qu Jingwan furtively shot the other a smug look over the success of her scheme. This was done while the elderly madam was busy with coaxing her grandson.

“Pei Ge, what did you do to Baby? Why is he like this when he sees you now?” Madam Ji held her grandson’s hand and led him in to the dining room. The boy, for his part, kept hiding behind his grandmother as he refused to look in her mother’s direction.

“I didn’t do anything,” she denied.

“Auntie, it’s fine; the boy still has me.” Qu Jingwan sat beside the boy, who was regarding his mother with a cold and cautious gaze, making the other unable to stay there any longer.

If a child hated his mother, that would be the greatest torture for her.

She did not continue quarreling with the lady but put down her utensils. “You guys continue; I’ll go upstairs first.”

With that, she turned and went up the stairs. After locking herself in her room, she could no longer stop herself from weeping softly.


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