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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1366: If you want to save your child, come exchange him with yourself.

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Chapter 1366: If you want to save your child, come exchange him with yourself.

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It was clearly not winter, yet Pei Ge felt frigid to the bones. Her blood was running cold.

“Ping An!”


Madam Ji echoed her scream, but she was not as strong at her as the other, so she fainted after that scream.



Mister Ji and Ji Ziming panicked upon seeing her faint.

“Pei Ge, bring the two children away first; I will settle this.”

Looking at his mother, who had fainted, and the two children, whose faces had turned white, he turned around and softly told his woman that.

Alas, the woman did not agree with it.

“No. I’ll stay here!”

She looked at him with determination, though she did agree with him about sending the two kids back first.

“Send An An and Ran Ran back.”

Not caring about the two children’s or the man’s objection, she stuffed both in the car, which was leaving with their grandmother in it. She did not want them to stay in such a dangerous place.

She did not look at them when they left but kept her eyes on the woman on the rooftop.

“Where are the police?! Why are they not here yet?!”

She balled up her fists while looking at her son. She was about to lose it when she saw that the boy was only a few centimeters away from the edge.

“They’re almost here. I had the special forces come, instead.”

It was due to this that it had taken a longer time for them to arrive.

He gave this explanation to her.

The sight of them being close to each other while whispering seemed to have provoked the woman on the rooftop.

Standing there, she took in how gentle the man was being to Pei Ge, and intense anger and jealousy assaulted her heart.

Thinking about it now, she felt that simply killing one of her children did not have much of an impact.

After all, she had two remaining…

Her gaze turned vicious at the thought.

“Pei Ge, do you wanna know what you should do to make me let your child off?! If you truly want to save him, then tie yourself up and come up alone!”

Her maniacal shout was brought to the ears of everyone, and it stunned them all.

All of them knew at once that she was merely tricking Pei Ge into coming up there. As for whether she would let the boy go or not…

She was so vicious, so how could she possibly do so?

“Ha ha! Don’t tell me that you are afraid of me? For a child that you haven’t raised, you have no reason to risk your life, right?”

She continued mocking her.

The boy, who was half-awake, heard it, too, and his eyes turned sorrowful.

Mommy doesn’t like me anymore…

At this point, this conclusion made him feel worse than if he died from pain.

However, in the next second, Pei Ge’s words brought him happiness.

“Okay! I’ll tie myself up, but I hope that you’ll hold true to your words and let my child go!”

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