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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1365: If only my mommy is her!

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Chapter 1365: If only my mommy is her!

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When the rest of the Ji family reached the place and saw the scene on the rooftop, they were also so frightened that they almost fainted.

Who knew that they would be greeted by such a sight when they located that woman and their grandson?


Similar to Pei Ge, Madam Ji was also screaming hysterically.


Standing atop the raised stand on the rooftop and looking at the panicking people below, Qiao Jingyun’s lips upturned into a smug smile.

From the moment she took this boy, she no longer hoped that she could survive and live a normal life after this.

However, the truth was, even if she did not take the child, it was also impossible for her to lead a good life.

That was because she understood that, from how much Ji Ziming loved Pei Ge, the man would never let her off…

Hence, since she could not be let off no matter what, why should she let them have an easy life?

As she thought up to this, she laughed maniacally.

“Ha ha ha!”

However, her laughter was filled with unspeakable desolation and emptiness.

I’m supposed to be a socialite whom everyone admires, right?

Why did things turn out this way…

In that instant, many thoughts flashed through her mind.


She suddenly heard a soft murmur next to her.

This call brought her back to reality.

Looking at the child who had been hurt so badly that he was on the edge of dying, she coldly snorted. Her eyes were filled with a maniacal and hysterical frigidness.

Even though this child was her son on paper and she had brought him up for so many years, she had once never considered him hers.

If not for this child being so blessed and surviving until now, she would not have gotten exposed and would not end up in this state.

At this point, a vicious and brutal thought surfaced in her mind.

“Shut up! You aren’t even my child! I’m not your mother! Don’t call me that!”

This time, her cruel roar was finally heard by the boy.

Even if he was only five years old, the mature him still understood what she meant.

Moreover, he also believed that what she had said was the truth.

She was not his mother.

There was no mother who would treat their child like this.

His guesses from before were true, after all…

His mommy was not truly… this one.

In that instant, other than feeling awful, he actually felt relieved.

It’s not because I’m not good enough that mommy doesn’t like me.

It’s because she isn’t my mommy.

Who is my mommy, then?

I-If my mommy is…

Pei Ge’s gentle and affectionate face suddenly surfaced in his mind.

A bright smile appeared on his ghastly white face.

If my mommy is her, then that will be great!


However, before he could think further, the woman next to him already dragged him toward the rooftop edge, which had no railings.

Standing below the building, Pei Ge witnessed the woman push her son to the edge and screamed in fear.

“Ping An!”

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