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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 1067: Egger? Loving Ge? Love Ge Ge?

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Chapter 1067: Egger? Loving Ge? Love Ge Ge?

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“It’s Mr. Egger’s. He’s the one who helped your best friend’s mom invite Dr. Conrad for treatment. He said that he has a highly skilled doctor under his employment, so…”

Gu Zhengrong peered at Tang Xiaoyu. Despite his unwillingness to have any ties to that dangerous man, the moment he reached out to help Pei Ge’s mother, he knew that he would be unable to avoid him anymore.

“So I called him to borrow his private doctor.”

His girlfriend nodded in understanding at his explanation, but another question soon popped up in her mind.

“Who exactly is that guy? Why have I never heard you mention him before? You’re so secretive…”

If not for her best friend’s mother needing treatment overseas, she would not have even known that her boyfriend had a friend called Egger.

Moreover, that man seemed to be someone influential.

Not only did he know such a top neurosurgeon, dubbed as the ‘Hands of God’, he was even able to arrange for an international medical plane to fetch her best friend’s mother.

He was definitely no average joe.

Still, why had her boyfriend not mentioned such a powerful man to her before?

“…” Gu Zhengrong fell silent at her question.

“You don’t need to know about him.”

He was unwilling to let the two women come into contact with such a dangerous man.

He heard rumors about that man being related to the mafia.

That man looked like the sun of god from the Greek mythology with his handsome and bright features, as well as mannerisms akin to that of a graceful nobility, which inspired awe and respect in others.

Still, to him, that man was more similar to a sphere of darkness encased by sparkling, golden light.

His core was pitch-black.

The moment he saw the man, he understood, from his obsidian eyes which seemed to sparkle with a blue light, his immense ambition and… frightening ruthlessness.

Adept at reading people, he could feel his thirst for blood and murderous intentions.

This man must have killed someone before.

Otherwise, the cruel and brutality he gave off would not be that palpable.

“Why don’t I need to know him? Isn’t he your friend? Plus, he’s the man who helped our Ge Ge! I still need to thank him one way or another!”

His girlfriend’s voice pulled him back from his thoughts.

With a frown, he peered at the woman sternly.

“You don’t need to thank him. He only helped in exchange for something.”

“Is that so? Still, he helped us!”

She blinked, seemingly very curious about that Egger person.

“Does he have a wife or a girlfriend? Is he still single? Oh, right; how old is he?”

“…Why are you asking me all these?”

Her question made his frown deepen.

“Huh? Don’t you think he’s pretty compatible with my best friend?”

Her lips curled up as she said that.

“That man is called Egger—’Loving Ge’! [1. ‘Eg’ sounds like Ai, which is love in Chinese.] ‘Love Ge Ge’—such a great name!”

The more she rambled, the more she felt that the man was suitable for her best friend!

“His name is already a confession to my best friend! What’s more; he’s the one who arranged for auntie’s and Ge Ge’s doctors! I think that maybe—”

Her happy chatter was cut off by her boyfriend’s angry bellow.

“Shut up!”

Gu Zhengrong’s frown deepened as she rambled on. With the topic going awry, he coldly looked at her.


This bellow stunned her on her seat.

“Pei Ge is still sick right now. Don’t think about such nonsense.”

Seeing that she appeared to have been frightened by his shout, his lips moved slightly and he eventually repressed his displeasure and fury inside.

“That man isn’t simple. You… shouldn’t put him and your best friend together.”


She looked at how he was gazing at her best friend and, for a moment, did not know what to say.

It appeared that, ever since he met her best friend, his attitude toward her had become even more distant and colder.

He never would have shouted at her like this in the past.

Moreover, because of another woman, though this woman was her best friend, jealousy was eating her inside.

Ever since she was scolded by the man, she had remained silent.

She stopped talking, and amid this still atmosphere, they reached the apartment.

Getting out of the car, Gu Zhengrong carried the half-conscious Pei Ge out. Without a glance at his girlfriend or waiting for her, he nervously carried the woman to their condo.

“Are you Egger’s private doctor? Quickly follow me inside!”

Before the doctor at the entrance could introduce himself, the man already keyed in the passcode and opened the door for him.

He placed the woman on the bed in the master’s bedroom and requested the doctor to check her fast.

Fortunately, this private doctor was truly reliable.

Sensing his panic, the doctor opened his medical kit and performed a thorough checkup on her.

His speed was also commendable.

“Doc, how is she? Why does she look to be in pain?”

Once the doctor in a black suit put down his apparatus, the man quickly asked.

“Is the miss pregnant?”

After placing his medical apparatus to the side, the doctor pulled down his mask and turned to look at him.


“That’s right.”

“That’s it, then. This miss’s body is too weak, so… her condition isn’t suitable for pregnancy. My advice is for this patient to have the child aborted.”

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