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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 834: New Senior Brother is so handsome (5)

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Chapter 834: New Senior Brother is so handsome (5)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

So the token in her hand was not the core student’s identity token.

As expected, when the middle aged woman saw the token in her hand, she laughed out loud immediately.

“You don’t even bother to read the script before you brag! Do you think I’m blind and cannot tell that that token is an ordinary student’s token? Who are you trying to bluff by showing that? If you’re trying to think of an excuse and say you forgot to bring your token, I might just hesitate but now that you’ve taken that out , do you think I’m not idiot?”

Huang Yueli glanced at her coldly as hatred formed in her heart.

Such an ignorant and snobbish nasty person! If it was the usual times, she really wanted to slap this kind of person to death!

Unfortunately, this was Celestial Light Academy and she would definitely get into trouble for beating up a teacher. Although she wasn’t afraid of trouble, but before she got the chance to investigate the clue that Bai Liu Feng left for her, she must remain low key and not flout the school regulations.

Huang Yueli thought about it and said, “I didn’t have the time to go to the core student management office to exchange my token! Forget it since you don’t believe me, but I heard that exchanging medicinal herbs valued at one thousand star currency and above could be done here, isn’t it?”

The middle aged woman sneered, “That’s right! But you, a new student, couldn’t possibly exchange a one thousand star currency medicinal herb? Even if you’re the new top student, it’s merely just one hundred star currency! Alright, stop pretending. I’ll give you three breaths time and you’d better scram! Otherwise……”

Before she could finish her sentence, Zeng Weicheng who was sitting on the chair suddenly spoke out a “Yi~” sound.

The middle aged woman hurriedly turned around, “Young Master Zeng, what instructions do you have? Please wait a moment, let me get rid of this……”

Zeng Weicheng didn’t bother about her as his glance fell onto Huang Yueli, “New top student just enrolled and became a core student and she had a huge amount of star currency in her hands! If I’m not wrong, you’re this year’s new top student, Bai Ruoli who’s from South Yue Kingdom?”

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “That’s right, that is me.”

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time!” Zeng Weicheng stood up and looked at her from above, “I really didn’t expect that this year’s new student to have such a talent like you. Just barely half of month of entering the academy, you’d defeated my cousin Lei Zichu and made him suffer so badly! This is a huge challenge to the entire Soaring Heavens Continents influential families! Lass, your predicament… is really not good!”

Huang Yueli’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

So this Martial Arts Stage rank number three’s Zeng Weicheng was actually Lei Zichu’s cousin……

No wonder it was rumoured that the eight influential families in Sky Cloud City are interlinked and everyone were mostly relatives and naturally shared success and suffered defeat together.

But they were nothing in Huang Yueli’s eyes.

She casually laughed, “Hehe, this words… From the day I took part in the entrance examinations, quite a number of people had told me the same thing! Unfortunately… Without an exception, all of them had been beaten flat to the ground by me. As for myself… I’m still alive and kicking today, or perhaps I should say, I’m living better and better as each day goes by!”

Zeng Weicheng didn’t see the battles at Martial Arts Stage that day because he was ranked third and was considered a celebrity. So no matter how strong a new student was, he couldn’t possibly lower his own identity to go and view this kind of battle.

So he had never expected Huang Yueli to be so wild!

His impression of practitioners who were born from small countries, no matter how much ability or how high their innate talents were, towards these disciples from those influential families, they were still not comparable.

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