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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1542 - Cloudy Qilin Clan’s bloodline (2)

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Chapter 1542: Cloudy Qilin Clan’s bloodline (2)

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Huang Yueli was also observing the stone tablet, “The material used to create this stone tablet is simply a perfect thunder attributed material! Have you noticed that every inch of the stone tablet was overflowing with a powerful thunder attributed energy but it had totally been enveloped up without any bit of it being leaked out. I wonder where the Cloudy Qilin Clan found this material from, and if I can just break off a small piece from it……”

Li Moying’s brows twitched.

His Li’er was simply an Armament Weapon nut. Every time she saw some material, she would hope to dig it out to hide it.

Huang Yueli went round the stone tablet once and suddenly cried out excitedly.

“Moying, quickly take a look! The other side of the stone tablet has a Qilin totem inscribed on! This should be an important mechanism of the Cloudy Qilin Clan right?”

Li Moying hurriedly chased up to her as he turned to the other side.

An extremely large Qilin totem was inscribed on that entire piece of stone tablet. This Qilin was not only large, but also looked extremely real and lively, perfectly reliving the Qilin vitual image which he and Huang Yueli had seen in Sage Wu Ding’s cave.

Furthermore, from the thunder attributed energy in the stone tablet, this Qilin’s surroundings gave off a powerful energy, as though it was going to jump out from the stone tablet the very next moment, coming to life.

Even little Qilin pounced over excitedly, as though it had seen its relative.

Huang Yueli continued talking, “I’ve once seen this same kind of huge spiritual beast totem in the Sacred Phoenix Race’s inheritance tower but the totem for Sacred Phoenix Race is a Phoenix! Looks like these God Realm large families have the habit of rearing the spiritual beasts and using them as their clan’s symbolic representation!”

Li Moying turned around and asked, “Since you’ve seen a similar totem previously, then do you know what this is used for?”

Huang Yueli started to contemplate as she said a while later, “The last time I entered was the inheritance tower. Could it be that this stone tablet is also used for inheritance? Speaking of this, have you noticed it yet? We’ve already delved deep into the hinterland of the valley so this should be the most central position of the valley! This stone tablet appearing right here definitely had its uses!”

Li Moying muttered softly, “In this case, when I walked over earlier, at the position of the stone tablet, there were three magical beasts prowling here. I originally wanted to lure them away individually to kill them but in the end, all three magical beasts noticed me quickly and all of them came right up together! Looks like this isn’t by chance. Only after defeating these three ninth grade magical beasts would this stone tablet descend at this place!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she clapped her palms hard.

“That’s right! This stone tablet must be the reward for the refinement!”

“Reward?” Li Moying frowned, “What kind of reward is this? Surely it can’t be like what you said, to knock down this stone tablet and bring it back right!”

Huang Yueli shot him a glance and lifted up her chin with a pampered arrogant look.

“Look at you, you don’t even know all these! Do you even need to ask this kind of question?”

Li Moying looked at him in amusement but without a smile as he replied to her, full of indulgence, “I indeed don’t understand so will Grandmaster Huang please teach me.”

Huang Yueli then replied, “Actually it’s very simple. The last time I saw the totem on the door of the inheritance tower and that time I had no way to open up that door. But later after I injected my own blood into it, filling up all the chinks of the totem entirely, then the door immediately opened up!”

Li Moying went into a blank, “You mean……”

“My meaning is, the totem should be related to bloodline so you can try smearing your blood on it to try and see what effect it would produce.”

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