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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 1541 - Cloudy Qilin Clan’s bloodline (1)

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Chapter 1541: Cloudy Qilin Clan’s bloodline (1)

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Moreover, the electric currents surrounding him had slowly turned from bluish purple into a pure purple colour. It was extremely eye catching and extremely dazzling.

The speed of his moves were extremely fast as the hand which gripped his sword became even stable.

Eventually, after sustaining the bitter battle for several hours, Li Moying successfully killed those three magical beasts to obtain the final victory.

He gave a long huff as he felt the Profound Energy within his body was almost depleted and his body was about to collapse.

Just as he felt totally drained of energy, he suddenly heard a shrill coming from his back not too far away.

“Moying, Moying, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

The familiar sweet voice was filled with worry.

Li Moying turned back in a hurry and saw a petite young lady speeding towards him as she pounced into his arms!

He originally didn’t have much energy left and after being pounced on by her, he fell back totally the two of them fell onto the ground.


Huang Yueli fell onto his chest and her face was totally embarrassed as she pushed his chest and tried to get up.

Whoever knew, this push coincidentally hurt his wound making him suck in deeply as his face contorted in pain.

Huang Yueli immediately got tensed, “There are so many wounds on you and it’s all so deep! Earlier you threw up blood as well, are you internally injured as well? Quickly take the medicinal pills, I’ll bandage up your wounds!”

She hastily retrieved the ceramic bottles as she poured out the medicinal pills, stuffing it into his mouth in handfuls.

After that she took out the ointment for external injuries and treated his wounds.

Li Moying obediently let her do as she wished as his lips revealed a smile. To be tended to so anxiously by his beloved woman, anyone would feel extremely happy!

Suddenly he sensed a slight pain on his thigh as he hurriedly lowered his head to take a look.

Little Qilin squatted along his thigh as its little claw kept rubbing against his feet, using its gem shaped large eyes brimming with tears as it looked at him in grievance.

On seeing Li Moying noticing it, little Qilin immediately used its claw to point towards Huang Yueli, as though it was complaining about him it had been tortured by her.

Li Moying gave a light laugh as he shook his head and stretched out his hand placing it on top of little Qilin’s head.

Just at that moment, a bright ray of light flashed past both of them and that ray of light was simply too bright, so striking that the two of them weren’t able to open their eyes.

“This… what’s going on?” Huang Yueli covered her eyes.

“I don’t know. Stay close to me a little, be careful!”

Li Moying stretched out his arm to grip her wrist and at the same time, putting on a secured front immediately, prepared to continue battling anytime.

But after the bright light disappeared, the two of them discovered that a stone tablet appeared right in front of them.

This stone tablet was extremely grand and ancient. It was a huge block of rectangle like a tall mountain standing right in front of the two of them, steady and firm.

The entire stone tablet was refined out of an extremely special material. The black stone radiated a bluish purple colour, making it seem even more mysterious and dangerous.

This material was something which even Huang Yueli had not seen before. But she judged that this was a kind of higher tier thunder attributed material where it’s tier was even higher than ninth grade.

The two of them exchanged an astonished glance.

Li Moying frowned slightly as he sized up this piece of stone tablet, “What is this thing? Why did it suddenly appear out of nowhere?”

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