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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 3091: Genius Commander (3)

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Chapter 3091: Genius Commander (3)

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This innate talent was much rarer and more valuable than those people with pure innate talent in cultivation!

Those who had great foresight and could distinctly judge both parties’ situation were not commonly seen, even in the entire allied armies’ system!

As long as they found someone like that, that person would receive the allied armies’ focused training.

Li Yukun didn’t expect this young human practitioner that he had inadvertently taken in to have such outstanding talent.

The more he listened, the more delighted he was.

When Huang Yueli finished talking, Li Yukun nodded his head and said, “So it’s like this. Your analysis is extremely accurate! But I have a few doubts. Have you ever been on the battlefield in the past? If not, how do you know so much?”

The other commanders also had the same doubts and all of them turned to look at Huang Yueli.

Even veterans like them with so much experience didn’t have that much knowledge like Huang Yueli!

She blinked and answered truthfully, “This is the first time I took part in the battle against the demon tribe. In reality, I’ve just ascended from the Lower Realm to God Realm just a couple of months ago…”

“What? You’re a Lower Realm ascender??”

“How is that possible??”

Huang Yueli’s words were so shocking for everyone that it seemed as though they had been struck by lightning!

“A Lower Realm Ascender!!”

Although it wasn’t clearly stated, in God Realm, Lower Realm ascenders had always had the lowest status. No matter if it was in terms of innate talent, experience, or even cultivation methods, a majority of the Lower Realm ascenders just couldn’t be compared with the local humans who were born in God Realm.

But there was no doubt about Huang Yueli’s innate talent in the art of cultivation. Just based on the shocking amount of devil stones she took out, it was very obvious.

Not to mention that she could accurately judge the movement of those devils on the battlefield…

“In this case, you found so many devil soldiers on the battlefield based on your instinct and analysis?” Li Yukun looked at Huang Yueli with an appreciative gaze.

Huang Yueli nodded and replied, “I guess… you can put it in that way…”

The more Li Yukun looked at Huang Yueli, the more satisfied he was.

At the same time, he thought of another matter. “Based on what I know, the small devil team would have at least one or more Earth Devil assigned as their team leader. Sometimes for even more important missions, they require a few Earth Devils to work on the assignment together. This time, haven’t you met with the situation where there were a few Earth Devils in the team?”

Hearing that, the practitioners around started to whisper again.

“That’s right, if they met with a few Earth Devils, based on Team 3’s ability, they wouldn’t be able to fight with the enemy, right?”

“Could Li Yuehuang be able to fight against a few Earth Devils simultaneously? Based on his cultivation, can he really do it?”

“Strange, it’s too strange! Could he have some other tricks up his sleeve?”

Especially for the other Team Leaders like Huang Yueli, they were full of doubts.

If they were in her shoes, even if they met with the demon tribe team transporting the resources in the forest, they wouldn’t dare to attack. Instead, they would be running for their lives!

Under everyone’s attentive gaze, Huang Yueli slowly said, “Earlier I’ve already mentioned this. The Earth Devils are jointly killed by my entire team! Most ordinary devil teams have three to four Earth Devils. My soldiers were able to hold 3 of them back and I will kill the remaining one alone!”


“Team Leader Li, isn’t what you say a little too ridiculous?”

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