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«Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1080: Could He Recognize Her?

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Chapter 1080: Could He Recognize Her?

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Xu Xiyan pushed him away hatefully. “Don’t touch me! Mo Yutian, if you still have some humanity, send me back right now!”

“You sure? Who knows? Maybe when you go back now, you’ll see your husband in bed with the counterfeit! Instead of going back and getting yourself hurt, why not stay here with me obediently.”

Mo Yutian closed in towards her. Xu Xiyan backed away until her calf hit the side of the bed and she fell sitting down on it.

Right now, she must’ve been sedated by him because she had no strength to escape. She could only glare at him with hateful eyes. “You want me to be with you? In your dreams!”

“There is a saying in Zstan that goes ‘love will come in time.’ It is said that when two people have been together for a long time, they will grow feelings for each other even though they had none in the first place.”

Mo Yutian did not continue to force her. Instead, he turned around and walked towards the door leisurely, then turned his head around. “You can rest assured that I will not force you. I will wait until the day when you become willing.”

It could be said that Xu Xiyan was lucky.

She was the only woman in the world whom Mo Yutian was willing to be patient with.

It was because he wanted to win her heart that he did not use violence against her.

The man disappeared into the doorway. Xu Xiyan fell into despair.

She didn’t know what would happen next, or how much patience the man had…?

Also, would Huo Yunshen be deceived by her substitute?

After the critical period had passed, “Xu Xiyan” was transferred to the intensive care unit and woke up in due course.

She opened her eyes. After her eyes adapted to the light, she could clearly see her surroundings, as well as the handsome man who had appeared in front of her.

“Dear… you finally woke up!”

Seeing that his wife had woken up, Huo Yunshen held her hand agitatedly.

“Xu Xiyan” retracted her hand in reflex and stared at him with slightly befuddled eyes.

No one knew that at this moment, she was the domesticated clone, Alice.

Huo Yunshen thought that it was because she had just woken up, or because of their quarrel that day that she was still angry with him.

“I’m sorry, dear. I was wrong. I’ll not quarrel with you anymore in the future.”

Huo Yunshen’s heart was full of remorse. He vowed to treat Xu Xiyan well from now on and not simply flare his temper.

“You are… Huo Yunshen?”

Alice had identified the man and knew that the man was now her “husband.”

“I am. Take a good look at me.”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t describe how distraught he was for her. The doctor said that she had symptoms of a concussion, so there would definitely be an impact on her cognition after her recovery.

Her reaction was a bit sluggish, but fortunately, she could still recognize him.

Alice didn’t continue to talk. She seemed to be at a loss on what to do as she lay in bed. Her master had ordered her to pretend to be Jing Xi. What exactly should she do?

At this moment, the door of the ward was open, and Ye Xun came into the ward with Ying Bao.


A tender and childish voice came to her ears. Alice turned to see a beautiful, cute little baby running towards her.

Ying Bao had heard that her mother was hospitalized, and had waited anxiously for a few days before she could finally see her mother.

Now, seeing her mother lying on the bed, the little girl hurried over and immediately took hold of her mother’s hand and began to ask questions. “Mommy, are you feeling better? Does it still hurt?”

Although Alice knew that Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi had a daughter, she could not show her motherly love towards the child, as she had never given birth to children before.

She was just a clone and she didn’t understand enough of the feelings a normal person has.

So when the little girl tugged on her hand, she just gave a perfunctory answer: “Mommy is much better.”

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