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«Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1078: A Shocking Discovery

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Chapter 1078: A Shocking Discovery

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

He looked carefully at her eyes and facial features. He found that her eyes were quite similar to his and felt a familiar closeness to her.

Did his eyes deceive him?

Or was it because he had terribly missed Little Moon?

But the paternity test he had taken last time had long shown that Jing Xi was not the child of him and Little Moon.

He continued to watch the news. He heard Jing Xi say that she had stood on the stage of the film festival for her mother, and she also wanted to bring justice for her mother.

She said that her mother did not commit suicide but she was murdered.

This sentence brought a great shock to Helian Wei. His little moon had not taken her own life but was murdered?

Who had killed her mercilessly?

Helian Wei finally realized that all those years of separation from Little Moon and his deliberate avoidance of her had caused him to know nothing about what had happened to Little Moon.

What had he missed?

Helian Wei immediately asked Jin Xiu to find a copy of the film Landscape. He wanted to watch it now.

Jin Xiu discovered that the film that was banned in Estan was also difficult to look for in Kstan. In the end, he spent 100 million yuan on an international trading website for a copy of the film.

Unfortunately, it was not in English, but in Zstanese.

But this was not an obstacle. In the past, Helian Wei had specially studied Zstan’s culture and language and read newspapers and books in Zstanese so he could communicate easily with Little Moon. This was not a problem for him.

This evening, Helian Wei watched the movie Landscape, which Jing Xi had starred in, on his computer in the hotel.

As he watched the film, it was just like his love between him and Little Moon was relived. Those bits and pieces of the past were vividly remembered, refreshing his memory.

He thought that for so many years, he had forgotten Jing Ruyue and the love they had shared before. But now, whenever he saw something related to Jing Ruyue, he still had a hard time restraining himself from thinking of her.

A cigarette burned between his fingertips. His heart was full of lingering memories and melancholy.

Their initial encounter and their love for each other in the movie was so sweet. But later, they were separated by ruthless reality. It was so painful.

He could feel the pain cutting into his skin, seeping into his very bones.

He also noticed Jing Ruyue’s words at the end of the film:

“Besides leaving him, I have no other choice. These two children will be gifts that God has given me. I will give birth to them, and raise them well…”

In the film, Little Moon said that she had two children with him. Was this really true?

Why did she not tell him at that time?

If this was true, then were the two children still alive?

The unsolvable mysteries came to him one by one, getting bigger and bigger like a rolling snowball.

Who could tell him what had actually happened in the past?

He watched the film carefully again without missing a single word before finally understanding the cause and effect. The discovery shocked him: it was Mo Xie and Lady White Tea who had teamed up to separate him and Little Moon!

Although he didn’t know who Lady White Tea was, he knew the name Mo Xie—he happened to be his former arch-rival!


This was all a conspiracy by his enemy!

Helian Wei finally knew what kind of grievances Little Moon had suffered in the past. It was the wicked who had deliberately dismantled them, not she who had betrayed their love.

He was too stupid. Why hadn’t he seen it through that time?

Why had he foolishly accept when she proposed to break up?

This night, Helian Wei went to bed heartbroken and sleepless.

Only god knows how many cigarettes he had smoked, and how many times the film had been replayed.

He only knew that there was a hole in his heart now, and it could no longer be mended.

Little Moon, I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you well…

In order to clarify the truth, Helian Wei decided to go to Zstan after settling state affairs in Kstan to look for Jing Xi to understand the situation.

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