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«Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 2250: Something Wrong

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Chapter 2250: Something Wrong

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Outside the An family home, An Jichuan opened the car door for Xue Yating.

Just as Xue Yating was about to get into the car, a hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her out.

Xue Yating turned around and saw that it was An Xianming. “Little Uncle…”

An Xianming pulled Xue Yating to his car and drove away.

An Jichuan looked at his brother’s actions and felt extremely depressed. It was fine if he did not help his own brother, but why did he snatch his woman away from him?

Unwilling to give up, An Jichuan jumped into the car, started the engine and chased after her.

An Xianming sped all the way to Rongcheng.

Xue Yating’s face turned pale after she stopped the car. The speed of the car was too fast for her. Her stomach was churning.

She pushed the door open and got out of the car. She couldn’t help but vomit.

“Tingting, are you okay?”

An Xianming saw her in pain and asked, blaming himself.

Xue Yating finished vomiting and took the water from him. She rinsed her mouth and got up. She looked at An Xianming and asked, “Little Uncle, what happened to you just now?”


“Didn’t we agree last night? Nick took me out. Why now…” Xue Yating wanted to know what was wrong with him.

An Xianming sighed and said helplessly, “Tingting, can’t you see that my brother has such thoughts about you?”

“How is that possible? I’ve known him for ten years. If he had such thoughts about me, why didn’t he tell me before?” Xue Yating felt that An Xianming was overthinking. There was no need to be so paranoid.

“That’s because you’re too naive. I’m really worried that you’ll fall in love with someone else!”

An Xianming held her shoulder, his eyes filled with worry.

Xue Yating felt that his worries were unnecessary and comforted him. “Are you suspecting me? What are you thinking? Little Uncle, since I’ve chosen you and we have a child together, I will naturally be with you wholeheartedly. I will always be yours!”

After getting such an answer, An Xianming was relieved. He pulled Xue Yating into his arms and hugged her tightly. He rested his chin on her forehead and said, “I’m sorry, Tingting. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I can only blame myself for loving you too much.”

In the car, An Jichuan saw An Xianming holding Xue Yating in his arms and understood everything.

No wonder his big brother refused to help him. No wonder he didn’t want him to be with Tina. It was because his big brother liked Tina!

An Jichuan gripped the steering wheel tightly. He was extremely sad and disappointed.

He thought that he could have a good start with Xue Yating when he met her again, but now he realized that they had already ended before they even started.

Just as An Jichuan was feeling lonely, someone opened his door and got into his car.

An Jichuan looked up and saw Shen Ranran sitting in the passenger seat.

Shen Ranran smiled and said, “Ji Chuan, do you mind if I hitch a ride?”

“Why are you here?”

An Jichuan frowned. He did not want to see Shen Ranran.

“I’m here to see your brother. What about you?”

Shen Ranran had wanted to go to the An family home to look for An Xianming, but she happened to see An Xianming driving out with Xue Yating. Then he saw An Jichuan driving out, so he followed them.

She did not know that she would be surprised to find out about An Jichuan’s secret.

An Jichuan did not say anything. He glanced at the two people by the sea. Shen Ranran took a glance and looked away. She said, “Let’s go! I’ll find a place to treat you to coffee. I also have something to tell you.”


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