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«Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1769: Always Been Curious About Her History

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Chapter 1769: Always Been Curious About Her History

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“It’s fine. I’ll just drink a little. I am happy today.”

Jing Xi didn’t continue to advise him. It wouldn’t be good to continue saying anything since he was meeting with old friends.

He obviously said he would only drink a little bit but once his glass clinked, he’d already forgotten what he said.

“Young master! Your bitter times are about to end and good times are about to begin! I wish you well!”

“Thank you!”

And just like this, glass after glass, they finished drinking the entire bottle of alcohol. The two men were already drunk.

Yi Xiao lay down on the table straight away after the meal was over. He was so drunk that he was unconscious.

Huo Yunshen also drank so much that he was disoriented. He stood up and took his leave. “I won’t disturb your rest, you too. We should also get going.”

“Okay, I will send you guys out.”

Jing Xi helped Huo Yunshen get up and led him out. Fang Xiaocheng saw them to the door. She looked at Jing Xi’s back and sighed in her heart. She wanted to tell her, Yanyan, it is really wonderful that you can come back!

I hope you can remember us soon and remember who you are!

We, all of your friends, are waiting for you!

Jing Xi helped Huo Yunshen back to unit 101. Huo Yunshen almost fell down after they went in.

“Your majesty, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I can still drink…happy.”

He mumbled unclearly and Jing Xi walked in while helping him up. In the end, she brought him to the sofa and asked him to sit down.

“I will go make you some hangover soup.”

Just as Jing Xi was about to go, however, he grabbed her wrist. He pulled her with a slight force and she fell uncontrollably onto his body.

Huo Yunshen was drunk but his heart and mind were clear about where he was and what he was doing.

He looked at the woman in his arms. He used his slightly callused fingers to lightly touch the scars on her face, feeling both sadness and self-blame in his heart.

After drinking, he could no longer control the true feelings in his heart.

While looking at her, his eyes turned wet and two streams of tears came down along his cheeks.

“I’m sorry. Jing Xi… I am the biggest bastard and the dumbest man on earth… I’m sorry.”

He held her hands and brought them to his lips. He felt so much sadness in his heart that he was trembling.

Jing Xi suddenly didn’t know what to do when she saw his majesty the king crying.

She guessed that he probably lost control like this because of the alcohol.

He might’ve thought she was his late wife again!

He thought she was Jing Xi again!

As she saw how sad he was, she didn’t say anything. She lay quietly on his body and was willing to act as Jing Xi once.

“If I wasn’t powerless, I wouldn’t have caused you to die. It’s all my fault…

“Jing Xi, I hate myself so much!

“Why didn’t I find you immediately?

“You were beside me all along but I didn’t recognize you. I am so useless…”

He started blaming himself. He held her hand and fiercely smashed it towards his chest.”

Jing Xi saw how much he blamed himself and her heart also felt unbearable. Hearing him say all these words also made her feel uncertainty in her heart.

Why did it feel like all these words were said for her?

They created a misperception for her and made her feel as if she was Jing Xi.

She had always been curious about her history but she had never thought about it like this before.

Now, as long as she thought about it…my god, it was really too scary!

She didn’t quite dare to imagine this possibility!

No, no, no. How could that be possible?

Jing Xi was Estan’s former president’s daughter. She was the current president’s younger sister. The queen of the Dragon Kingdom. The queen in the international entertainment and film industry. Jing Xi was such a bright starlight but she…she was very average and also unremarkable.

Where did she come from?

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