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«Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 1123: The Black Rose’s World

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Chapter 1123: The Black Rose’s World

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“If it weren’t for your constant give-ins to her, why would she go from bad to worse?”

“Girl, the Black Rose is not a terrorist organization like you have imagined it to be. Neither is it an international mafia triad,” Rui Qiu said coldly. “Every one of us has our own opinion. In our team, 16 of us have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. There is the technology of the entire world in the brains of these people. We usually have many things to pay attention to. There’s no way that we could have carefully thought about what Yang Ping would be up to. When we want to interfere, things have usually already gotten out of control. We are unable to stop anything by then. This time, she wanted to be in control of the selection test. If it weren’t for the fact that you guys had formed relations with us and the entire Black Rose acknowledges all of you, the ending would not have been like this.”

Ye Ling was even more silent.

Shen Qianshu was almost convinced.

Looking back at her previous silly thoughts, she realized, There is indeed a bunch of nerds in here.

“We have made our way past so many generations. Surely, we have our own reasons for it,” Beck said. “We are good in some ways and bad in others. It’s not too late for us to change yet, is it?”

His attitude was less straightforward than Rui Qiu.

Ye Ling reached his arm out and grabbed Shen Qianshu’s hand.

Shen Qianshu asked, “How long do we have to be the leader for?”

Rui Qiu laughed.

Shi Cheng was confused.

“As long as you are willing, it will always be yours,” Ruan Miaomiao said. “If you are unwilling to stay, you can leave when we find another person to take over.”

“If I know so many secrets, won’t you guys kill me when I leave?”

“Of course not,” Beck said. “Before you leave, you will lose all your memory of everything relating to the Black Rose.”

Ye Ling was speechless.

“… ” Shen Qianshu stared at him.

“Sorry, we are very honest about this.”

The corner of Shen Qianshu’s lips twitched. “I don’t get it. How are you guys going to make us forget everything? Will everything that has happened in these last few years disappear?”

“No. Only those that are related to the Black Rose’s Headquarters will disappear. That is why no one can find this place.”

Rui Qiu said, “Our technology has already developed to a stage that is hard for you to comprehend.”

Shen Qianshu said, “Sorry for the disrespect!”

You’re impressive. Whatever you say!!!

Ye Ling was like a mute. The candidate that the elders were most satisfied with was Ye Ling. As chance would have it, Leader Ye was quiet as a mouse. For the entire time, he kept silent. Occasionally, he provoked them.

He did not say a single word at all.

The elders were really tired.

Shen Qianshu was used to his aloofness, and she knew what he was thinking too. She could not resist saying, “If you guys have anything to say, ask me. Stop looking at him.”

“Why?” Beck asked.

They all wished that Ye Ling would have an open and honest conversation with them.

Shen Qianshu felt really awkward.

Can’t you guys see it?

He doesn’t even want to give any attention to you.

“Can’t you see it?” Ye Ling said coldly. “I don’t even want to give any attention to you!”

The elders were speechless.

They were technology tycoons who could turn the world around any time. Yet, all they got from Ye Ling was knowing that he did not even want to give any attention to them.

That was really… maddening!

Yet they were helpless.

Shen Qianshu said, “Don’t bother him. Don’t bother him. Ask me, it’s the same.”

The elders looked at her doubtfully.

Would it be the same?

Shen Qianshu said, “You guys should know that the Black Rose had abducted me. During these past few years, they implanted a bomb in my body and threw me into the selection test. I did none of these willingly. Master went through a lot to find me, so he isn’t pleased about it. Yang Ping is also a member of the Black Rose, right? You guys will have to take the blame for her wrongdoings.”

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