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«President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 1058: Heavy Panting

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Chapter 1058: Heavy Panting

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Xia Yanran felt embarrassed and angry when she heard what he said. However, she felt more sadness than everything else.

No matter when he was down or doing well, Xiao Yi would never lack women in his life.

Even if he was going against Second Master Qin, there was still Qin Peipei.

What was she exactly?

He came to her to vent after being intimate with another woman?

The more Xia Yanran thought about it, the more angry she got. After her entire body turned cold, she was filled with a whole chest of anger.

She struggled with all she could, using all of her energy. Although she was weaker than him, when she didn’t let him do what he wanted, so he suffered as well.

Her legs struggled out of his hold. She was extremely flexible as she kicked at him with all of her strength. He couldn’t avoid it and received a ruthless kick on his right cheek.

He laid half-sprawled over her. Then he supported himself above her, with his strong arms on both sides of her head as he stared at her with dark eyes.

His breathing was extremely heavy, as they sprayed on her time after time.

She was completely tensed, like an angry animal as she glared back at him, not backing away from the other’s strong aura.

After a while, his dark expression eased a little as he caressed the stray hair by her cheeks. ” I went to discuss business with someone tonight. He said he would give a treasure to me, but it was a foreign woman with a natural body fragrance on her.”

Hearing him say this, Xia Yanran felt even worse.

Not everyone could have a natural body fragrance.

It was no wonder she felt that the smell on him was exceptionally weird. She chuckled coldly. ” See how good your life is after you became the boss. That woman must be gorgeous. Why didn’t you stay with her? Why come to me?”

Xiao Yi grabbed Xia Yanran’s chin. “My brother only knows you, Yanran.”

Xia Yanran took a while, but when she understood what he meant, her eyelashes fluttered terribly. “Stop giving me honeyed words. If you respect me, you wouldn’t touch me no matter what happens this month.”

Xiao Yi narrowed his eyes. “You’re really not letting me touch you?”

Noting his red eyes and tense expression from holding back, Xia Yanran turned away. “No.”

Xiao Yi panted roughly two times, not forcing himself on her like before as he moved away and sped into the bathroom.

Within a few seconds, Xia Yanran heard the sound of drizzling water.

He had probably went to take a cold shower!

Pulling her dishevelled clothes around her, Xia Yanran covered herself with her blanket. To be honest, with his appearance and position, she knew clearly that there must be many people who would give him women to suck up to him.

She also knew that if he really touched another woman, he wouldn’t have come to her.

However, all women were petty. Even if another person touched their men accidentally, they would mind it too.

In the bathroom.

Xiao Yi didn’t even take off his clothes as he stood under the shower directly.

His shirt clung tightly to him, showing off his firm and muscular figure.

Ku Li probably wanted him to not get off that woman’s bed tonight and had placed a very large dose of drugs.

The cold shower had no effect even after he stood under the water for a while.

He recalled kissing Xia Yanran earlier, his large hands caressing her smooth and fair skin. Although she wasn’t a young girl anymore, her skin was still as smooth and fair as it was many years ago.

Xiao Yi glanced down below, cursing out loud before he turned off the shower. He leaned against the wall and undid his belt.

He had gone in for half an hour already. She hadn’t heard the sound of the shower in a while either.

After Xiao Yi’s commotion, Xia Yanran was even more awake than before.

He wasn’t taking a shower, but didn’t come out. Did he faint?”

Xia Yanran got off the bed and found her slippers, going towards the bathroom. “Xiao Yi, are you done using the bathroom? If you are, you can go and sleep on the sofa.”

There was no response.

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