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«President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering (Web Novel) - Chapter 1057: Xiao Yi, You’re Crazy!

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Chapter 1057: Xiao Yi, You’re Crazy!

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If it was Junyuan, he would have the keys.

Then, the only one who would ring the doorbell would be Xiao Yi.

Was he crazy?

They agreed on him not appearing in front of her family for a month! The one month duration was also to let her calm down and consider things properly!

If Junyuan was at home and saw him, he would probably throw him out with a broom! Xia Yanran wanted to ignore the door bell.

However, the doorbell kept ringing.

Xia Yanran had no choice but to put down the glass of water and walked towards the door. She stood on her toes and glanced into the peephole.

Just as she had expected, the man was standing in front of the door, looking down. She couldn’t seem him properly, only able to see his tense jaw and feel his sharp aura.

He looked like he was slightly unhappy.

She should be the unhappy one with him running over to her house in the middle of the night!

Xia Yanran was about to look away when the man on the other side of the door seemed to feel her and looked up suddenly towards the peephole.

Xia Yanran was so surprised her legs went weak.

After she realized what was happening, she scolded herself in her mind. She was really stupid. He was outside, so how could he see her?

He didn’t look away. His red eyes just stared at her through the peephole, as if he had x-ray vision and was really able to see her standing on the other side of the door.

Xia Yanran didn’t know if it was her hallucination, but his eyes were so dark it was a little scary.

Xia Yanran turned around and leaned on the door, pressing a hand to her chest. Her heart was thumping quicker than usual.

Bang, bang, bang!

The man outside didn’t ring the doorbell anymore as he hit the door instead. “Xia Yanran, I know you’re behind the door.”

After Xiao Yi shouted, the door opposite opened first.

The elderly neighbor woke up from the noise and stared at Xiao Yi. Under the dim light, the elderly man couldn’t see his face clearly, only seeing a tall figure that didn’t seem like a gentleman as he had a dark aura around him. The elderly man was extremely righteous and thought that Xia Yanran was being disturbed by gangsters, so he took a broom out. ” Where did you come from? Yanran’s brother isn’t home tonight, so you came to ring her doorbell? Let’s see if I don’t hit you to death!”

Seeing that the elderly man’s broom was about to hit Xiao Yi, Xia Yanran hurriedly opened the door. “Grandpa Li, don’t hit him. He’s not a bad person.”

The moment she said it, Xia Yanran’s ears turned slightly cold. How was he not a bad person? He must want to bully her again by coming in the middle of the night!

Seeing Xia Yanran come out, the elderly man froze for a second. ” Ah? He’s not a bad person? I noted that he had was, since he was banging on your door for a very long time, so I thought…”

Xia Yanran said awkwardly, “He’s my boss.”

The man suddenly looked towards Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran ignored him, moving forward to support the elderly man who was still holding onto the broom. “Grandpa Li, I’m sorry for disturbing you. Please go back and rest, I promise that this won’t happen again!”

After the elderly man went back inside, Xia Yanran hurriedly returned home, wanting to close the door. But how could she close it? The man pressed a hand onto the door, pushing the door open easily.

Xia Yanran knew that she wouldn’t win him in strength, so she ignored fighting and gave up on the door, turning to run towards her room instead.

With a loud bang, she closed her room door and locked it from inside.

Xiao Yi walked over. He stared at the shut door, licking at his dry lips before he chuckled softly. From the other side of the door, Xia Yanran leaned against it, listening to the noise outside quietly.

For a while, she couldn’t hear any sound from the man.

Did he leave?

Just as she was extremely confused, she suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open.

Within a few seconds, the locked door was pushed open from outside.

Seeing the thin wire in his hand, Xia Yanran was so angry her chest heaved up and down. “Xiao Yi, you’re definitely a bandit!”

Xiao Yi threw the wire away as he walked towards Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran could feel the aggression on him and started to panic, as she inched backwards continuously.

“Why did you come over instead of sleeping? It’s a good thing my brother isn’t home today, if not…”

Staring at her moving scarlet lips, the suppressed burning desire grew and surged within him once more. He interrupted her words with a burning throat. “Xia Yanran,” He paused as his blood boiled within him, his voice hoarse with sexiness and danger. “I was drugged.”

Xia Yanran was confused.

It took her a long while before she understood what was going on, her eyes widening a little. “Aren’t you very capable now? Who would dare to drug you? Aren’t they looking for death?”

Xiao Yi stared at her with tightly pursed lips, not saying anything. He naturally couldn’t tell her that he knew the fragrance was interlaced with the drug and he let it happen on purpose.

The tall figure moved towards her.

Noting the darkness and danger in his eyes, Xia Yanran felt like he wouldn’t take in anything she said anymore.

But would she give in just like this? Must she be his antidote the moment he got drugged?


She couldn’t humiliate herself like this anymore!

Xia Yanran didn’t even hesitate, as she turned around to run towards the bathroom.

However, someone caught her from behind and a pair of strong arms grabbed her waist the moment she reached the bathroom door. With a hand, he lifted her up.

Xia Yanran kept trying to pull his hands away nonstop. However, he was as strong as an ox and she couldn’t pull his hands away no matter what she did.

“Xiao Yi, are you going back on your words? It has only been a few days in the one month you gave me, are you that impatient?”

The man threw her on the bed immediately.

Xia Yanran wanted to crawl up, but a dark shadow moved over her very quickly.

The man pressed her moving hands down, leaning down to kiss her ruthlessly. The moment their lips met, Xia Yanran felt his exceptionally high temperature.

Xia Yanran felt like she had been frozen in place, immediately losing strength and forgetting to struggle.

The man’s tongue moved into her mouth and parted her teeth, twirling with her tongue. His deep and domineering kiss made Xia Yanran’s scalp turn numb, her heart fluttering.

She froze for a few seconds as she caught her breath. As she breathed, she suddenly smelt an exceptionally pleasant fragrance.

She was a woman, so she could tell who that smell belonged to the moment she smelt it.

It was a woman’s smell.

It seemed slightly different from those man-made perfumes. The fragrance on him was very faint, very special and very pleasant.

If they didn’t touch each other, it would be impossible for him to have that kind of smell on him.

Xia Yanran’s mind went blank, a freezing coldness washing over her fluttering heart as she felt her heart sink.

“Xiao Yi!”

Xia Yanran pushed the man away from her neck, glaring at him with red eyes. “There’s a woman’s scent on you, did you hug another woman?”

Xiao Yi stared at the woman under him, his eyes dark. “Yes.”

Xia Yanran’s heart immediately sunk to the bottom. Her hands against his broad shoulders scratched him with all of her strength. ” You asshole and animal, f*cking scramーmmph!”

He attacked her lips roughly once more.

“Yanran, I can only scram into your…” His breath ghosted her lips as she heard him say hoarsely and wickedly, “…Body.”

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