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«Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 515: Tuhr Altar

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Chapter 515: Tuhr Altar

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Sinestra, the Mother of Dragons, was the Boss of the Secret Dungeon in the Black Rock Mountain. To meet her, players were required to kill the father-child trio, specifically Ferrian, Onyxia, and Deathwing. Without that, Sinestra would not appear no matter how much effort the players put into clearing the dungeon.

The Secret Dungeon in the Black Rock Mountain was named Black Dragons’ Wild Ambitions. Sinestra existed as the final Boss of the dungeon, and players only achieved a 100% dungeon clearance after they had killed her.

However, the Sinestra within the Secret Dungeon was only a Dragon Soul that had no physical form.

It made sense now why Sinestra was only a Dragon Soul left in the dungeon. Her original physical body had already been sent to the outside world by her husband Deathwing.

The Mother of Dragons… If used properly, could Sinestra become the ultimate reason for Onyxia’s breakdown?

While Li Yi was still deep in thought, Akna stopped her narration. She asked, “Do you want to know how to transform the controlled target into a Mount Emblem?”


“Nyehehe, alright. I’ll need you to do something for me. Come with me into the Tuhr Altar, and I’ll tell you what you seek after the task is completed.”


System Notification: [Are you willing to help Akna to enter the Tuhr Altar?]

“No problem.” Li Yi nodded. He had expected this from the beginning; Akna would never tell him what he wanted so easily. If he wanted to know the answer, he would have to make a sacrifice.

“The gates to the Tuhr Altar will open soon. As long as you help me complete this…” Akna’s voice fell lower and lower before she suddenly barked, “Quick, hide! People from the Tuhr Clan is here!”

Without relying on the help of external items, Akna somehow managed to fly straight upwards into the air and disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye. That was the Air Dance Technique of the Vagabond class, evidently knew she how to use it.

Shouts were heard from afar. The Tuhr Clan has arrived.

The clan leader, Ardahan, rode on a white war bear and led his people. He was running at the forefront, firing continuously at his surroundings. Each arrow of his would take down one target, and soon he had killed all of Akna’s Undead creatures.

Li Yi leapt onto the top of the entrance to the Tuhr Altar. Then, he used Camouflage to hide his presence.

While he did not fear meeting the Tuhr Clan, it was highly possible that Akna would immediately turn hostile if she saw him getting close with the Tuhr Clan.

Ardahan led his men, circling the Tuhr Altar a few times before stopping at the entrance to the Altar. They then dismissed their mounts and knelt in prayer.

The Tuhr Clan had two significant spiritual symbols, namely the Violent Bear King and the Tuhr Sacred Sword. According to legend, the first Tuhr Clan Leader was an invincible warrior that possessed both the Violent Bear King and the Tuhr Sacred Sword.

Ardahan and his men knelt in prayer for more than half an hour before they got up onto their mounts and left.

Soon after that, Akna descended from the sky. Li Yi removed his Camouflage Mode and jumped down from his perch.

“The Messenger of Deathwing has some remarkable skills,” praised Akna.

Akna tilted her head towards at the sky. Slowly, she stepped towards the entrance of the Altar.



The heavy door of the Altar opened slowly.

Akna had gotten hold of the key to the Altar that was kept by Ardahan, the clan leader. Surprised, Li Yi quickly caught up to Akna.

Akna and Li Yi entered the Tuhr Altar. Behind them, the heavy door closed automatically.

The interior of the Altar was not dark. The entire structure was greyish-yellow. A few human-faced stone statues hopped within the narrow passageway.

Human-faced stone statues, Level 100, elite monsters. Skilled in ranged attacks, they had a special skill that allowed them to combine their bodies together.

“Messenger of Deathwing, hide behind me.”

Akna instructed before summoning the Undead to attack the human-faced stone statues.

Hundreds of white skeletons appeared with sharp swords in hand, shambling on their feet as they approached the human-faced stone statues. The human-faced stone statues spat rocks from their mouths and hopped backwards as they fought with the skeletons.

The attack pattern of these human-faced stone statues was very similar to a human’s. When an enemy approached them, they would not get closer to the enemy like idiots. Instead, they would wisely choose to step back.

The passage in the Altar was not straight. It curved and turned, allowing the human-faced stone statues to fully utilize the terrain to their advantage, in order to evade any harm that might befall them.

The skeleton army marched forward like the ocean’s waves. Akna had a terrifying amount of mana, which gave her the power to continuously maintain the numbers in the skeleton army. If a skeleton were to collapse, two other skeletons rose to take its place, and the cycle continued. Soon, the group of human-faced stone statues were forced into a dead end.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of skeletons hitting stone with their metal sword was not a pleasant one. The damage from their attacks was not high either, but the sheer number of skeletons was the deciding factor in their victory. By knocking on the stone bit by bit, they had forcefully shattered all of the insolent human-faced stone statues.

Li Yi followed Akna closely at her heels. There was no actual need for him to participate in the battle when Akna with her astounding battle prowess was there. Honestly, he was very much enjoying the results of her work and would only occasionally fire a few arrows to snatch the attack priority so that he could loot the materials.

The human-faced stone statues would never drop equipment but only materials, particularly Frozen Soil and Ice Rock. Frozen Soil was very common, but Ice Rock was extremely rare. It was a Grade10 rare material for frost, and it was pure coincidence that the Hunter Goddess needed it as well.

After pressing on for another half an hour, an altar appeared before them. A humongous human-faced stone statue defended the altar with its eyes closed.

This was the Level 100, gold-named world boss - Tuhr’s Stone Guardian.

Akna waved her Skull Staff around and summoned the Headless Horseman and Bagradin. Then, she summoned another wave of skeletal crows and skeletal bats to attack Tuhr’s Stone Guardian.

“Be careful and hide at a safe distance, Messenger of Deathwing.”

Li Yi did not even wait for Akna to finish her sentence. He quickly shot an arrow first and immediately backed away.

The Stone Guardian was hit by the arrow, and a [-567] damage value appeared above his head. Not only did this Boss have a very high amount of Health, but its defence was also definitely on an overpowered level too.

Murders of skeletal crows flew ahead and surrounded the Stone Guardian to ferociously peck at it. [No effect] appeared continuously above the Stone Guardian. The skeletal crows and skeletal bats were Undead creatures that had such low attack powers that they could not even take 1HP off the Stone Guardian.

Pew pew pew pew pew!

The Stone Guardian opened its mouth to spit out a bunch of human-faced stone statue monsterlings. These human-faced stone statue monsterlings all knew the trick of spitting rocks, causing rocks to fly everywhere in a split second. Soon, all of Akna’s skeletal crows and skeletal bats were no more.

During the process, Akna had suffered some damage as well. The human-faced stone statue monsterlings that were spat out by the Stone Guardian had such extraordinary attack power that one hit from them could take 100,000 HP off Akna.

Even Akna, with her 90 million HP, could not withstand the consistent rock-shooting attacks made by the hundreds of human-faced stone statues.

The Headless Horseman and Bagradin were both dead. Following that, Akna bit on the tip of her fingers until she bled to activate the Sacrificial Summon.

“If I’m going to die, don’t even think that there is a chance that you’ll survive!”

Insanity overcame Akna. She shook her Skull Staff maniacally to summon another wave of Undead creatures.

This time, the Undead creatures that were summoned were still skeletal crows and skeletal bats. However, the skeletal crows and skeletal bats this time had an additional skill - Self-destruction!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Skeletal crows and bats going up to the Stone Guardian’s face to self-destruct may not cause impressive damage values, but if it was done by an amount so large that they had blotted out the sky and the earth, it was an effective tactic that quickly cleared out hundreds of human-faced stone statues.

The Stone Guardian opened its mouth in an attempt to spit out another round of stone statues, but no matter how long it waited, nothing came out of its mouth. For now, its stomach was empty and it could no longer summon monsterlings to battle.

Thwip! Thwip! Thwip!

From behind, Li Yi started to attack.

Currently, the Stone Guardian had no way to retaliate any attacks that were made against it. It could do nothing but take the damage! There was no better time for him to attack, no?


An image of a cracking shield appeared repeatedly over the Stone Guardian’s body. Li Yi’s Orange Bow had activated its Armor Strip special effect.

After more than twenty arrows, Li Yi was already causing more than 10,000 damage per shot to the Stone Guardian. The scary Armor Strip special effect had rendered impenetrable stone into something that was even softer than tofu.

“Messenger of Deathwing, your efforts are admirable.”

Akna praised Li Yi once again. The System Notification pinged, indicating that Akna’s Affinity towards Li Yi had increased significantly.

The Stone Guardian was the first Boss within the Tuhr Altar. Its powers were average and it was not exactly a hard Boss to beat. However, it should not be seen as weak either. It was just unlucky enough to have both Akna and Li Yi as enemies this time. Soon, it could no longer hold its ground against the two and had shattered into pieces of broken rock.

Li Yi went forward to loot. It was quite a good harvest this time around as he had acquired a grand total of 21 Ice Rocks.

Akna stood before the Stone Guardian’s remains and stopped moving.

Her mana was severely depleted to the point where she had to stop and recover.

After a while, Akna spoke up. “Messenger of Deathwing, are you willing to help me in another favour?”

Yes or no?

“Yes!” Li Yi made his choice.

Akna nodded and used her Skull Staff to leisurely draw something on the ground…

Not long after that, a pentagram was sketched onto the ground with mana pulsing in its veins. It looked brilliantly beautiful.

As Akna pointed her Skull Staff at the sketch, the pentagram shone brightly. A dark, magical teleportation door rose from the ground.

“Come, help me to summon someone.”

Akna held the teleportation door with her hand and channelled her mana into it.

Li Yi did not hesitate and stepped forward to hold the teleportation door immediately. He quickly channelled his mana into the door too.

Approximately 10 seconds had passed before a soft click was heard. The magical teleportation door opened, and a black-robed woman stepped out from within.

The black-robed woman clutched a wooden staff in her hand. Her face was entirely shrouded within the black robe. This was none other than Sister Windcloud Nine, the wife of Brother Windcloud Nine.

Li Yi froze for a moment before scrambling to put on the Cursing Sect Outfit.

Sister Windcloud Nine did not see Li Yi. After she was teleported over, she promptly greeted Akna. “Master…”

“Mm. This is…” Akna pointed at Li Yi and was taken aback when she saw how he had transformed into a Cursing Disciple. However, she quickly regained her composure when she understood his intentions. She continued, “This is my friend.”

Sister Windcloud Nine called joyfully, “Mr Ulumuchi, do you still recognise me?”

“Ahem, of course, I do.” Li Yi nodded. Sister Windcloud Nine’s arrival was so sudden that he was entirely unprepared to meet her. Thankfully, he still had a Cursing Sect Outfit on hand. Otherwise, the aftermath would definitely be creepy if she were to see that he was actually Li Yi!

“I never expected your teacher to be Her Eminence Akna. I’m so… jealous of you.”

“Hehe, hehe, hehe…” Sister Windcloud Nine giggled shyly. Only she herself could understand the difficulties that she had endured just to get Akna to be her teacher.

Akna proceeded to shut her eyes and rest. Sister Windcloud Nine studied her surroundings before softly asking Li Yi, “Are you really a player?”

“I am a player.” Li Yi nodded.

“Can you log off and go offline?”

“What do you think?”

“Hehe, hehe…”

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