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«Pierce Heaven Til’ It Breaks (Web Novel) - Chapter 514: Skeletal Dragon

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Chapter 514: Skeletal Dragon

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What Li Yi had used was a skill from the Trap Path of Archers, ‘Keep Going If Alive’.


Brother Simon’s corpse was immediately ignited upon touching Onyxia’s body. In a blink of an eye, it was already burnt into cinders.

Aside from her half-arsed master, Li Yi, the proud Black Dragon Princess would not permit anyone else to touch her body.

With Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian both dead, and no one below able fly, the pressure faced by Onyxia had greatly reduced.

Under Li Yi’s constant barking, Onyxia’s mind finally cleared. With a low growl, she took off into the air and fled in another direction.

The players below continued to scream and shout. Alas, since they were unable to fly, they could only stare as they watched Onyxia leave.

Sometime later, Brother Simon and Lil Jinlian revived simultaneously. However, by the time they took to the skies, Onyxia’s silhouette was already nowhere to be seen.

In a single breath, Onyxia had flown continuously for approximately ten minutes. Only when Li Yi had given her the order did she finally descend slowly.

Her HP had been reduced by around 30,000,000 and the Weakness Icon above her head had turned darker. However, it seemed that she was much more docile now.

Onyxia did not revert back to her human form on her own accord. Instead, she only did so after Li Yi had given the order.

Li Yi was astonished. He then ordered Onyxia to circle around him while crawling. To his surprise, Onyxia… had followed his orders to the word, without even showing any signs of rebellion.

‘Does reducing her HP make her more obedient?’

Li Yi inspected Onyxia’s current state. He had a vague sense that the breakthrough to taming her lied in her HP pool.

Coincidentally, the moment Li Yi and Onyxia landed, a squad of Tuhrs riding on white War Bears came rushing over, causing quite a commotion.

It turns out that they had landed in Tuhr Village this time.

“Mighty Mr. Dark Wing, welcome back to Tuhr Village.” The squad of Tuhrs greeted Li Yi politely.

That was the amount of respect that players would receive when their Reputation had reached ‘Worship’ status with the faction.

Li Yi followed the squad of Tuhrs back to the village.

The movement of the Southern Continent’s hero, Emperor Lan was irregular, and he would randomly appear in any corner of the Northern Continent. Searching him was not an easy task, as, besides experience, one required luck as well.

The clan leader of the Tuhrs, Ardahan was as hospitable as ever. He invited Li Yi to participate in their tribal dance party and shared delicious booze with him as well.

By nightfall, the Tuhr Clan’s dance party had begun. A huge group of young Tuhr lasses gathered around a bonfire and were dancing as they sang together.

Though this was all just a part of a game, the realness it brought to the players was not much different from reality.

“Hi buddy, our Tuhr ladies are as smoking hot as they are gentle. Need me to help pick out two Alhus?” While chugging down his booze, Ardahan gave Li Yi a playful smile.

‘Alhu’ meant ‘servant’ in the language of the Tuhrs.

Li Yi smiled while nodding his head. Ardahan allowed Li Yi to choose the Alhus by himself and once his selection was complete, two of the most beautiful Tuhr ladies were now Li Yi’s servants.

The servants functioned like guards, and as long as they were in the Tuhr faction’s territory, players could bring the servants to assist in battle. Furthermore, the servants were classed as priests, and since the player who brought them along could choose how to upgrade them, they functioned much better than the normal Tuhr Guards.

While drinking, Li Yi questioned Ardahan about Emperor Lan’s whereabouts. However, Ardahan shook his head and expressed that he had never heard of the name before.

Though Li Yi had not learned of Emperor Lan’s movements, he could at least confirm one fact now. Emperor Lan had never been to Tuhr Village before.

The North Pole Continent was extremely vast, and Emperor Lan could appear randomly in any corner of the continent. Since Emperor Lan had yet to enter Tuhr Village despite King of Pantheon’s two years of operation, there was a high likelihood that Emperor Lan would appear somewhere near Tuhr Village soon.

Naturally, it was only a high likelihood and not a definite possibility.

Near the end of the bonfire, Ardahan heaved a heavy sigh. “That b*stard Akna’s returned. She’s always standing outside the altar, and she’s very slick. Every time I bring my men over to her, she flees immediately.

‘Akna’s returned?’

A thought crossed Li Yi’s mind.

He had intended to look for Akna, but he never would have thought that she would appear near the Tuhr Clan again.

Soul’s Oath Scroll’s effects were fading, and Li Yi had no confidence he could control Onyxia in the future.

‘Let those who tied the bell untie it. The best way to learn how to control Onyxia in the future is to ask Akna herself.’

The bonfire dance had come to an end. Li Yi left Onyxia back at the Tuhr Village, summoned Holy Light Warhorse, and rode off to the Tuhr Altar all by himself.

Snow still fell in droves, and halfway through the journey, Li Yi activated God Mode and flew off towards the Tuhr Altar.

Due to Akna’s presence, the originally cold and barren Tuhr Altar was now littered with Undead monsters summoned by her, such as skeletal warriors, skeletal wizards, skeletal crows, skeletal bats, etc…

Li Yi brushed past the horde of Undead, and the monsters ignored him. This was because Li Yi’s Affinity with Akna had reached ‘Respectful’, and since Akna’s summoned monsters belonged to the same camp as him, it was only natural that they would not attack him.

“Messenger of Deathwing, halt your steps. This is the Tuhr Altar, you are not permitted to step any further.”

Akna descended from the sky, blocking Li YI’s path.

She was clad in black robes, and a black vapor oozed from her pores. It seemed that she was much stronger than before.

“Your Eminence, Akna, I’m glad to meet you again.”

Li Yi pressed his hands before his chest, and politely gave his greetings.

Akna asked, “Are you here for me?”

“Following my master, Deathwing’s decree, I am here to learn the permanent method of taming dragons from you.”

“Permanent Dragon Taming Methods?” Akna snorted and began to laugh creepily.

“Didn’t I told you last time that unless it’s one of Deathwing’s close relatives, I would never reveal the Permanent Dragon Taming Methods?”

Li Yi scratched his head. “Ah, is that so? What a waste, my master Deathwing’s been really busy recently, and he still needs some time before he is able to come over.”

Akna thrust out her skeletal staff. “If there are no other matters, please leave immediately.”

“Yes, of course, there’s something else. The Soul’s Oath Scroll you gave me was very effective. Alas, for some reason, its controlled target is starting to go against me… my master, Deathwing’s orders recently.”

“The method to controlling it permanently is simple. All you need to do is to keep its HP below 10%. At that point, it’ll do whatever you command it to do without rebelling at all, hahaha…”

Li Yi continued to prod. “Is there no other method to control it? I’m talking about controlling it at full HP and permanently taming it, so that it’ll become a Mount Emblem or something like that.”

Now that his Affinity with Akna had reached ‘Respectful’, aside from conversing freely with Akna, he could even learn some secrets from her.

Akna gaze bored silently into Li Yi, and with a cold voice, she asked, “Are you really Deathwing’s messenger?”


The Undead roaming around instantly gathered towards Li Yi, and the name above Akna’s head started to fluctuate wildly between Red and Green.

Li Yi’s questions had reached the bottom line of Akna’s privacy. It was a perilous situation. If he was unable to give a satisfying answer to Akna, their relationship would plunge to the coldest depths, and they would instantly become enemies.

“Your Eminence, Akna, I am speechless against your accusations. I’m just an insignificant messenger, not even a black dragon. So, you can imagine my current situation pretty well.”

Akna glared suspiciously at him. The name above her head was still flashing. It seemed that Li Yi’s words had failed to satisfy her.

Exasperated, Li Yi was forced to continue forging his lies. “My true master is the Black Dragon Princess, Onyxia. It was her that ordered me to come here.”

“Onyxia is it…” Akna’s voice grew soft, and the intensity of the flashing had reduced.

Li Yi let out a sigh of relief. He was already prepared for a falling out, but right now, it appeared that there was no need for it.

The Undead monsters retreated, and Akna’s name was steadily in green territory now.

“Onyxia is Deathwing’s most beloved daughter. He once told me that he would send his daughter as his messenger, and since you’re Onyxia’s messenger, it seems that you were telling me the truth.”

Li Yi decided to wing it further. “I see.”

“Aside from Deathwing’s close relatives, I would never teach the Permanent Dragon Taming Methods to anyone. However, I don’t think there’s any harm in giving out the secrets of the Soul’s Oath Scroll.”

Akna entered a long-winded lecture. In truth, the Soul’s Oath Scroll was not her creation, but instead was a precious item that was passed down by the Tuhr’s Priests, generation after generation. When she betrayed the Tuhrs, she had stolen all the scrolls the Priests used, and Soul’s Oath Scroll was one of them.

Soul’s Oath Scroll’s effects would gradually weaken with time, and thus, there was only one way to permanently control its target. Firstly, the target’s HP would need to be reduced until it was around 10%. Then, the user should employ a wide variety of tactics in order to crumble the target’s sanity. Once that was done, the user can now permanently control the target, and if the user wanted to transform it into a Mount Emblem, there was a chance of doing so, but it would prove difficult.

Akna waved her hand, and a giant skeletal dragon burst out from a magical circle. It wagged its tail around and flew off into the skies.

The skeletal dragon’s body spanned over a hundred meters long, and although its external appearance was slightly smaller than Onyxia, its skeletal structure was quite similar to Onyxia’s.

Akna asked, “Do you know the history of this skeletal dragon?”

“Yeah.” Li Yi nodded his head reluctantly. All he wanted to know was how to transform his controlled target into a Dragon Mount Emblem, and not some skeletal dragon’s history. However, since Akna wanted to explain, he had no choice but to listen.

“This skeletal dragon’s history is not insignificant by any means. It’s a gift from Deathwing.” A hint of pride leaked out from her tone. With a point of her skeletal staff, the hundred-meter-long skeletal dragon ‘poofed’, turning into a palm-sized model which landed on her palm.

“Impressive.” Li Yi muttered sheepishly.

“It isn’t just impressive. Do you know who this skeletal dragon is when it was alive? Hahaha, it’s Deathwing’s wife, Onyxia’s birth mother, the Mother of Dragons, Sinestra!”

‘The Mother of Dragons, Sinestra…’

Li Yi was truly shocked this time.

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