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«Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 712 - Mediating the Physician and Patient’s Conflict

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Chapter 712 - Mediating the Physician and Patient’s Conflict

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Translator: Thyaeria

Any hospital will have a dispute, and even a TCM pharmacy isn’t an exception. Although the physicians in the Three Flavour Hall were professionals, it’s unavoidable for there to be a problem. Hence, the Three Flavour Hall had specially left out a guest room to mediate the conflict between the physician and patients.

Even before Su Tao entered, he could hear a dispute sounding out as a woman crackled with Hanzhou dialect, “Everyone says that the Three Flavour Hall is the best TCM pharmacy out there, but in my view, it’s simply a swindling place. My daughter came here for treatment, and she was only suffering from a simple cold. But she became deaf after taking the medicine prescribed by you guys. No matter what, I demand an explanation.”

Su Tao did not go indirectly as he looked inside through the window. He looked at the deaf girl, she looks pretty delicate with a skinny frame. Her complexion was somewhat yellowish as she sat there, dumbfounded with a peculiar expression.

Holding onto the documents that Xiao Jingjing handed to him, he glanced at the prescription and asked, “Which physician was the one who prescribed the medicine to the patient?”

“Physician Chen Defeng, he’s Mr. Song’s disciple. He has a steady temperament, and he has always been cautious in his work. All along, his reputation has been good, and there hasn’t been an issue.” Xiao Jingjing sighed as she continued, “But on that day during the treatment, Physician Cheng Defeng seems to have drunk a little that afternoon. We’ve penalised him for him, but the patient’s mother was scheming and actually used her phone to record a view. Now that the patient has suddenly become deaf, she took out that video, claiming that Physician Cheng Defeng made a mistake in his prescription under the influence of alcohol…”

The patient’s mother initially wanted to bring her daughter to the Three Flavour Hall because of the pharmacy’s reputation, so she took a video to boast about it. However, she ended up taking the video of Chen Defeng’s unusual complexion under the influence of alcohol.

Su Tao sighed as it was partly due to the lack of his presence that resulted in this incident.

It’s actually Chen Defeng, his senior brother! He might not have much contact with Chen Defeng, but Chen Defeng gave out a steady impression that he’s capable.

“Where’s he?” Su Tao asked.

He’s currently appeasing them.” Xiao Jingjing replied helplessly as he added, “He knew that he had committed a mistake, so he’s trying his best to resolve this matter.”

“Ask him out and let me have a chat with him.” Su Tao instructed after a brief pondering.

Xiao Jingjing went into the room and a brief moment later, Chen Defeng came out. Looking at the guilt on his face, Su Tao asked, “Senior brother, you don’t have to be too worried. I will resolve this matter, but you have to be honest with me. Why did you drink that day?”

Distressed, Chen Defeng waved his fist, “Don’t mention it anymore. That day, a friend of mine from Xiangnan Province came over on a business trip. It has been a long time since we met, and he wanted to drink. But knowing that I have a shift in the afternoon, I only drank a little with him. It was because of my peculiar constitution that causes my face to blush easily when drinking alcohol and had a video taken by the patient’s mother. But I can guarantee that it did not affect my professionalism. That girl had pathogens attacking her liver with slow blood circulation and irregular menses. Due to the fact that she often says in an air-conditioning environment, she caught a cold. You can make a check with her prescription, there’s nothing wrong with it. Her sudden deafness has nothing to do with me.”

“I’ve looked at your prescription, and it has truly nothing to do with you. But working under the influence of alcohol will affect the Three Flavour Hall greatly.” Su Tao sighed.

“How about this, I’m willing to take up the responsibility on this matter and resign. At the same time, I’m willing to compensate the patient.” Chen Defeng spoke with guilt.

Su Tao knew that Chen Defeng was a brilliant student of Song Sichen, and he did not have a habit of drinking alcohol. But to the fact that he has a straightforward personality, he made a lot of friends. Then again, it was also his straightforward personality that made Song Sichen arrange him in the main branch of the Three Flavour Hall.

“Resign?” Su Tao smiled bitterly as he shook his head, “We’re all mature adults, and we must know how to face our mistakes instead of running. I won’t allow you to resign, but you have to deal with this matter according to my instruction.”

“Go on, I’m listening.” Chen Defeng asked in perplexion.

Su Tao whispered into Chen Defeng’s ears, causing the latter’s expression to change as he wore a bitter smile, “Will that really work?”

“Just be prepared to act according to what I told you earlier.” Su Tao gently patted on Chen Defeng’s shoulder.

A commotion sounded once more from the guest room. A female physician was currently being humiliated by the patient’s mother. The brim of her eyes had turned red as she was trying her best to control her emotions.

Xiao Jingjing immediately went over and comforted, “Please don’t be anxious for now. We will give you a solution in a while.”

“Where’s the person in charge?” The patient’s mother yelled as she continued, “It’s useless for me to talk with you. Right now, my intestines have turned green from regret to believe in TCM instead of going to a hospital. No wonder so many people say that TCM are all liars. Charlatans like you have already lost your basic moral!”

“We’re still investigating why your daughter has lost her sense of hearing. We’ve looked through the prescription that we gave you yesterday, and it doesn’t have any side effects. Please believe in our professionalism.” Xiao Jingjing tried her best to explain as patiently as she could.

“What professionalism? I have already given a call to the hottest television station out there. At the same time, I’ve made calls to both the Industry and Commerce Department and Health Bureau. I must reveal all your scams today and get the government to punish you. I’m not someone easy to mess with; my husband is a member of the City Municipal Committee, and he knows many people in the government organisation.” The patient’s mother sneered.

Just when she finished speaking, someone rushed in and whispered in Xiao Jingjing’s ears, “There are a few people who claim to be reporters, what should we do?”

“Bring them in politely!” Xiao Jingjing sighed. There were problems in the past too, but they were all under control without the media dragged in. However, Xiao Jingjing never expected that she could counter such a difficult customer.

A few minutes later, a man and woman entered the guest room. The man has a tall figure, holding onto a camera as he sweeps it around. When he saw the intense situation, he immediately gave a signal to the female reporter beside him.

“We’re from Hanzhou TV Station’s news channel, and I’m a reporter from The Present Life. May I ask if you have encountered any problem? We have been paying attention to the grassroots society, speaking for people.” The female reporter immediately asked the patient’s mother.

The patient's mother immediately explained the entire matter with a grievance as she even played a video to the reporter, “We have a video of their physician conducting treatment under the influence of alcohol. Take a look at it! They’re simply reckless, and a charlatan pharmacy like this should be closed down!”

The female reporter’s eyes instantly turned cold as she looked at Xiao Jingjing and asked, “Do you guys have any explanation regarding this matter?”

Letting out a sigh, Xiao Jingjing replied, “We’re still investigating the cause of the patient’s deafness. You can’t just put it all on use just because she has once taken our medicine.”

“Then what explanation do you have on your employee working under the influence of alcohol?” The reporter pursued.

“We will penalise fairly based on the employee’s mistake. Furthermore, if we find out that the patient’s deafness has something to do with our medication, we will definitely make compensation without shrieking from any responsibility.” Xiao Jingjing replied

“I feel that you guys are just shrieking from the responsibility.” The reporter rebuked as she continued, “Who will prove that the medication has nothing to do with the patient’s condition?”

“This is a pharmacy, and since she’s sick, we will definitely treat her for free.” Xiao Jingjing sighed.

“No way! We no longer trust in your standards. If my daughter’s condition worsens, what should we do?” The patient’s mother immediately rejected.

“If I’m in that position, I will not believe in your pharmacy anymore.” The reporter spoke out solemnly.

The female reporter was fanning the fire on purpose as she was purposely trying to trigger the patient’s mother.

“That’s right, I’m too disappointed. You guys must compensate me, and I will definitely not let my daughter receive any treatment here. You guys are just a bunch of scums!” The patient’s mother cursed.

Xiao Jingjing was furious by those words, but she could only swallow it down. At this moment, she represents the Three Flavour Hall, and she can’t show her personal emotions right now. Hence, she tried her best to persuade, “Our pharmacy has the best TCM talents in the nation. The founder of this pharmacy, Mr. Su Tao, is a National Healer. He’s currently present now, and we can get him to treat your daughter.”

“Screw your National Healer, I will definitely not believe in TCM again.” The mother pointed at her daughter, who was at a loss as her eyes turned red, “If anything happens to my daughter, I will definitely not let this matter rest!”

When she finished speaking, she saw a bottle of hot water on the table and immediately picked it up. Xiao Jingjing was startled as it’s a bottle of hot water, and it’s no joke to get scalded from it. She immediately wanted to seize the bottle back, but the patient’s mother was too jerked back, causing the lid to fall off as the water splashed out.

Xiao Jingjing only felt that her mind had gone blank. All of a sudden, her figure spun in mid-air, while that patient’s mother suffered a kick to her lower abdomen as she fell onto the ground. The bottle fell between the two of them as hot water splashed out. But fortunately, neither of them was hurt.

Xiao Jingjing was stunned when she realised that she was in someone’s embrace. Seeing that it was Su Tao who saved her, her face turned red as she immediately stood up and lowered her head.

Su Tao had reacted swiftly at that moment as she gave a kick to the patient’s mother earlier. Otherwise, the two of them will definitely be scalded.

On the contrary, Su Tao’s clothes had become wet as Xiao Jingjing asked nervously, “Master, are you alright?”

“It hurts a little, but it’s nothing since the water isn’t too hot.” Su Tao could feel the scalding pain coming from his back, but there should be any burns. He can just resolve it after applying some medication later.

The man holding onto the camera nodded his head at the female reporter. The female reporter revealed an unnoticeable smile as the two of them were tactful and had definitely recorded the entire scene earlier.

For reporters like them, they must create a dispute even if there isn’t one. Otherwise, how can they use it as source material to raise the people’s anger?

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