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«Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 376 - Three Resounding Slaps

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Chapter 376 - Three Resounding Slaps

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Translator: Thyaeria

Seeing no response from Wang Guofeng, the corner of Bai Fan’s lips rose. He knew that Wang Guofeng was more cold-blooded than he had imagined. When he suggested killing Mo Sun’er, Wang Guofeng showed no reaction. He didn’t seem to be bothered with her death.

He was actually a selfish and cold-blooded person who had no regard for others. All of a sudden, Bai Fan felt the need to re-evaluate Wang Guofeng. The latter didn’t turn out to be as easy to manipulate as he imagined, and who could be sure that such a ruthless person wouldn’t come back to bite him?

Due to the surveillance camera in the rubbish dump, the entire scene could be seen from the laptop. Two people sandwiched Mo Sun’er, and when she tried to run by instinct, she was thrown to the ground with a slap by Ole Third.

In the entire process, Wang Guofeng didn’t even knit his brows a little bit.

“Do you want to briefly step back?” Bai Fan asked with a smile.

“I’ll briefly step back, then!” Wang Guofeng faintly smiled before he stood up and entered a house.

For the Three Flavour Hall’s secret formula, Wang Guofeng planned such an act to make use of Mo Sun’er’s feelings for him with Ole Third and Old Mai.

Whether it was the scene of Old Mai stabbing him or the finger he bought at a high price, it was all to fool Mo Sun’er into believing his kidnapping since he knew Mo Sun’er well. Although this lass had deep feelings for him, it wouldn’t be easy to make her obtain the Three Flavour Hall’s secret formula without using some tricks.

Ever since he confessed to Mo Sun’er back in Hanzhou City to how he neglected her and finally, inviting her to Qiongjin City, it was a well-planned scheme. Perhaps he might feel a little guilty in his heart, but he firmly believed in those words of Bai Fan — a great man has to be ruthless.

Rangure has met with Su Tao a few times, which he knew about it. Thus, he felt a crisis rising in his heart.

If he didn’t show his worth, then he would be ruthlessly abandoned by Bai Fan and Rangure.

He was now used to leading a luxurious life, and he was afraid of going back to how he used to live. How could he be willing to become a poor physician without wealth or women?

He saw his life decades later in his father and grandfather, and he wasn’t willing to live a mediocre life. If he didn’t try to change his life, he would be ruthlessly abandoned in the end by time.

After his several exchanges with Su Tao, he has completely lost confidence in his own medical skills. He felt powerless since Su Tao’s skills were unfathomable, and not even his grandfather or father could defeat him for sure.

Hence, he wanted to resort to another method, scheming for the Three Flavour Hall’s secret formula under Bai Fan’s instruction.

As for Mo Sun’er, she was only a chess piece for him.

Although he had feelings for her, she had ultimately turned into a stepping stone for his future.

Ever since the engagement between him and Liu Ruochen was cancelled, he no longer believed in true love.

At this moment, Mo Sun’er was forced to stand by Ole Third with her cheeks swollen and a trace of blood on the corner of her lips.

Walking towards Mo Sun’er, Bai Fan smiled. “Sun’er, we meet again!”

“Bai Fan? It’s actually you!” In fact, Mo Sun’er had already suspected Bai Fan being the mastermind.

With a smile, Bai Fan said, “Hand the formula over and I’ll let Wang Guofeng go!”

“I want to see my Senior Brother first!” Mo Sun’er insisted.

“What a stubborn lass!” Bai Fan walked to Mo Sun’er and grabbed onto her chin before pulling her bag and taking out the glassware within it.

With his face turning grave, he dipped his finger into the liquid before joy flashed in his eyes. “So that’s the case! Mo Sun’er, you’ve not failed me. You really manage to find the secret ingredient of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International!”

Bai Fan understood the Three Flavour Cosmetics International too well, and as someone sensitive to medicinal ingredients, he instantly figured out the effect of this liquid.

Mo Sun’er also knew that the Medicine Deity Corporation has been trying to find the secret to the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s products, and she knew how much loss she was bringing to the Three Flavour Hall. As long as Bai Fan managed to decipher this secret formula, he would be able to create a replica!

“Since you’ve already obtained it, please let my Senior Brother go!” Mo Sun’er’s eyes welled with tears.

“Let your Senior Brother go?” Bai Fan looked stunned as he replied, “What have I got to do with your Senior Brother?”

Seeing that Bai Fan reneged on his deal, Mo Sun’er raged, “Bai Fan, you despicable bastard! If you don’t let my Senior Brother go, I won’t let you off even if I die!”

“How heart-achingly silly.” Bai Fan sighed. “Wang Guofeng, do you want to come out and see your Junior Sister? Otherwise, I’m afraid that she will still be kept in the dark even after death, and it would be too pitiful!”

At this moment, the door was pulled open and Wang Guofeng gracefully walked out. He wore a grey fur coat with his hair neatly arranged, along with polished leather shoes.

“I’m fine, Sun’er.” Wang Guofeng said.

Shock filled Mo Sun’er’s eyes. She felt disbelief about everything. Wasn’t her Senior Brother kidnapped, covered in blood, and even had his pinky severed? So how was he standing here all well? Was she dreaming?

Did she have a bad dream?!

“Senior Brother, what’s going on?” Mo Sun’er cried out with tears welling in her eyes.

“This is the brutality of society!” Wang Guofeng sighed out in regret. “I must obtain the secret formula of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International, so I had to make use of you.”

“I don’t believe you! You’re definitely not Senior Brother Guofeng!” Mo Sun’er painfully wailed. The injury on her face paled in comparison to her heart.

“I’ll leave the rest to you.” Wang Guofeng sighed and brushed shoulders with Mo Sun’er. In the end, he still couldn’t bear to watch Mo Sun’er being killed before him, since it would make him feel guilty. Hence, he decided to withdraw.

Looking at Wang Guofeng’s silhouette, Bai Fan mockingly smiled, “Everyone has been saying how cruel I, Bai Fan, am. But I pale in comparison to Wang Guofeng! Old Mai, do a clean job and don’t leave any trace behind!”

“Don’t worry about it, Senior Brother!” Old Mai licked his lips. “We’ve used this rubbish dump so many times, and there hasn’t been an incident!”

Nodding his head, Bai Fan also descended from the building. At this moment, he was itching to research the surprise that Mo Sun’er brought him.

“Old Mai, this lass seems young, and she should be a virgin. Shall we have some fun?” Ole Third’s voice made Mo Sun’er feel goosebumps.

“Again? I’ll give you half an hour.” Old Mai sighed as he looked at Mo Sun’er with a complicated glance.

Ole Third was perverted when it came to torturing women, and in just a moment, Mo Sun’er would wish for death.

After Old Mai disappeared, Ole Third gave a brutal smile and started to rip the collar of Mo Sun’er’s shirt. Mo Sun’er’s body was more agile than an ordinary woman’s. Despite her hands being bound, she still managed to dodge it. Letting out a snort in surprise, Ole Third stretched his fist out and unleashed a jab at Mo Sun’er’s face. As the latter swayed, she fell to the ground. At this moment, Ole Third chuckled and pounced over. After posturing her face well, he started slapping her left and right.

With her collar ripped, Mo Sun’er was restrained. She watched the despicable man with despair.

At this moment, she suddenly recalled Su Tao’s reminders to her a few days ago, telling her not to believe in Wang Guofeng’s lies.

As her clothes were ripped apart, Ole Third chuckled as he basked in the enjoyment of Mo Sun’er’s despair at this moment.

All of a sudden, a breeze blew by his ears and he subconsciously raised his arm to defend. However, he was sent flying and slammed against a wall.

Knowing that he had suffered an assault, Ole Third wanted to take a look at his attacker. However, his vision flickered upon suffering another jab, causing his entire face to deform from the blow. But surprisingly, he couldn’t faint despite the pain.

At this moment, Mo Sun’er managed to get a clear look at the newcomer — it was Liu Jianwei!

Liu Jianwei had a robust figure and also looked ferocious. He was someone in the Three Flavour Hall that she wasn’t willing to interact with. But at this moment, it was Liu Jianwei who stood out to save her!

Yesterday afternoon, Liu Jianwei had already rushed over to Hanzhou City since Su Tao told him that there would be a significant incident occurring soon in the Three Flavour Hall.

Not to mention that all of Mo Sun’er’s tracks were within Xia Yu’s surveillance. So the moment she left the concoction room with the secret formula, Su Tao secretly followed behind her with Xia Yu and Liu Jianwei.

The reason why they didn’t show up sooner was they feared that they might alarm the other party, and at the same time, Su Tao wanted Mo Sun’er to learn a hard lesson.

At this moment, Liu Jianwei was unleashing a barrage of punches on Ole Third. Although Mo Sun’er was unruly, she was also a member of the Three Flavour Hall. Thus, he naturally considered her to be family.

Since this beast had ill intentions towards his family, Liu Jianwei would naturally shed a layer of his skin!

After Mo Sun’er got up with great difficulty, she looked nearby and saw Old Mai lying on the ground, unmoving, with his arm bent at an abnormal angle.

At this moment, Mo Sun’er felt her anger pacified. She finally knew the meaning of treating your enemy with kindness is akin to being cruel to yourself!

Finally, Ole Third couldn’t take any more of Liu Jianwei’s violent assaults and fainted.

Mo Sun’er looked in the direction of some approaching footsteps and saw Bai Fan and Wang Guofeng walking at the front while Su Tao and Xia Yu were following behind. Judging from their postures, Bai Fan and Wang Guofeng were being restrained by the two of them!

Am I saved?

Mo Sun’er felt relieved. She never expected that the incident today would progress in this manner.

Standing before Mo Sun’er, Su Tao took a deep glance at her state before he took a deep breath and lashed a slap over. “This slap is for your Senior Sister. If anything happened to you, do you know how worried she would be?!”

Another slap followed. “This is for the Three Flavour Hall. You’ve committed such a grave mistake and nearly threw all our efforts down the drain because of your foolishness!”

After a brief hesitation, Su Tao followed up with another slap. “This slap is to forgive you, and I hope that you will grow up!”

Su Tao rarely laid his hand on a woman, and he slapped Mo Sun’er because he wanted her to pull herself together!

As tears rolled down Mo Sun’er’s cheeks, Xia Yu felt complicated in his heart. He knew that Su Tao’s three slaps were meant to vent the disappointment in his heart.

Flinging his hand, Su Tao turned around and coldly looked at Wang Guofeng and Bai Fan. “Xia Yu, you take Mo Sun’er and leave first. I’ll talk with these two gentlemen!”

With Liu Jianwei by his side, Xia Yu didn’t have to worry about anything. Turning to see Mo Sun’er wailing her heart out, Xia Yu sighed as he embraced her to leave.

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