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«Physician’s Odyssey (Web Novel) - Chapter 375 - Mo Sun’er trapped

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Chapter 375 - Mo Sun’er trapped

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Translator: Thyaeria

“Who are you?” Mo Sun’er cautiously asked.

“Do you think that I will tell you?” The person raised a finger and continued, “I’m only giving you one day. If you can’t obtain the secret formula today, then Wang Guofeng will have to die!”

Biting her lips, Mo Sun’er replied, “It’s too rushed, and it’s practically impossible for me to obtain the secret formula in such a short period!”

“I believe that you have your ways if you’re bold enough!” The person briefly paused his words before he continued with a threat, “Remember, no one else will know about this. Otherwise, Wang Guofeng’s outcome will be death!”

Mo Sun’er’s face was drained of all colour with her heart in turmoil. When the man saw this, the corner of his lips rose with a snicker before he took out a black pouch from his pocket and placed it beside Mo Sun’er then left.

When Mo Sun’er slowly opened the pouch, she was startled and yelled out, which attracted the attention of the surrounding waiters.

Knowing that she had lost her composure, Mo Sun’er immediately waved her hand and squeezed out a smile. “Sorry about that; it’s nothing!”

There was a finger in the pouch. Judging from the shape, it should be a pinky. A pinky was extremely important to a physician, since it could affect the bone setting, acupuncture, and massage. Those insane maniacs actually chopped off one of Wang Guofeng’s fingers! At this moment, Mo Sun’er’s heart was bleeding.

Knowing the determination and brutality of the kidnappers, Mo Sun’er took a deep breath and knew that she had to follow their request. Hence, she gave Xiao Jingjing a call and sounded her request to return.

Xiao Jingjing was taken aback by Mo Sun’er’s sudden request. However, she still went along with the latter and they came to the transit.

“What’s wrong? Your face looks pale!” Xiao Jingjing asked in perplexion when she noticed that Mo Sun’er didn’t look right.

Shrugging her shoulders, Mo Sun’er weakly smiled. “I had severe diarrhoea yesterday, and I’m a little dehydrated. I’ll be fine after half a day of rest!”

When Xiao Jingjing examined Mo Sun’er’s expression, the latter didn’t seem to be showing any symptoms of diarrhoea. Hence, she immediately linked it with Wang Guofeng and thought that there was an issue between the two of them, which explains why Mo Sun’er looked so haggard. Since the beginning, Xiao Jingjing wasn’t optimistic about Mo Sun’er’s relationship. After all, there was a massive gap in their age, and she felt that it was a May-December Romance.

When they got on the bus, Mo Sun’er fell into silence, so Xiao Jingjing sighed and gave her space to calm down.

Within the Three Flavour Hall, Wang Peng, who was usually holed up in the concoction room, came out today since it was too busy outside. So when he saw Xiao Jingjing and Mo Sun’er’s abrupt return, he went up and asked, “Why did the two of you suddenly return?”

After a brief pondering, Xiao Jingjing felt the need to find a reason for Mo Sun’er. “We thought that the Three Flavour Hall might be swamped, so we came back to help! I’ll deal with the outside, and you can go back to the concoction room!”

Nodding his head, Wang Peng sighed, “I have to hand the goods over two days from now, and I have to quicken my pace.” When he finished, he immediately rushed back to the concoction room.

When Mo Sun’er looked at Wang Peng’s silhouette, she inwardly sighed. To save her Senior Brother, she could only try and obtain the secret formula from Wang Peng!

Looking at Xiao Jingjing, a weak smile crept on Mo Sun’er’s lips. “I’m a little exhausted. I’ll go take a short nap!”

While Xiao Jingjing was busy tending to the customers, she nodded her head. “Remember to take medicine!” However, she did not mention any exact medication since Mo Sun’er’s medical skills were better than her own. Hence, the latter had a better understanding of her own body.

After Mo Sun’er briefly sat in her dorm room, she finally made the decision and headed for the concoction room. After she gently knocked on the door, Wang Peng, who had changed into a set of lab clothes with a mask, walked over. “Do you need anything?”

With a smile, Mo Sun’er tried to explain, “I feel that my skin has been a little dry, so I want to borrow some of the cream.”

“Your skin is so good, why would you need it?” Wang Peng smiled.

“Actually, I’m inquisitive about how the skincare products of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International are being manufactured!” Mo Sun’er fawned with a smile.

Waving his hand, Wang Peng solemnly responded, “This is the secret formula of the Three Flavour Hall! Aside from my master and I, no one else can make it!”

After a brief stun in disappointment, Mo Sun’er sighed, “So that’s the case. What a pity!”

“But you can come in and take a look if you want!” Wang Peng instantly changed his tone and chuckled, “But don’t tell anyone else about it. If master finds out about it, then I’ll be dead!”

Mo Sun’er never expected that Wang Peng would be so cooperative and nodded her head. “I know, I will surely keep it a secret for you!”

After allowing Mo Sun’er into the concoction room, Wang Peng dove back into his work. Although the Three Flavour Cosmetics International’s skincare products were sold under the starvation marketing technique, the demand has increased after the international market was opened up. Hence, Wang Peng had a tremendous amount of work to do every day.

But his hard work was also paying off, since his salary was the highest amongst all the employees here.

For a talented physician like Mo Sun’er, it was easy for her to obtain the secret formula, since she was familiar with all the herbs. She only needed a glance at those herbs and a rough look at the concoction process to figure out the formula.

“These are the ingredients of the Beautifying Cream? There should be other secrets, right?” Mo Sun’er asked in puzzlement. “Pearl, Dahurian Angelica, Herbaceous Peony, Atractylodes Macrocephala… These are all commonly found, and there’s no difference compared to those skincare products out on the market. So why does the Beautifying Cream have such a great effect?”

Shaking his finger, Wang Peng flaunted on purpose, “I bet you didn’t know that master added a special ingredient in the last process.”

“What ingredient?” Mo Sun’er knew that the unique composition should be the secret of the Beautifying Cream and Restoring Serum.

“I can’t tell you about that!” Wang Peng slyly smiled. Although he had no guard against Mo Sun’er, he knew what can and cannot be revealed. Despite the commonly found herbs that filled the concoction room and the fact that their competitors could buy a product to extract the composition through various tests, skincare products of the Three Flavour Cosmetics International still hasn’t gotten any plagiarised copies due to the special ingredient. That ingredient was so scarce and precious that no other research facility would be able to have a sample of it. Thus, it was practically undetectable through apparatuses.

However, Mo Sun’er’s eyes fell on the laboratory glassware that contained a thick liquid. She noticed that Wang Peng’s gaze would occasionally fall on it, so she figured that that must be the secret ingredient. As she slowly walked over to the glassware, Wang Peng was startled and he immediately blocked the way. “Sun’er, what are you doing?”

“Is the secret here?” Mo Sun’er smiled as she questioned while pointing at the glassware. She felt that it was a pity since there wasn’t any label on it like other glasswares, but this was also the reason that raised her suspicion.

Flinging her lips, Mo Sun’er sourly glared at Wang Peng. “Boring!” When she finished, she left the concoction room.

After that, she briefly headed to Fan Lihua’s room. Doudou’s Big-Foot Disease was nearly cured, and now she could walk around normally. Seeing her studying, Mo Sun’er briefly guided her before returning to her room. When she returned to her room, she immediately took out a bunch of keys that she stole from Fan Lihua’s room.

There was a total of three keys to the concoction room that were separately held by Su Tao, Fan Lihua, and Wang Peng. The reason why Fan Lihua had a key was because she had to occasionally enter to cleanup, and Su Tao was also assured with Fan Lihua. After all, she had no medical knowledge.

It has been some time since Mo Sun’er stayed in the Three Flavour Hall, so she was now familiar with the operation and interior. This was also the reason why she was the best candidate to steal the secret formula.

But at this moment, Mo Sun’er’s heart was in a turmoil; after all, humans have feelings. Working in the Three Flavour Hall for such a long time, it was impossible for her not to have any feelings for it. But Wang Guofeng was in danger now, so she could only go against her heart and be betray the Three Flavour Hall.

In order to prevent Fan Lihua was noticing that her keys were missing, Mo Sun’er left from the side door and flagged a cab and had the keys duplicated nearby. By the time she came back, she was inwardly relieved that Fan Lihua has yet to return to her room and found an opportunity to put the keys back where she took them.

At about 3 a.m. at night, Mo Sun’er took advantage of the fact that everyone was asleep and entered the concoction room with the key she duplicated. The glassware that contained the secret formula was locked in a glass cabinet, which she fiddled her way around before she finally found the key to open it.

After dipping her finger in it and wiped it on her face, a cooling sensation permeated into her pores, which felt comfortable. She had once used the Beautifying Cream, in which this liquid had a similar effect. It also proved that this mysterious liquid was the secret ingredient to the Beautifying Cream.

But because she had no idea what this liquid was, she could only bring the glassware along with her. Those people who kidnapped Wang Guofeng did not give her the luxury of time, so she had to cherish every second she had.

By far, everything was smooth.

When she sat in the cab, she took out her phone and sent a message to Wang Guofeng’s account, “I’ve already obtained what you wanted. Where are you guys?”

“294 Guozi Road, the garbage dump!”

But when Mo Sun’er gave the address to the driver, the driver shook her head. “I’m a cab driver in Hanzhou City, and I’m not familiar with Qiongjin City. I’m afraid that I can only send you the city, so you’ll have to get a local cab to take you there!”

After a series of events, it was already 5a.m. by the time Mo Sun’er reached the garbage dump. As the sun rose to cast its dusky ray that raged through the horizon, Mo Sun’er was feeling uneasy. She was afraid that the other party might make things difficult.

“Leave the formula 50 meters in front of you!” The other party ordered with an indifferent voice.

“What about my Senior Brother? You have to promise to let him go first!” Mo Sun’er grew uneasy.

“Don’t worry, as long as you complete the task; we will not make things difficult for him.” The other side promised.

“Let me take a look at my Senior Brother first!” Mo Sun’er looked around. she knew that the kidnappers were nearby, watching her.

“What a pesky woman!” Old Mai locked his brows together. “Why don’t we just capture her? There’s a surveillance camera nearby, and I’ve checked. She wasn’t followed by anyone; she came alone!”

Ole Third looked at the person nearby having tea and sought instructions, “Senior Brother, what do you think?”

That person was Bai Fan, and he was currently enjoying his tea before he replied with a smile, “Mo Sun’er cannot remain. Brother Guofeng, what do you think?”

Wang Guofeng was unharmed and was sitting beside Bai Fan. There wasn’t the slightest injury on him. He sighed with hesitation on his face.

“A great man has to be ruthless!” Bai Fan gently patted Wang Guofeng’s shoulder. “I’ll decide for you! Kill her after obtaining the formula and dump her body with the garbage.”

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