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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 975 Chaotic Spirit Artifact, Quadruple Spirit Lamp

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Chapter 975 Chaotic Spirit Artifact, Quadruple Spirit Lamp

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Lin Feng stared intently at the Chaotic Lotus.

The Chaotic Lotus rooted in the divine stone shook continuously. The Chaotic Lotus was growing at a visible speed, and very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it had already doubled in size.

It became incomparably huge. Originally, the Chaotic Lotus was already large enough. Now, it blotted out everything. Its wide lotus leaves could even envelop a radius of tens of thousands of light-years.

How enormous was this?

It would probably be difficult to find such a huge Chaotic Lotus even in the Chaos. Lin Feng also knew that this Chaotic Lotus must have fused with Lin Feng’s internal universe. It had absorbed too much universe origin, so it had long “mutated”, and was no longer a pure Chaotic Lotus.

As time passed, the Chaotic Lotus seemed to have stopped growing. Instead, it seemed to be nurturing something, like a lotus seed. However, what kind of lotus seed was this newly nurtured lotus seed?

Lin Feng had already seen many lotus seeds nurtured by the Chaotic Lotus. For example, it could directly nurture lotus seeds of life, producing 3,000 Universe Daemons, and even Chaotic lotus seeds that could directly allow 3,000 Universe Daemons to become Chaotic lifeforms.

The lotus seeds of the Chaotic Lotus were indeed very miraculous, but this time, it seemed to be different. This divine stone was clearly very beneficial to the Chaotic Lotus. The Chaotic Lotus had just doubled in size and become incomparably huge, but it had only made the divine stone shrink slightly. It had not absorbed much energy from the divine stone.

But now, in order to nurture this miraculous lotus seed, the divine stone was actually constantly shrinking. Moreover, it seemed like the Chaotic Lotus would not be able to finish nurturing it for a while.

“What kind of miraculous lotus seed is this?”

Lin Feng was also filled with curiosity. However, it would probably be difficult to see this lotus seed nurtured in a short period of time. Lin Feng left his internal universe, and continued looking at the pile of treasures in the Chaotic spaceship again.

Among this pile of treasures, the nine Chaotic spirit treasures were exceptionally eye-catching. In particular, the spiritual fluctuations were even stronger.

Lin Feng reached out and grabbed a Chaotic spirit treasure that looked like a lamp. There was a strong spiritual fluctuation on it. Chaotic spirit treasures did not have any manipulation techniques. One had to be recognized by the artifact spirit to control Chaotic spirit treasures normally.

“Come out. I know you’re inside. If you don’t appear soon, I’ll destroy your body.”

Lin Feng smiled. He knew a lot about Chaotic spirit treasures. It was very difficult for even Perfected Lords to capture ordinary Chaotic spirit treasures, let alone subdue and refine them.

However, Lin Feng was different. There was a Chaotic divine array in this Chaotic spaceship, set up by a Perfected Deity. Chaotic spirit treasures could not even fly out of this treasure vault.

Hence, Lin Feng was not afraid that these Chaotic spirit treasures would break free and escape.

However, there was no movement from the lamp. Lin Feng simply used the Chaotic aura to test the lamp, but a message of “refusal” came from the lamp.

Clearly, the lamp was very resistant to Lin Feng, and did not approve of Lin Feng as its “master”.

“Interesting. Since you look like a lamp, you should know about this kind of flames, right?”

Lin Feng extended his palm, and a ball of Chaotic flames covered his palm. The golden Chaotic flames emitted a scorching aura.


A chubby little boy like a one-year-old baby manifested from the lamp.

“Perfected Lord, if you want my recognition, you have to pass my test,” said the chubby boy.

Lin Feng knew that this little boy was actually the artifact spirit of the Chaotic spirit treasure.

“What test?”

“My name is the Quadruple Spirit Lamp. I can fuse the four types of Chaotic spirit flames into one. Your Chaotic flames are only one of the four types of Chaotic spirit flames. This is far from enough. You must cultivate the other three types of Chaotic spirit flames successfully before I can acknowledge you as my master.”

The chubby artifact spirit baby had a solemn expression.

“I still need to cultivate three types of Chaotic spirit flames? Which three types of Chaotic spirit flames?”

“Other than the Chaotic flames, there’s also the Chaotic yin flames, the Chaotic yang flames, and the Chaotic wind flames. It is extremely difficult to cultivate any of these three Chaotic spirit flames. However, you’re a Perfected Lord and wish to refine me, so you have to cultivate these three types of Chaotic spirit flames.”

Lin Feng gave a half-smile. Apart from the Chaotic flames, he had never heard of the other three types of spirit flames, let alone cultivated them. He had long heard that Chaotic spirit treasures were very difficult to deal with. Not only was it difficult to come across them, it was even harder to refine them.

From the looks of it, this was indeed the case. Just the Quadruple Spirit Lamp alone was already so difficult to deal with. Cultivating four types of Chaotic spirit flames? How long would that take?

“Is that so? I won’t cultivate the other three types of spirit flames. You’re in my hands now. Can you possibly escape?”

“Hmph, if you don’t meet my requirements, don’t even think about controlling the Quadruple Spirit Lamp.”

The chubby baby disappeared angrily, and the Quadruple Spirit Lamp returned to its calm state.

Lin Feng shook his head and said with a smile, “If I don’t give you a hard time, do you really think I can’t do anything to you?”

These Chaotic spirit treasures were all very difficult to deal with. Lin Feng did not stand on ceremony, and swept with the power of the universe directly.


Layers of cosmic power crushed down. This was the power of an entire Origin Universe. He knew that just the Chaotic flames and even divine abilities might not be able to do anything to these Chaotic spirit treasures.

However, his internal universe was different. Lin Feng did not believe that these Chaotic spirit treasures would still dare to be so picky when facing a Perfected Deity. They just felt that a Perfected Lord could not do anything to them.

As Lin Feng’s cosmic power swept over mightily, the Quadruple Spirit Lamp immediately shone brightly. As expected of a Chaotic spirit treasure. Even if no one was controlling it, it was very difficult to destroy it.

However, Lin Feng was not an ordinary Perfected Lord. Moreover, he had not even mobilized one-ten-thousandth of the power in his internal universe.


Then, the power of the universe instantly swept over, and its strength increased by ten times again.

Immediately, the light on the Quadruple Spirit Lamp actually gradually dimmed, as if it could not withstand the pressure. This was the spiritual light of a Chaotic spirit treasure. Once the spiritual light was broken, even a Chaotic spirit treasure would be damaged.


The chubby baby from before hurriedly manifested again. However, at this moment, his chubby baby face was filled with anxiety.

“Perfected Lord, please wait, please wait. I’m willing to acknowledge you as my master. Please show mercy and forgive me for offending you just now.”

Seeing that the chubby artifact spirit baby was about to cry, Lin Feng smiled and said, “Do I still need to cultivate four types of Chaotic spirit flames now?”

“No, there’s no need.”

“Do I still need to pass your test now?”

“No, there’s no need. Perfected Lord is a top genius born once in billions of years in the Chaos. It’s only a matter of time before you becomes a Perfected Deity in the future. It’s my honor as the Quadruple Spirit Lamp to be able to catch the Perfected Lord’s eye.”

A flattering look actually appeared on the tiny face of the artifact spirit baby. Lin Feng did not know where it had learned this flattery from, but it made Lin Feng rather speechless.

These Chaotic spirit treasures also bullied the weak and feared the strong. How could they be as difficult to subdue as the legends said?

“Then let me inscribe a mental imprint now.”

The Quadruple Spirit Lamp hurriedly shone brightly. Lin Feng inscribed a mental imprint on it without meeting any resistance. Having done so, this Chaotic spirit treasure could be considered completely refined.

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